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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PAUSE CHALLENGE! Mom in Charge

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- Alright, I'm gonna start a protest.

No more pausing!

- [Kids] No more pausing!

No more pausing!

- [Mom] This is not good.

- [Kids] No more pausing!

- Hey, no, this is a protest that is legal,

- [Mom] Pause.

- No more.

- [Mom] Pause.

You guys don't have anything to say?

Enjoy your ice cream, Stephen.

In today's video, we do the Pause Challenge,

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Hi, SOTY families!

So guys, I am super excited today because Blake and I

are going to be doing the Pause Challenge.

I've been wanting to do this for a while,

and today is the day, mom is in charge today,

and I may just have to pause some of my family members.

Blake, should we see if it works?

Okay, let's get our remote control here.

Okay, are you guys ready?

And pause.

Look, it totally worked, Blake, they're paused.

Do you see them?

They're paused.

That's awesome.

Alright guys, unpause.

Now let's go pause some of our family members.

Blake's got the giant remote control.

Should we go?

Alright guys, so baby Blake and I

are watching out our window to see if we can see the car.

Steve went to go get the kids from school

and he should be home any second now,

and guys, when the kids get home from school,

it is utter chaos, things are just crazy.

It's so loud, backpacks get thrown everywhere,

it's just crazy and so I think I have

a solution for that problem.

(kids yelling)

- [Mom] Pause.

Oh my goodness.

Blake, it worked!

(Mom laughing)

Yay, alright.

Okay, let's just do this before all the craziness happens.

Here we go.

Awesome, they're quiet.

- Why are they frozen?

- [Mom] They're frozen, isn't this awesome?

- What did you do to them?

- [Mom] I can freeze people.

Alright, this will work perfectly.

I can get everybody situated.

- [Dad] Can you unfreeze people?

- Without them yelling.

Okay, and unfreeze!

(kids yelling)

Alright guys, so these kids are

diligently doing their homework and working hard

so I'm going to put this way up high,

because there's no way I want to pause them now

while they are doing their homework,

that's the last thing I wanna do.

Maybe fast forward, but that's not an option.

- Can you pause me so I can stop helping with homework?

- [Mom] No, have at it.

Alright, so Taylor is at soccer practice

and these kids are eating dinner,

and I like Payton's plate, but I really don't like

everyone else's plate so,


Alright, so here we go Jordyn,

good job Payton.

Let's see, Stephen.


- Eew.

- Yuck!

- Why?

- Ooh, potatoes.

- [Mom] Those are tomatoes.

Alright guys, homework is done, dinner is over,

Taylor is home from soccer,

and these kids have just been watching TV

for a while now and I'm gonna stop that.

Guys, what's going on up here?

- We're watching a show.

- Alright, so first things first,

I am going to pause this show.


- [Kids] Hey!

- [Mom] And, pause.

Alright guys, so what I want from each one of you guys

is to get ready because we are gonna go out

and have some fun, and not sit here watching shows, okay?


Let's go, come on, come on, come on.

- Where?

- Alright guys, so every morning

I do the girls' hair really cute,

and then they get home from school looking like this.

Line up girls, let's fix your hair.

Alright, let's see if we can try and fix this.

Alright, Taylor, are you ready?

- Ow!

- I'm not doing it that hard.

Alright, Taylor's always the difficult one.

Okay, pause.

That's more like it.

Oh my gosh, this is amazing.

What did I ever do without that amazing remote control?

I love this challenge.

Oh, sorry Taylor, unpause.

(Taylor laughing)

Are you seriously getting a snack?

- Yeah.

- [Mom] But we're getting ready to leave!

- But I'm hungry.

- [Mom] Pause.

(chips rattling)


- Seriously?

- Yeah, clean it up and we're gonna go.

Alright, so Steve cleaned up his mess.

The kids are ready to go, I have my remote control.

We're heading on out, trying to find something fun to do.

Alright guys, it is family night,

and we are on a hunt for something fun to do.

Any suggestions, guys?

- Trampoline park and movie theater.

- That's a lot of suggestions from one person.

Anybody else?

(kids shouting)

- Star Wars.



- He's just saying video games.


- I like that one.

- Okay, well mom and dad may have to come up with something.

Alright, so all of the kids had great suggestions

of where to go, but we picked McDonald's

because I am in the mood for ice cream, so McDonald's it is.


Thanks, Jordyn.


Thanks, Taylor.

You guys are so nice, holding the door for us.

- I like it.

- [Mom] Unpause.

- Ready, Blake?

Here you go, whee!

- [Mom] Good job.

