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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Snow Queen - Chapter 6 | Storytime with Ms. Booksy at Cool School

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MS. BOOKSY: Hi kids! Ms. Booksy here with Story Time at Cool School!

It's time to read Chapter Six of The Snow Queen.

At the end of Chapter 5, Gerda had just been taken by a band of robbers!

Let's see what happens next!


The little robber girl had just challenged Gerda to a sword fight.

GERDA: Sword fight?!

GIRL: A PLAY sword fight.


GERDA: ACTUALLY have a sword. That makes it pretty real in my book!

GIRL: Fine. We won't play.

It's time for dinna anyway.

ROBBER 2: Come and get it everybody! Come and get your slop!

GERDA: Mmm. Looks delicious.....

TOUCAN: You must give me the recipe!

ROBBER 2: Oh it's not for you! There are pellets in your cage.

TOUCAN: Pellets... Yum...

GERDA: Probably better than SLOP.

ROBBER 1: Eat up girl.

GERDA: You know... I'm really not hungry. Maybe I should get going...

TOUCAN: We...We should get going.

GIRL: Oh no you don't. You're my new best friend. You. Stay here. With me.

GERDA: But... I have to rescue MY friend Kay! It's very important.

GIRL: Kay will be fiiine. Forget Kay.

ROBBERS: Sit. Eat.

MS. BOOKSY: Later after their dinner of slop, the robber girl showed Gerda her room.

[chirp chirp]

GERDA: Wow. You have a lot of birds...

GIRL: I love birds. That's why I was so excited to find you and your parrot.

TOUCAN: Toucan!

GIRL: Whateva.


GERDA: I don't want to!




Why do they all have little strings tied to their legs?

GIRL: Because I don't want them to fly away, obviously.

GERDA: But why do you TRAP your creatures and MAKE them stay?

GIRL: I told you. I get very lonely out hea. These are the only friends I eva had. Until you came along...

Now, let's go to sleep.

GERDA: You sleep with your sword?

GIRL: Always.

MS. BOOKSY: Gerda laid down near the robber girl,

making sure that she was far enough away from her sharp sword of course.

The girl went to sleep immediately but Gerda couldn't sleep!

She was too worried about Kay!

How would she ever rescue him if she was also trapped?!

BIRD: Psh, hey girl!


BIRD: Yeah. You.

I saw your buddy, Kay.

GERDA: You did?! WHEN?

BIRD: Shhh! A few days ago. I just got tied up here yesterday.

GERDA: Where is he?!

BIRD: He was with the Snow Queen. At her palace!

GERDA: How do you know it was him?!

BIRD: I heard the Snow Queen call him by name!

GERDA: Did she seem very mean?

BIRD: Ooohh yes. She's very wicked.

GERDA: Poor Kay!! Oh, I MISS him so much! [sigh]

I just wanna find him, and save him. He was my best friend in the whole world!

BIRD: Be quiet! You'll wake the girl!

MS. BOOKSY: But the robber girl was not sleeping at all! She had heard everything!

She wanted a friend more than anything in the world, but she knew she couldn't keep Gerda from Kay.

She had to help.

The next morning, very early, so early the sun wasn't even awake, the robber girl woke Gerda.


GERDA: [gasps] What time is it!

GIRL: Time to getchu to your friend, Kay.

GERDA: Huh??

GIRL: C'mon!

GERDA: You're letting us go?!

GIRL: I wanna be your friend, and I want you stay here forever, BUT,

for some reason, I wanna help you.

Weird, right?

GERDA: Not weird at ALL! That's what a REAL friend would do.

GIRL: Really?

GERDA: Yes. Thank you friend. [giggles]


GIRL: Goodbye! Now you be careful! Don't run too fast and drop my friend.

Giddy up!

MS. BOOKSY: The reindeer didn't have to be told twice.

He took off for Glacier, prancing and leaping with joy.

GERDA: Woohoo! Let's go get Kay!

TOUCAN: Wait for me!

MS. BOOKSY: Yay! Oh I hope they find Kay soon!

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The Description of Snow Queen - Chapter 6 | Storytime with Ms. Booksy at Cool School