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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 햄 간장조림 : 간단한요리 #10

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Dishes made with ham and soy sauce

Prepared for squeezed ham

Cut to desired size

Make sauce with soy sauce and oligosaccharide

Add 4 spoons of soy sauce and 2 spoons of oligosaccharide

Adjust the amount of sauce according to the amount of ham

Add salad oil and fry ham

Delicious ham needs to be completely heated

Ham fry a lot, put the sauce on the floor

Completed when ham absorbs soy sauce

Long storage when stored in a container

Add sesame to make it more delicious

Thank you for the meal

Harmony of saltiness and sweetness

Ham smells good

Have to eat with rice

I eat food salty. You can reduce the amount of liver


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