- Was that fun?

- She's like, take me to the bigger slides, guys.

Come on, Blake.

- [Stephen] Fast this time, let's go fast.

- [Mom] Whee!

This is Stephen's favorite thing to do

when he comes to McDonald's.

- Ooh!

- [Mom] The practice is paying off.

- I'm at three.

Ooh, four.

- [Mom] Pause.

Thank you.

I missed it!

- Hey mom, watch this.

Sorry, guys.

- [Mom] Unpause.

Alright, so Taylor was feeling

left out of the basketball game,

so Dad decided that he is going to arm wrestle Taylor.

(Dad growling)

- Bring it on, Taylor.

- Ready?

- [Mom] Okay, let's see if you can do it.

On your mark, get set, go.

Pause, dad.

Come on Taylor!


(Taylor laughing)

Taylor's the champion guys, Taylor's the champion.

- You may have gotten me in arm wrestling,

but I'm gonna get her in rock, paper, scissors.

- [Mom] Okay, let's see it.

- Ready, rock, paper, scissors, shoot.

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.

Rock, paper, scissors,

- [Mom] Pause.

Let's see here, oh no, oh no,

we gotta make a tiebreaker.

Who should I have win guys,

comment below who you think should win.

Is it Dad or Taylor?

Hmm, let's see.

There we go, alright, and unpause.

- Wait, hey, I thought I picked rock.

- Ha ha.

- I don't like this game.

- Alright guys, what we came for has arrived,

our yummy desserts, and I got french fries.

Are you ready for ice cream?

Whoa, are you guys ready for your ice cream?

Alright guys, before you eat it,


Delicious, a little bit of fudge, oh yeah.

Let's see if Taylor's is any better.

That is just freaky.

A little bit of fudge, mmm.

(kids laughing)

- Twitch, program error, program error.

- [Mom] Unpause.

- Hey, mom!

- Mom, you sucked out of my straw.

- Yup, and it was amazing.

Enjoying your ketchup?

- Alright, I'm gonna start a protest.

No more pausing!

- [Kids] No more pausing!

No more pausing!

- [Mom] This is not good.

- [Kids] No more pausing.

Hey, no, this is a protest that's legal,

- [Mom] Pause.

- No more.

- [Mom] Pause.

You guys don't have anything to say?

Enjoy your ice cream, Stephen.

Blake's feeling the music.

Oh no, oh no, someone stop him, someone stop him.

Somebody stop him!


- I will let that happen,

alright, you can definitely pause that.

- Guys, no one wants to see that.

You do way too much dancing.

Not having it.

But you can dance all you want.

(upbeat music)

Alright guys, so we are home, we had fun,

dessert was delicious.

The girls are upstairs getting bathed and everything,

and I thought before we go to bed,

we could maybe play a little game.

So I don't normally like playing games at all,

and one of the main reasons is because I hate to lose.

I'm so competitive that I hate losing,

so I don't like games.

But now that I can actually pause people,

maybe I'll win a game.

So I'm thinking that we'll play some games

and then put the kids to bed.

And I'm gonna win everything.

(door knocking)

Girls, are you almost done?

- [Girls] Yes!

- Alright, now that I've got you guys

all down in the living room,

I want to play a couple games.

The first one is going to be Duck Duck Goose.

Alright everyone, get in a circle.

Duck, duck, duck,




Ooh guys, this is awesome!

All the way around and down, and unpause.

- This is not fair.

- [Mom] How do you like that, Stephen?

- Not at all.

- Duck, duck, duck,

duck, duck, duck,


duck, duck, duck, goose.

Woo hoo!

- [Mom] Did you get him?

- Yeah, I'm awesome.

- Duck, duck, duck, duck,



duck, duck,

duck, duck, duck,


- [Mom] Pause.

Guess what, guys?

I just tagged Taylor.

And unpause.

- You can't do that!

- Guys, I think we should stop Duck Duck Goose,

because I'm dominating all of you guys.

I win the game!

Alright guys, so I had a lot of fun being in charge today

and doing the Pause Challenge for the first time ever,

it was awesome.

Did you guys have as much fun as I did?

- [Kids] No!

- Well lucky for you guys, it is about over,

it's time to go to bed.

- [Kids] No!

- Why do you always choose me?

- [Mom] Pause.

- One down.

- [Mom] Pause.

- I'm not so sure about this one.

- [Mom] Pause.


- Goodnight.

- [Mom] Pause.

- Goodnight, sweetheart.

- Why?

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- Give us a big thumbs up.

- And we'll see you guys tomorrow, bye.

(upbeat music)

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