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If you've come to London looking for culture then you'll certainly find it with all the

museums and galleries across the capital

and of course the London Art scene, is buzzing with the biggest names in

contemporary art.


Stuart Semple is a young artist with a huge talent

he is destined to be one of the stars of London's contemporary art scene.


From the 6th until the 28th of April, you can see his bold and vibrant new work at

the Martin Summers fine art gallery in the Glebe Place

in the heart of Chelsea. I think the works changed quite a lot over the last sort of

maybe four years. It used to be alot more cartoony.

Now I'm working with real-life models again. Alot of the work contains words

and they come directly from pop songs. I'm constantly listening to music

in the studio.

'Your Skin Makes me Cry' is a Radiohead lyric. This is a piece

definitely about intimacy between two people and them talking about the skin

of the apple and her skin, I think it's one of the most beautiful things to be so close

to someone that their actual skin of them makes you cry.

This a girl from a magazine. But I really liked, i don't know, I really like drawing sunglasses and lips

for some reason and the lyric 'You Make my Motor Run, Motor Run'

is kind of about, I don't know, feeling sexually turned on.

This exhibition provides all art lovers with a chance to become acquainted with

the work of an artist who's reputation is short to reach stratospheric proportions.

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