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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hot O'Hands

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Well, like I said, it's Saint Patrick's Day.

So I thought we could play a special Irish version of my favorite new

game, Hot Hands.

Normally, if you can guess 15 right in 30 seconds, you win $5,000.

But today, if you get 15 right in 30 seconds, you get $5,000 to

spend on a seven day vacation at the five star Park Hotel Kenmare in Ireland.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Because it's Saint Patrick's Day.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> You've can enjoy the spa.

You can go Irish whiskey tasting in Keys the Barney Stone.

Who here needs a vacation?


>> [APPLAUSE] >> Everybody needs a vacation?

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Well, where is Petra Kanaris?

All right, so Petra, this is a fun game.

And the categories are movies set in America or movies anywhere else.

So- >> [LAUGH]

>> Which do you prefer to play?

>> In America.

>> [LAUGH] >> Movies in America.

All right, movie posters without the names, so

you have to guess what movie it is.

>> Okay. >> Go.

[SOUND] >> Jaws.

[SOUND] Notebook.

[SOUND] Jump.


[SOUND] Arnold Schwarzenegger.

[LAUGH] [SOUND] Home Alone.

[SOUND] E.T. [SOUND] My God, Ever.



>> It's hard.

>> Pulp Fiction.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Well, it's really hard,

three seconds goes by really, really fast.

You won $200, you didn't win the trip, but you won $200.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> All right.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Stand over there on that red

dot over there and hang out for the next contestant who is Sandy Euwen.

Sandy, okay, so you have movies everywhere else, not just in America.

Movies everywhere else, same thing.

You have three seconds, it goes by really fast.


>> [MUSIC]

Okay, Jurassic Park.

[SOUND] Okay, Finding Nemo.

[SOUND] Okay.

I. Skip.

[SOUND] Okay.


[SOUND] Okay.


[SOUND] Taken.

[SOUND] Okay Mad Max Fury Road.

[SOUND] Harry Potter, the first one.

[SOUND] Okay.

Skip. [SOUND] Okay, and again it's skipped.

Wait that was Lion King.

Okay, Avatar.

Pirates of the Caribbean, okay all right Brave Heart.

Okay, Star Wars.

All right, Wizard of Oz.

Okay Monsters Inc.


>> Wow.

>> Hot seat.

>> All right.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> You won 1300 dollars.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> All right, it's

a holiday I know that you both want to go on, so you're gonna both go to Ireland.


>> Now someone at home can win

the trip too.

Go to our website to find out how you can go to Ireland.

We'll be back.

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