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That's Erling

Do you know how much? What do you think?



You do know how much.

Have fun with 1&1

Hallo, my 'Was geht ab' friends, welcome to our new video.

Today against Mr Passlack. 'Was geht ab'!

Today, we're not against each other on the console, but we're going to have a nice quiz.

And we've got to guess as to which player is worth the most. We'll alternate it.

If one of us is wrong, the other one gets a point.

Let's see, shall we play to 5 or to 10 or 20?

Of course, let's go for it!

So we'll go with the most valuable and expensive player in the world.

And I'll say, you can begin, we'll click on this and keep the thumbs up, don't forget!

And... Let's go!

Let's get going! Richarlison, 60 million? Jorginho, higher or lower?

I'll go lower.

Lower? -Yep.

And, yes. Right and so it's still 0-0.

Now it's my turn. -Oh, you git!

Rodrigo from Real Madrid.

To be honest, I thought about the first one 'OK'. It could be higher.

But he's a young talent. -We're playing against each other.

Yes, we are. Perhaps you can give me a few tips? - No way!

I'd say Rodrigo is lower. -You sure?

I reckon so. He's younger and must be worth less, yes, 45, come on!

The next one. It's Jordan, how do you pronounce that? Veretout?

Veretout, -Veretout... Ok, it's French.

I'd say lower. -Lower?

Must be, eh? -Definitely

Can't get that wrong

OK. So the next one. That's an easy one with Goretzka.


70 million. So perhaps you'll get an easy one now?

Should be. Yes, that's definitely lower.

Yep, that's 30 too.

Oh, look at that.

Looks like you've prepared yourself for this.

I took a bit of a punt. I don't know their worth.

A bit of a cheat!

Hm... Sabitzer? He's a bit better, isn't he? Must be higher. Yes!

We're already on 7, going quite well.


More or less than 72? -Has to be less.

Oh, let's go. The first point. 1-0. Let's go.

Ok, so you decide. Can I begin, or do you want?

You begin. -I'll begin his one.

I started the last one. -OK, I'll start this one.

You start.

Koulibaly against Digne?

It's got to be Koulibaly, who's worth more. Yes, let's go.

Still one for me.

That's Erling.

Do you know how much? Have a guess.



You do know how much!

Antoine Griezmann. That's an easy one, has got to be less.

Only 60. -'Only' 60!

Sane. I'd say it's higher. -Mane!

What did I say?

You said 'Sane', didn't you?

You're right, Sadio Mane, of course. Higher.

What? -120?

Do players take a lot of notice of these values? -No, no.

Lautaro Martinez. He's a good player as well, but I would never say that much, I reckon about 70.

Wow! What's going on? Perfect guess.

Kramaric, a good player from TSG Hoffenheim, but I'd say that it's lower. 32 million.

Moussa Dembele?

Don't be fooled by the shirt. He's playing for Atletico now and not for Lyon.

That means that he's been transferred and so must be worth more. I'd say.

You went for lower.

No, no, no, no, no!

I'd say 60 million. -Oh my God!

Yes! -30.

But I wouldn't have said, I'd have said more.

OK, 1-1. you start.


That's really hard.

I didn't know that either.

I'd say higher. I'd say higher. If it's wrong, I'll tell you why.

Ah, 60 million.

Mad, 60 million, OK. Great, Calvert-Lewin?

Yep, that's...

That's obviously much less.

A no-brainer.

But not that much less.

I'd say, he's settled in with Juve now, a regular.

75 million. OK, that's good.

Konstantinos Manolas! A Greek. Worth less. Does that help you?


Lots of people say that he's my twin brother. In the FIFA team, he looked just like me.

You can't really tell from the photo.

Ruiz, Fabian, a little bit.

You can't tell from this photo, but it's true. A bit.

So, that's a tough one for you.

This one's a 50/50. He must be worth more.

Oh, 48.

Dybala must be about 80. 70, you know...

I'd say lower. 40.

Wilfred Ndidi.

In FIFA he's in the 40 range.

