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I wanna know how you answer

the hand situation.

Youre constantly voguing on stage and Im shocked

that you learned to vogue at such a young age.

In rehearsal I tried using them less

and then I felt really self-conscious

and I started just like, moving my body

while I was like, reading the copy.

The hand issue is no issue,

I just wondered for me.

You use your hands a lot, too. Youre

but youre smoother.

I doIm very animated and I do use my hands a lot.

However, if I started to realize that Im using them too much,

I will fold my arms and continue to talk and just use one hand.

Its just comfortable.

Its just comfortable.

Hey guys, its Hasan Minhaj.

Today marks the one year anniversary

of Patriot Act.

So, I wanna call someone

who has been instrumental to the success of the show.

Tan France.

Hello Hasan, how are ya?

Hey, whats going on man?

I am on vacation,

I would love to be in the U.S. with you,


Im not willing to give up a vacation for anyone.

I hate you so much that youre on vacation.

You know we dont take vacation here in the States.

I needed it, oh my God,

look how grey I went.

I used to have black hair and now its like this.

So remember how sometimes Ill text you

and Ill message you and Ill be like,

Lets hang out.”

And youre like,

Look, Im filming this thing.

Uh, I cant do this,

Im like juggling three shows right now.

But if you and your wife want to come to Utah

and hang with me and my husband,

we can totally do that.”

Is that offer still on the table?

It has always been on the table.

Whenever I say to somebody,

Youre welcome,”

I dont say it unless I actually 100 percent mean it.

If you came to Utah,

Id be very, very happy, ANd

Im sure your wife would love it.

Okay. So Tan,

it has been a year,

officially, since Patriot Act launched.

Youve done

how many seasons of Queer Eye?

Between last October and this October you guys have knocked out another two?

We knocked out another two,

and an international mini series.

This is the Japan?

It sure is and it comes out very soon.

Theres been so many amazing things that have happened this year,

I havent had time to take stock.


I wouldnt take back any of the busyness

because, um

Ive had the year of my life.

Like Ive had such an

incredible, incredible year.

I went to Japan, which was, uh, on my bucket list.

It was the top of my bucket list.

We won Emmys again,

which blew my mind.

We won more this year

Thats so cool.

than we did last year.

Your team won something!

Yeah, we won an Emmy for Motion Design and Graphics, yeah.

And very well deserved, very, very much deserved.

Theyre incredible. Yeah.

They really are, they really are.

Um, so yeah, the Emmys blew my mind.

I left early.

Theyre really really long.

I have a show called, its a web series called Dressing Funny,

Yeah, how am I not an EP on the show?!

How am I not getting any credit for this, Tan?!

You know, I dont know.

The series made me really jealous.

Cause I think youre closer to Pete Davidson than you are to me.

I am.

Ive known Pete longer, and I


No, thats a diplomatic way of saying, “Yes, its true.”

Alright, wait Ive got questions for you.

It has been a year.

A lot of stuff went down,

yeah, that I expected.

That I didnt expect.

Can you give us an idea of whats coming? Or no?

Can I?

Wait, by the time this comes outepisodes will have aired, or no?

He can tease it for goodness sake.

Can I tease it?

Okay, Im gonna tease it.


And then were gonna decide in edit if were gonna bleep it.

But what do you think of this idea? – No, you tease it,

and then Ill tell you what I know about it. Go.





Ah, fuck.

Oh, sorry. Tell me again, sorry.

Do you like it, do you like that?

Its a wonderful one.

I know nothing about how to help people with any


But yes, I think its a great one.

Okay. So you obviously have had a huge impact on my life.

Yes. – And...

The fashion choices that Ive made.

I want youthis is a big moment.

Were one year,

this is our one year anniversary of Patriot Act.

I want you, Tan France,

to judge the outfits I wore on Patriot Act this year.

I already know what my favorite one is.

I have an idea. I have a guess.

Do you wanna start with your favorite or do you wanna build to your favorite?

No, I wanna start with it because uh


Itll be funny to talk about how the rest of it went.

