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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rimedio definitivo trapano a colonna Parkside Lidl. PTBMOD 710 A1 2020 elettronico. recensione

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Hello guys. I'm Riccardo. well come back to my youtube channel again

and in my garage. today I want to talk to you about this drill a

column. is the PTBMOD 710 A1 model, bought on 27 January at lidl, al

cost of 69 euros. is the model electronic with adjustment

speed electronics, which gave height adjustment problems,

that as you see it gets stuck. therefore, must be pushed to put it back in position,

plus some things about speed. I have used it these days, because

having done a review with so much enthusiasm, of a product that I liked,

honestly i was disappointed by some things. but since I have a character

that pushes me to deepen things that don't convince me,

and then I deepened until I found the solution.

well, as far as it's concerned electronics, is studied in such a way

intervene and have an influence on number of laps, which alters what we do

we set. as in many of you you have targeted me with messages,

comments, emails, chats, etc. wondering if it was appropriate to return it

back or not ... well, I can't tell you if that's the case

go back or not, because in base to the use you make of it, this

drill press can come in handy. self you use it on materials that are not

require an exact number of turns, then it may be fine. if you make gods

works, in which the speed adjustment in mode

accurate, and then this can affect. because its electronics are studied in

so that if he finds it difficult to rotation, automatically the motor

increases the number of turns. to do it quick, if you have difficulty, accelerate. therefore

however he manages to complete the job. on sheets or

however if holes that are small, it goes very well, because it does not find obstacles

and therefore that manages to go well. in using forstners, there is one

mounted that now I will show you, if the we use with the number of turns

normal, so within 1000 let's say, unfortunately the electronics intervene

increasing and decreasing the number of turns inconsistently. which makes the job

hard. however if we increase the speed and if that's okay with you

type of use, then you can keep it. instead, as regards the lever

that does not return to position, now you I'll show you the solution. I'll do it first

see how electronics works. so I zoom in and do

see a test, in a different way than appropriate use, to make you understand

precisely, how electronics works on this drill. to do this

demonstration, I will use this screwdriver inserted in the spindle.

you will remember that when we start the engine, there will be a speed peak, therefore

increase the number of turns and then yes stabilizes. not finding any obstacle,

the same engine increases and decreases, in waiting for the tip to go in

contact with the material we need drill. at that point, the electronics will adjust

the number of laps according to the resistance of the material and the pressure we give

on the lever. I'll show you, by starting it with the screwdriver, what happens.

has an initial peak, then stabilizes and has this increase and this decrease in the number

of turns. when I try to stop the screwdriver, the number of turns increases.

and on release, slow down. so the more I tighten it, the more the drill counteracts the brake given

with your hands, accelerating.

therefore it guarantees us communicate the operation.

so if we have to use it on light materials, since many of you,

discouraged by my review they asked me if it was the case

make it or not ... well do some tests on materials on which you must use it and if

we think it's fine and if it satisfies you, then you can keep it. this is one

decision you have to make. why if you want a drill press that I have

a constant number of turns, this with this electronics, the number of revolutions

constants will never have it. however he will succeed however to complete his work.

I put the 35mm forstner tip, like the previous time. the number of turns is

set to 1340, instead of 920. if not we are in a hurry and if we don't take too long

force, however, the drill press manages to finish his job. it is not

the classic way to use it ... but I repeat, if it suits you anyway

manages to make hole.

then, several laps stabilizes again, decreasing. so with this

I don't mean this is the method normal to use the forstner tip,

increasing the number of turns. though if you you need to use this

drill press and if the price there please, given that many of you have me

asked, however the forum manages to make it perfectly. going down to

compromises but manages to achieve it. instead, the previous time I am

stopped at 920 rpm. as many you asked us, discouraged, what

make this drill, then I have to show you that if you want

you can use it. then, I set the number of laps to

minimum, then at 500 rpm. I put a little bit of cutting oil.

this is a tip of parkside, a lot cheaper than a few euro kit.

this one. let's see if despite everything, by imprinting one

right pressure, without exceeding, succeeds to complete the hole. because I did

of evidence and it's working now. so, let's say that after a minimum of

running in, maybe unlocks.

now it went well. I didn't have to press, however, with the force that I put

in the other of the drill press. this electronic, needs

less pressure.

manages to drill holes without any problem, however, I repeat, also in this

case you have to go gently. self we increase the number of laps, it still goes


let's put it at 900.

this type of holes, manages to make them without no problem.

so guys, as we have seen it succeeds to easily drill this metal

from 2 mm. manages to make holes with the tip fostner, quite deep. therefore,

I'm not retracing my steps ... I keep saying that my drill a

favorite column is the one behind there. I have two belts, with which I find myself

very well. with which I set the number of turns that correspond almost

perfectly and, which keeps its rotation without having this problem

having to go gently, etc. but I repeat, I simply have to

answer all questions from people who commented under al

my video, which this time has reached nearly 100,000 views in four

days. I received about 350 400 comments, but then I got lost ... I'm not

managed to answer almost anyone, because you are so many. in chats,

instead I replied. but almost all of me ask the same question << do I have to return?

