Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to embed an mp3 player in Moodle

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This video is about

How-to embed an mp3 player

In Moodle

To play audio files

Why would you want to embed

An MP 3 player?

The reason is if you dont have a player

When you put audio files into your Moodle page

The user has to download the file

Which is a bandwidth issue

So what were going to do is embed a player

This site is called Digital Inspiration its a great site

Check it out

Heres a Google reader player

Heres the yahoo player

Here is the player that I like

Its made by Odeo

All I have to do is copy the code

Go into a Moodle course

Choose create a web page

Give the page a title

Go to the area where you create a web page

And you have to switch to code view

As you know in Moodle when you want to embed something

You have to change the code or HTML view

Paste in the code and then youll see the basic code

for the audio player

The only thing you have to change is this little piece here

Between the = and the

The next thing you have to do

Is get the URL of the mp3 file

This is how I do it

In order to do this you first have to upload an mp 3 file

Now highlight the text, you have to do this step

Click on the link button

Browse to your audio file

When you do this you will get the URL for the file

Highlight then copy it

Go back into the code view, carefully highlight the text

Between the = and the quotation mark

paste the code you just got in here

Save and display

Click the button and it will play your audio file

So easy! Give it a try.

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