I believe,

I believe your favorite was the episode I wore forcruise ships.”

You wore the captains outfit and your regular.

Youre talking About that right? – Yes.

So, cruise was my second favorite.

My favorite is the drug episode

Drug Pricing.”

Okay, whatd you like about it?

I like that it was layered,

so it was more interesting

than just a top.

And I like the colors.

I thought it looked really slick and I thought it looked really expensive,

which I always appreciate.

Why does it have to look expensive? It just has to look likeluxury?”

I dont think it has to look luxurious,

I just think if

Im about to beat myself up royally

but I can wear a t-shirt from Walmart

and a jacket from somewhere inexpensive

and a pair of pants from the Gap...

And as long as its fitting the right way

and the fabrics look a certain way,

it can look like

something that costs ten thousand dollars.

And thats what this looks like.

I have no idea where you got any of these pieces from,

but it looks expensive, which I think looks really nice for TV.

Should we just go through each in order?

Wait, can I give my gen

No, can I please lead this Hasan?

Ive got my general feedback.

Take me to the promised land.

Okay. Are we being honest?


Okay, great. Well then we will be honest.

Remember I am family

and family can say whatever they want.


My god, you wear a lot of sweaters.

And it looks like youve got one in every color.

Yeah, I do.

Going forward,

I would love to see like,

just something a little different than a sweater.

But what do I wear besides a sweater or an oxford?

Oh my God, add that jacket,

like when you added that jacket onDrug Pricing

Im like, all he had to do was add a fucking jacket.

And it makes a difference, like it looks different.

And instead of wearing that sweater

I wish it was like,

even just a plain t-shirt underneath.

Youve switched it up.

Like I would have really liked that.


An added layer just makes it look like youve put a look together

as opposed toI just put clothes on.”

I move a lot

and I want it to feel like

Im comfortable moving.

I want you to be somebody that looks in charge.


And so even if youre slightly uncomfortable,

it may not look that way when Im watching the show.

Id just think,

He put a look together,

like hes

that bitch is better than me,

and so Im gonna listen to him.”

What about the hoodies?

I started doing hoodies.

I have noticed,

but wait, wait, wait, my favorite thing

I really want you to use the images that youve sent to me

because every one youre very handsy in them all.

Like every...

Its so good.

I dont know if you planned it,

but it brings me so much joy.

So not only

I didnt plan it. – It just looks like they photoshopped

the color of your sweater

cause your actual physical pose is exactly the same in every picture.

Yeah. Okay.

Im not

Youre making me look like Im like

Let me just give you,

I want to show you.

Were going to turn this up,

just so you can see the visual cause it really is funny.

Do you see that?


Yeah, its this.

They literally switched out the color.

I liked

I liked the blue hoodie a lot.

And you dont

and you dont think that looksthats a little juvenile?

Its a little casual.

Its a little casual.

Especially the green one.

That was too young for the severity of the show.

I would take you more seriously if you were in another sweater.


See, I try to mix it up.

See, like, this is what Im talk

I cant get it right.

The world doesnt only belong to either a sweater or a sweatshirt

Its that or a suit. Then I have to start wearing suits.

No you could wear that, you could wear that cruise shirt,

which I liked very much in another color.

I did also like your Thom Browne moments a lot.

How aboutGlobal NRA?”

People in the audience said,

You forgot to download the rest of your sweater.”

I really liked the ombré.

That was the only time I was like,

Okay, it is actually changed up, hes got a different color going on.”

And I like that sometimes youre playing with your trousers instead of your top.

So Sudan, did you see those trousers?

Those are crazy.

Thats wild,

its like Im a car salesman in the 1970s.

They were my least favorite.

That was my least favorite look of the season.

Im sorry.


I dont like a jazzy pant.

But theres only two places you can jazz

the top or the bottom.

I know,

I just dont like a checkered pant without a suit jacket.

Do you know that term you taught me?

It was uhfuckboy.”

Fuckboys dont wear checkered pants.

Fuckboys wear

lightning blue hoodies and Nikes.

