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As if the wine food architecture and

hospitality weren't enough reason to

visit! Welcome to MojoTravels and today

we're counting down our picks for the

top 10 most beautiful beaches in Italy.

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videos for this list we're looking at

some of Italy's most picturesque

stretches of coastline from rocky to

Sandy from north to south

number 10 scanadu torquey sicily famous

for its unusual terrain scotland a

turkey in southwest sicily is a

brilliantly white rocky cliff that

contrasts beautifully with the deep blue

water below it's name translates to

stairs of the Turks due to the distinct

ridging in the stone that forms a

natural staircase of sorts here you'll

find people sunbathing on the smooth

white rock and wandering the

otherworldly ridges to find the perfect

photo op for those who prefer to

appreciate the view from the shoreline

rather than above there's also a

beautiful stretch of sandy beach at the

base of the cliff number nine at Thani

the Amalfi Coast the Amalfi Coast is a

region of Italy that requires very

little introduction this stretch of

mountainous coastline has long been a

haven for the rich and famous a luxury

holiday destination for those willing to

shell out extra cash for the

breathtaking vistas and exclusive

experience but we've got a secret for


if you plan ahead and stay at one of the

smaller towns you can avoid the crowds

and get by on a smaller budget than in

the more popular Positano located just

east of Amalfi arguably the second most

popular destination in the area itani

feels understated and delightfully off

the radar but it has all of the

quintessential charms one looks for in

an Amalfi Coast beach holiday boasting

incredible views charming colorful homes

and pristine sand - the crowds itani is

am alfea's best-kept secret and a beach

lovers delight number eight Tuareg watch

eight though Puglia the ad agonies a

tower is historic and definitely worth a

visit but if we're being honest people

come here for the beach first in the

tower second located on the heel of the

boot that is Italy

Tony gotcha toe is one of the most

beautiful beaches in the Puglia area


is quickly establishing a reputation as

a must-visit

region of Italy part of a larger nature

Marine Reserve the tonig watch Chateau

Beach is pristine located between the

cities of Ostuni and Brindisi this

breathtaking stretch of Adriatic

coastline boasts a dreamy uninterrupted

beach backed by grassy sand dunes just

don't expect the resort treatment as

this is a nature preserve first and a

public beach second number 7 San frutos

o Liguria

Sanford was Oh is a criminally

underrated and oft overlooked little

beach in the Guria the northwestern

coastal region of the country near Genoa

because of its breathtaking landscape

Sanford Toit's o is often rightfully

compared to Cinque Terre this secluded

Little Bay is accessible only by foot or

ferry and the tiny pebbly beach is

backed by a historic Abbey dating back

roughly 1100 years the beach surrounded

by greenery feels utterly lost in time

in the best possible way making it the

perfect place to relax but below the

surface adventure awaits in the form of

the famous christ of the abyss statue a

bronze of Jesus completely submerged in

water that makes for a

once-in-a-lifetime diving experience

number six full annika beaches Tuscany

with its golden rolling hills instantly

recognizable cypress trees

mouth-watering cuisine stunning

architecture and artistic legacy tuscany

has a lot to offer so much so in fact

that most people don't even consider

making a trip to the beach during their

time there which is really ashamed along

the Tuscan coast there are actually

dozens of beach towns but the beaches in

and around the town of Fallone Iike are

arguably the most alluring of the bunch

what tends to surprise visitors the most

is the fact that these are such classic

beaches you could confuse them for

Florida or California if it weren't for

the surroundings clear calm water and

soft sand await and with four beaches to

choose from each with their own subtle

differences it's easy to find your own

little slice of waterfront paradise

number 5 spiaggia rosa saturday mia boo

deadly island is a part of the magdalena

archipelago in northern sardinia and

though the island is technically

uninhabited it gets a fair amount of

attention every year because of this

incredible natural gem of a beach

spiaggia toes that gets its name from


like pink sands of its shoreline which

when met by the turquoise waters of the

Mediterranean Sea is enough to take your

breath away the sand is colored by the

local marine fossils and coral in the


in fact the beach used to be even more

pink but tourists kept taking home

souvenirs robbing the beach of its

namesakes and as such the beach is now

off-limits but day trips to the island

are permitted to let people appreciate

the beach from a respectful distance

number 4 chitara the Amalfi Coast as

previously discussed with its Rani the

Amalfi Coast is gorgeous but it's quick

to become crowded and is not for those

on a tight budget at least in chit Dada

however you get more space calm and

opportunity for rest and relaxation away

from the masses located at the eastern

end of the Amalfi Coast

GTL remains true to its fishing routes

and unlike Positano where one can pay a

small fortune for an exceedingly

mediocre meal Cheetara is known for its

incredible local cuisine despite its

modest size Cheetara actually has a few

beaches to choose from including Puerto

DJ Tara and nearby laniel but marina day

chitara is by far the most picturesque

with a tower at one end and backed by

the picturesque homes and trademark

green mountains of the amalfi coast this

is a beach that's hard to forget

number three san vito lo capo sicily

there is a lot to squeeze into an

italian vacation so much so that most

travelers do not make it to the south

the first time around and that's a real

shame because in addition to its

distinct culture sicily has got some

truly beautiful beaches having been

deemed Italy's top beach destination

multiple times and Trip Advisor's

end-of-year travellers Choice Awards san

vito lo capo is reputation precedes it

as such it can get a little crowded

during peak season but even at its

busiest this Beach is a pleasure to

visit it boasts crystal waters and fine

sand once a sleepy Island fishing

village san vito lo capo is now one of

the most popular resort destinations in

the area but

somehow maintains much of its old-timey

charms plus the backdrop of Monte Monaco

makes the whole thing picture-perfect

number to throw pea Calabria located at

the tip of the toe of the boot

admittedly off the beaten path for most

international tourists so no pea is a

breathtaking town of cobblestone streets

and dramatic cliff top homes it's said

to have been founded by Hercules himself

and of Tropez as many selling points its

shoreline is without a doubt the most

compelling throw pea boasts two and a

half miles of uninterrupted Beach we're

talking immaculately clean soft white

sandy shores backed by cliffs colourful

homes and rolling green hills plus

pristine turquoise water and a dramatic

hilltop monastery Santa Maria della Zola

the shoreline is subdivided into a few

different beaches but mara Sousa is the

crowning jewel number one Khalid galore

each day Sardinia caligo Larissa's

unique beauty attracts visitors from far

and wide the beach itself is miniscule

and is made up of a mixture of soft

golden sand and small white pebbles but

its surroundings more than make up for

the modest footprint accessible only by

boat or via a footpath Caligari se is

both a natural monument of Sardinia and

an Italian national monument in order to

help preserve it and protect it from

over tourism there's an entrance fee of

six euros and a cap of 300 visitors per

day the beach was created by a 1962

landslide and the rocky surrounding area

makes for quite the dramatic setting

cala galleries say's - most eye-catching

features are the natural stone arch at

one end of the bay and the towering

stone monolith that rises above the bay

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