I'd say a bit less really.

Yes, yes, let's go, by 3 million.


Am I there?

No, a bit higher, you need glasses.

No, I had my eyes closed.

Let's go, 2-1.


OK, we'll get to three and then there's the decision...

You mustn't mess up again.

So, Alessio Romagnoli. Gimme da Fomagnoli.

I'd say that Romagnoli is worth more.




Your value, 0,00,-.

Great! Now you start. Mess it up, please.

It's always so difficult. -Mess it up, please.

What is it now? 2-2?

Now the decisive bit, whoever messes it up, loses.

What a question!

I don't know why you're taking so much time over it.

That's what I would have gone for.

Artur... Andre Silva.

Do you know how much he went to Juve for?



I don't know. But it was a swap deal with Pjanic, wasn't it?

He's quite young, so he must be about 35. I'd bet on it.

Something tells me he's worth more.

Yes. Let's go.

50 million. I wouldn't have thought that.

Rodrigo de Paul...

Will there be a Ronaldo or Messi here?


Yes, mate. Bruno Fernandes... 90 million.

But this is also easy for you, because...

True, but that means the next one'll be more difficult for you.

Yes. So that means that it will be a tough one. Sebastian Haller. Didn't he play for Frankfurt?

Yes. Then he went abroad...

But I think...he's worth more. Something tells me he's worth more, yes, yes. Aagh!

I told you 'no'.

Blimey. I want to play another one.

Do you want to keep playing until you beat me?

Let's have another one. -Come on!

Another one.

Get it going. You start as I started before.

Let's see what comes up now, yes? -Yes, OK.

I'll start from nil. Let's get it going. So the first point.

Bakayoko value. And Ruben is worth more, that's obvious.

So 2 points. Then we'll go with Reguilon, he's worth less. Yes.

Much less.

That's easy. So Casemiro will be worth more.

Yes, a bit lucky there. -Ederson, wow. Great.

He's a very popular keeper, he must be worth more.

He's quite old, he can't be worth so much.

Let's go.

OK, we've got 6 points already.

Kostic. Costs hardly anything. Is worth less. So, Donny van der Beek. More of course.

Not that much more.

Yes, OK. 8 million.

Lukaku must have a massive value. 90 million.

That's great, we've got 9 points already. Soucek less, get in there, mate.

Yes, great player, great player.

OK, Diego Carlos, worth more.

There you go, beating our record together, on my own. Alphonso Davies.

That's really easy.

OK, Zapata, less.

That's well done. Onana is worth more.

Nooo, 2 million less.


OK, 750 thousand is my sore. Now it's your turn, go for it and enjoy.

I said that you'd mess it up.

No. No, no, no. Semedo is worth less. 35.

OK. you've got to beat 12, you know?

Gerard Moreno.

That's a rubbish question.

The problem is that I haven't got a clue about the Spanish clubs and the transfer values.

That's really hard. Terrible

Lower, lower, thank God.


We've just had that... I looked at your one.

Hudson-Odoi, less. -Yes, 100%, less.

You're coming on now, 5 points

Goretzka, has come up for about the eighth time today.

That's not fair that you have that, you know all the players.

Verratti, less. Let's see.

Really? 60 million?

Varane. Someone of his quality.

No. -A man of his quality.

I thought you'd get that one wrong. You only need 4 points now to catch me.

Less? 33.

How do you pronounce that? Nkunku!

Nkunku! -Nkunku!


Yes, great.

What do you reckon, 110? -Obvious.

So the next one must be lower. De Ligt, we've had already.


And so, 10 points. Giminez, less.

Of course. Great, you'll be level soon.

Now, we're level.

How did that happen?


So, he's only worth 40 million. 'Only' but.

I don't know.

I'd have thought that he'd be about 75 or 80.

I don't know if he's doing it at the moment. -Yes, that's mad. Good and so I won the last game.

Enjoyed it. That was good, folks.

Keep it up, really enjoyed it and keep the thumbs up.

See you again for the next lot of videos and ciao!

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