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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FLY LIKE AN EAGLE! | Just Cause 3 #1

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*high 5*

Top of the morning to you laddies my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to Just Cause 3

now, i was lucky enough to be able to play this game early

i am a mathaf faking bitch

and I'm so damn excited

been looking forward to this game for a while because its exactly my type of game.

you get in

you fly around

you cause explosions all over the place

watch this sh*t

it'll...d the old just cause games you had a little parachute

and you could go around and do things

and that was really cool

really inventive

and creative

alot of people liked it

but now... we have a WINGSUIT!

so now i can fly everywhere

that's exactly what I wanted!

i love wingsuits, I love... flying

I love... like...

flying in games is cool anyway

when you get a plane or whateveradsasd

but when you're allowed to fly around yourself bitch


its even cooler!

and, uh sometimes i mess it up, but *normally*

i've gotten alot of upgrades

I've played a lot of the game

I've unlocked a lot of the map

so, its..its such a fun game

its really fun to just

get in

and play around

I wanted to have a few upgrades

for the sake of a video

because then it'll be a lot more fun to actually watch

and this place needs to be liberated

so let's do that thing


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