Isnt fuckboy showy, no?

No no no nofuckboys are like,

Indian dudes that dress like Drake.

How about Episode 306?

Why Your Internet Sucks.”

I completely changed it up.

I did a nehru shirt.

I couldve done without the sneakers.

Thats 50% of my personality, Tan.

I love a sneaker, always, but I wish you had done the sneaker

you wore on [Episode] 305 with them.

Okay, finally.

How do you feel about what Im wearing right now?

I love

I was honestly when you started the call I thought I dont know

why he doesnt wear this sweater on the show.

I could make my peace with all the sweaters

because theyre very nice simple sweaters.

You pull them down a lot.

Do you know this?


You dont have a super long torso, and so you pulling down your shirt

your sweater

makes then your torso look much longer and your legs look much shorter.

I wish you would just let it be.

Just show my tummy?

No no no no no.

You know how theres the band, the ribbed band of a sweater?

And then if you pull it down the sweater lays completely flat.

Oh, let it poof a bit.

Otherwise your

your torso then looks super super long and your legs look really small.


The world has been asking about something very specific and

It is driving me, – to honor you

Its the main question I get.

That annoyingthat jacket.

Did you lose it?

How could I Ever

lose the jacket that you gave me? – So why have you never worn it?

Because I was waiting for this moment.

Its a damn good jacket.

Its a cool jacket.

But its got a tiger on the back!

I love the tiger on the back, thats what makes it more interesting.

(Can we hold for a second?)


Oh, we cant keep it on because it jangles?

(Yeah its super jangly. So if...)

Oh, this is why I cant wear it.


You can hear, like, the jingling of the buttons.

It was a rookie mistake. I did not realize it jingle jangled.

Well find a backup option for ya.

Okay, so we learned a lot today.

Lets finalize with Tans four tips going forward.

Number one.

Reduce the number of sweaters were wearing to maybe like,

a fifth of the season only instead of four fifths of the season.

Okay, less sweaters.


Number two.

Let the sweaters poof. Stop pulling them down.



Uh, no more, uh, checkered pants.

No more jazzy pants?

No more jazzy pants.

You dont need the jazzy pant.

Youre jazzy enough as it is.

And our fourth and final tip will be...

You will restyle me again?


So last time I was just fucking around I would never put you in half of that stuff.

This time Im

were not playing.

Like if we do it, I want to put you in things

that I truly would put you in.

I know youre gonna look incredible.

Isnt it so lovely the response from the South Asian community after that video?

It was incredible.

It was one of the most beautiful things Ive ever seen in my life.

It was really amazing.

Isnt it sad also to think that they were so deprived of

South Asian interaction that this was such a highlight for them?

Like it truly, really is one of the most special things I ever did.

Can you just do me a favor?

Heres what we have to do.

We have to find Zayn Malik

and then the three of us HAVE to hang out and

the internet will literally shut down.

I could find him easily enough.

Hes from my neck of the woods.

Thatd be amazing. Lets do it.

Zayn if youre watching this,

lets all hang out.

Yes and hell serenade us whilst we shop.


In Urdu preferably.

Yeah thatd be dope.

Yes, please.

Last question:

If you could host an episode of Patriot Act,

now you know what the show is, what would you host an episode on?

What Topic?

Uh, I know 100 percent what I would do.

Its simple.

I would, uh, try and dissect why entertainment, or show business,

or Hollywood in general refuses to cast South Asian people

as the desirable lead.

I want to talk about why white is seen as beautiful only OR

or very pale versions of brown people.

Um, and then I would wanna take down


Dude Im serious, this is like an episode.

We could do this.

Tan, Im gonna do this with you.

All right, good. – Okay.

Uh, I love you man.

I love you too.

Really good to speak to ya.


Ill speak to you soon. Inshallah.

All right, inshallah. Bye.

Tan, thank you so much for the advice.

I promise you I will try new things this season.

Ill see you guys back November 10th with new episodes

every Sunday on Netflix.

And Tan, I will see you in Utah.

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