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Avoiding danger that is yet to come. Patanjali, the father of yoga speaks about the purpose

of yoga. The purpose of yoga is that there is danger that is waiting for you, it in the

future. Maybe its a week from now or a month from now or a year from now or several

years from now and through yoga you can dissolve that danger that is sitting and waiting for

you and thats the purpose of yoga. Not many people understand why you practice yoga.

Now unfortunately yoga has been associated with physical exercise and people dont

even synchronize the body movement with the breath, then yoga becomes less powerful. To

go back to changing the danger that is waiting for you and how can you do that? I just want

to give you an example of Ramana Maharishi. There was a devotee of Ramana Maharishi and

he went to a special type of astrologer who had palm leaves carrying the future of individuals

and in this case he went to a guy who had the Nadi leaves written by the sage Bhrigu,

Bhrigu was a great yogi and Bhrigu said that Ramana Maharishi was cursed by a bunch of

yogi because Ramana Maharishi was egocentric and put down other yogis and they all jointly

cursed him to go to Tiruvannamalai and then because he was very egocentricyou would

only focus on your own ego and ask the question Who am I? all the time in your life and thats

the curse and it made sense to me when I read this nadi leaf by Bhrigu and thats what

Ramana Maharishis was doing all his life was enquiring who I am? Brigu also said 30 years

before cancer came on Ramana Maharishi that Ramana Maharishi would have cancer and he

could really change it if he chooses to do a remedy and the remedy was very very expensive,

several kilos of gold to be given to nadi reader. Bhrigu said that Ramana Maharishi

wouldnt believe that and he wont do the ritual so what is going to happen. He

is going to die on this time, on this day, on this year but then he also outlined that

there is a way to get out of it which includes besides the astrology someother meditation

and if he performed that he would live another 15 years or so. But he concludes saying that

Ramana Maharishi would not use his free will to do the ritual or the meditation. But he

would rather allow the karma to take over and he would die exactly at the day that I

had predicted and it happened that he died on the same day predicted by Bhrigu. So what

I am saying thus, there is a way out, a remedy. Thats why remedial astrology is very very

important. That is the main focus for, my website on astrology. You can stop any

bad things happening to you.

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