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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ENSINO TOCAR SAX EM 60 MINUTOS-VÍDEO GRÁTIS :) HOW TO PLAY SAX IN 60 MINUTES

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How to play a Saxophone in 60 minutes

A video developed by Ivan Meyer

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How you can play saxophone in 60 minutes

What happiness! You bought your saxophone.

I am the teacher Ivan Meyer and Ill teach you how to play this saxophone

Well be very slow, step by step, for you understand how this works

The first thing we have to do is open the saxophone Box. Take care.

We go open the Box

Take care to open this Box. Don´t open the wrong side because the sax can falls down on the floor.

Take a look if the handle is to point toward the floor.

So, you open taking care, and let the saxophone quiet.

Well, you Will see a lot of things inside the Box:

you have a sax, you have some pieces, you have the belt

and you will be in doubt, won´t you?

But I will teach you what you have to do.

First Ill show you the Saxophone parts

This is the first thing you Will see: there is a reed inside the box.

It is a little bamboo piece. This is the reed.

Ok. You have to take care! The saxophone without this section doesnt work!

If you open your saxophone case and it doesn´t have a reed,

you couldn´t play. You will need a reed.

The Weril saxophones have a reed included for you.

There is no reed in the saxophones majority.

But Weril put a reed in the saxophone box. You can start to play immediately!

So, This is the first thing: If you have a little reed, be careful with it!

Well show the other things we have here.

We have the reed, we have the saxophone belt.

This is very important thing, because is in this belt that you will suspend the saxophone in your neck.

If you don´t have the belt you cannot play the sax. It is very weighty and really need a belt.

I Will put the belt here in my neck. I will stay ready for play.

Well, we have the saxophone

All the saxophone from the high sax family has this form.

We have four kinds of saxophones.

One of them is straight and the three others are curved.

This is a high saxophone.

The straight saxophone has this same form too, ok?

The high sax has this part and another part.

It is like a little neck called todel.

And this is the part that we connect here. You may so it carefully.

When you will do this ( I will ask for a close here) you may pay very attention

There is a little Pin in this part. And there is a little ring. You may take care to connect it.

First you may open this screw. It is a key bolt.

You will put the todel carefully or you will put the ring on the wrong way in this metal, ok

Sometimes people strike, twist and bow here.

So, you must do this ring stay around this metal piece.

Like I did. Can you see? (could you show them? Great)

So, we go put this part.

Yes. Take care.

You will guide yourself by this piece,

by this little black plastic piece, in the same direction of the todel.

This thing you place on position

Well, this is the part from saxophone

We have this part,


Then we have the mouthpieces

The mouthpieces

There are many kinds of mouthpieces.

The Weril saxophone has a dough mouthpiece from the factory.

And the Weril sax by Ivan Meyer has a metal mouthpiece.

Later I will show you this mouthpiece

So what we go do is put the dough moupieces with this reed.

This is the most important part

the placement of the reed.

If you place the reed of the wrong way, it doesn´t work.

The first thing that we go do is to mount the mouthpieces in the todel

So, I will take the saxophone here.

I will take this little piece

the todel

and we go put the mouthpiece into the todel.

You can ask me where I put it?

You will place it till the half of the todel.

The mouthpiece will place here, till the half of todel.

It doesn´t need arrive to the end.

You may not put it on the tip because it will be unattached.

You may put the mouthpiece till approach the half of the todel and fell it strength

This is the first thing you will do.

The second:

There is in the mouthpiece a piece called bracket or strap.

Each one give it a name. It is more called strap. Mouthpieces´ strap.

So, we will place this strap.

It has this part to press.

It can be placed in both of sides.

The good saxophone players do this way.

I´m kidding! It is because is more easy than when you have to change it very fast.

If it is turned for this side will be very complicated to change it in the show time.

So, I advise you to do it for the easy way.

So, we will learn to place this reed into the mouthpiece.

This is the principal part of the saxophone assembly.

This is the first part of the sax assembly.

Later I will teach you to do the mouth.

How do we go do this?

There is a many important thing to do before place the reed.

We will hydrate the reed.

Let me tell you something about the reed.

The reed is made of bamboo

Today we have synthetic reed.

They are made of synthetic fiber.

But this one is a bamboo reed.

Generally, this reeds are imported.

There are few bamboo reed manufacturer in Brazil.

In the case of instruments like bassoon and oboe the music make his own reed.

But in the sax case buy it is better than do it.

It will never be good enough. I tried to do a reed and it sounded very funny.

The sound is like a cold duck.

But one Day I will make a good reed too.

So, what we go do?

We will take the reed and a water glass.

I will show you a very interesting thing. (What do you preffer: I approach myself or you give a close?)

So, let´s go!

This reed is dry.

This reed is dry. It came without any humidity from the factory.

It has no water inside or it would be musty inside its box. We would have a musty reed

So, we will take the reed and will put it in a glass with filtering water

So, take a look what interesting thing:

the water pass through the reed and came from this part.

Give a close to me here in this part.

My son is filming. He is my production assistant.

We are an infallible pair.

Do you take this?

So, now I go place the reed

and the water will go up inside the reed.

Then, this part will be dark.

Please, give a close on me, Pedro.

Here in this part.

Look. We come back in five minutes.

Did you realize the water going up inside here and all this part of the reed in becoming dark?

It is becoming dark

Soon you will see how it is interesting.

Let me show you what will happen.

Look: the water Came inside the reed.

I will blow. Look what will happen here.

Put a little water here

Can you notice the water going through the reed and making bubbles?

Ok, if you don´t do it in the reed, it will be very dry.

So, it will be very complicated.