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Hi there, Vladimir here with another video on how to learn English

Ive been teaching English for over 10 years now

Ive taught over 15,000 individual lessons

to over 1500 people

So trust me when I say: Mistake correction in language learning doesnt work

If you were to tell me that a few years ago,

I would have told you to go check yourself into a mental hospital

Why the change of heart?


10 years,

15,000 lessons,

1500 people

say so

I need to give credit where credit is due

Of course, it was mainly my long, hands-on experience that

changed my view on mistake correction

but it was also a YouTube video I saw a video by one Steve Kaufmann

titled: Correcting mistakes in language learning, does it work?

Steve Kaufmann is 1 of the very few people on YouTube

who knows a thing or two about how to master a foreign language

What he doesnt know much about though is:

How to teach a foreign language

Steve says he is against mistake correction mainly because

he doesnt like it, because: it saps his enthusiasm

because: it breaks the flow of the conversation

which are all good reasons but

None of those reasons actually answer the question:

Why mistake correction in language learning doesnt work?

In his video he refers to an article by one John Truscott

The thing is John Truscott doesnt provide a clear reason, answer either

it was only recently, in 2016, when I realized that

My experience in language education is simply unrivaled

My experience of learning/mastering a foreign language, English as an adult

Together with my experience of teaching the very same language

for over 10 years

Having taught more than 15,000 individual lessons

not group lessons

over 15,000 one-on-one lessons

Having had more than 1500 student

Having observed more than 200 English teachers and their students

My experience is simply unrivaled

on YouTube, at least

Im not saying I am the smartest

I'm not saying I speak the best English in the world

all Im saying is that:

I am very good at that 1 thing teaching: how to learn English

not Russian, not Japanese, not Spanish not my native Bulgarian

English, how to learn English

It is a very powerful feeling, the feeling of being very good at something

I wish it to all of you

why mistake correction in language learning doesn't work?

In order to answer that question we need to answer the question:

Why do language learners make mistakes in the first place?

And I answered that question in another video

but the gist of it is:

Language learners just dont care

Language learners dont read enough

Language learners dont listen enough

Language learners dont use monolingual learner's dictionaries

Number 5 is a very important one.

# 5 is about the illusion, the myth that

Understand = Remember

Understanding the meaning of a word or grammar

is enough to Remember the word or grammar later on

No, it is not

Mistake correction doesnt work because

Understanding the grammar behind your mistake is not enough

to avoid repeating the same mistake 1 hour later

Understand is about 10%

The remaining 90% is: What we do with the new word or grammar so that we are

able to remember it later on, Remember it and use it quickly and correctly

Mistake corrections dont work because

the vast majority of language teachers focus on the 10%

which are important but not enough for retention and future recall

Mistake correction in language learning doesn't work because

the remaining 90% need to be done by the language learner alone

without the teacher

Most language learners, and not just language learners, most students

mistakenly believe that:

the time spent with the teacher is enough to acquire the skill or knowledge

Best case scenario is 50/50 1 hour w/ teacher, 1 hour study alone, self-study

And I was guilty of that myself, in school:

Best case scenario was:

a 50 min biology class at school and an hour homework at home

Best case

Usual case is: 99% teacher, 1% alone

The vast majority of language learners wrongly believe that

the time spent with their language teacher is enough to learn English

No guys, it is the other way around

99% self-study and 1% teacher

Most language learners have this:

fix-my-car approach to language learning

I come to your garage I pay and you fix my car

I come to your school: I pay and you fix my English

Make me look good, sound good,

Make me look and sound confident and fluent

Turn me from that to this

Before and after

Mistake corrections dont work because Language is not metal

Language teachers are not car mechanics

There was rust and now there isnt

There was a mistake and now there isnt,

It doesnt work that way

knowledge is not something that can be transmitted from teacher to student

as Oxford dictionaries wrongly state:

No it is not, knowledge is not a virus.

Steve Kaufmann says that:

it is the responsibility of the student to learn the language

Yes but

it is not a matter of taking responsibility, It is not a matter of choice,

It is not like, some people prefer learning with a teacher and others learning alone

It is not like some people prefer being corrected and others dont

there is no choice

You have no choice but to learn alone to self-study

There is simply no other way

Yes but how can I know when Ive made a mistake, I need teachers feedback

You dont know when youve made a mistake because you dont read enough

because you dont listen enough, you dont use monolingual learners dictionaries

because, you dont know how to learn vocabulary and grammar

You need a method of learning vocabulary and grammar

so you dont make mistakes in the first place

It is more about

Prevention than subsequent Correction

that is teachers responsibility

Thats the 1% teacher

Mistake correction doesnt work because correcting random mistakes without

explaining the cause of those mistakes without explaining the big picture

is a very ineffective way of teaching

The language teacher is supposed to provide the method of learning

As the old proverb goes:

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

You cant outsource language learning You cant outsource mistake correction

You need to learn how to self-correct

If you care about your English, then you need to read my book Virtually Native

and learn how to learn English and

how to self-correct, which is the ultimate goal of language learning

My book is available on Amazon and

The Description of Mistake Correction in Language Learning Doesn't Work.