should I keep it? >>. well, I owe you

prove, that if you use it for a purpose that is not truly burdensome

for this drill, then it's okay. otherwise, buy one belt.

or increase the number of laps, a lot. which I do not say that

I do not recommend ... but honestly not I believe it is appropriate to have to work at

2,600 turns, to make a hole that request less. but if you find it

well even in that case, then you are very free to do it. but he has the problem

of the spring that cannot push, or however of the system that fails to

to raise your head ... that's a problem, because we have to

intervene us. and then I do you see what the solution is. must be dismantled.

taking it apart, if you pay attention, you could do not void the warranty. why

you are not going to affect anything what concerns its functioning.

it is plastic, so once opened and closed, it will return as before. However

you will definitely solve the problem of the ascent, with a trifle. therefore,

watch. then ... someone succeeded, in in reality, to reduce the problem of return

unscrewing this Allen screw and then reducing the excursion of the spring. it's a

which I have not done and I believe that is not appropriate. the problem that is the cause

of the defect, comes from within. moving this

life we ​​will reduce the final effect, but however the defect in the drill a

column would remain. and in any case reducing the spring excursion we would go to

change its voltage e much else.

we must leave this vine, as it is and intervene inside. because it's

from the inside that there is the problem. then, the first thing to do, first of all is to

disconnect the electricity. after that, we dismantle the handle. one time

removed, we must unscrew all the screws that are in the body. so these ... with

a PH2 screwdriver.

the last screw is PH1 and is located in bottom.

down here, near the spindle, there is another screw to unscrew. this,

unlike the others and PH1. therefore we put all the screws aside. after

that, we have to remove this cover and unscrew the screw located up here.

it is better to do everything with the drill maximum extension. I had forgotten about

say. then we remove the lid.

ok this is the first part. now there is another screw to unscrew.

this screw is the only one that holds the other part of the body.

then unscrew.

now we will have three free parts.

we remove the power cord from this part and we have our drill

column completely disassembled. but we get to the point. to be able to free

the scrolling of the column, just simply unscrew this screw

and this vine. these two act on a cylinder, which acts as a guide to it

column, to stay in position.


now the drill is free to slide. because this cylinder is housed

in the correct position. it's about this. comes to the bottom.

unfortunately I don't know why, in phase of assembly, perhaps they will be tightened

too much. maybe he was too low ... I do not know. the fact is that if we unscrew it e

with another screwdriver we move it, let's see that works properly. then a

we can tighten this point. let's do the test. now works

wonderfully. the drill press remains fluid, despite being perfectly

strict. goes up to the highest part of its ascent. so with that done,

we tighten the screw above and the waist of under. we tighten them properly and we can

close our drill press. ok. let's do a further test before

reassemble everything. wonderfully. it's okay to reassemble it, you have to

do it scroll. so they flank and they slide sideways into this

way. so it fits. after that, doing pay attention to the position of the cables,

therefore not to close and nobody, it we return to its original position.

making sure that this hole match the hole on the opposite side

and that allows us to block it what life was like here, it is

the shorter one. ok. we can put the lid back on.

let's fix the cables well.

once stuck, the part opposite, we can put them all again

the screws in place. you should use a screwdriver

magnetic. eventually magnetize it. you I will also leave a link, in which I explain how

magnetize screwdrivers. so let's screw the first and then all the others, col

reverse procedure to that of just now.

then insert the cover on the upper part of the column. his vine.

the handle. perfect. so now let's see how the ski lift system works.

if the spring works and if the lever remains blocked etc.

as you see, it works a lot fluid, without any problem.

perfect. this was the solution definitive ascent of this

drill press.

then guys as we saw it solution is very simple. that's enough

simply act on the two victims side, after which the drill will continue to

work perfectly. goes back and did not no brake. so we can use it

serenely, without worrying about push it firmly upwards.

instead, as regards its power and his electronics,

this is something you need to evaluate you. we know that

this model of drill press, it works like this. if you know well, seen

the price and given that many of you have me written that for the price they are

satisfied, but they had difficulty in the ascent, so they were in doubt as to whether

return it or not ... if yours problem was only the ascent, you can

solve in this way. if instead the problem was the rotation, because I have

I still saw videos of people who though adjusting the power slightly, more

they could not make the hole, then in you see that case. this is one thing

that you have to decide. I can simply tell you that the drill a

column, it should be fixed, however it's about going up that way. is that

if it is set with the speed reported on the side table, with

materials that are not hard, then it can go well. for the rest, I don't know. say

this, I just have to thank you for having watched this video all the way,

invite you to subscribe to my channel, also click on the bell down here

so as to activate notifications as well receive an email

every time I upload a video. you I greet and make an appointment to all my friends

next videos. hello to Riccardo.

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