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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 내가 신종 코로나바이러스에 대비하는 방법 | 소독력이 가장 강한 손소독제 만드는 법

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Both masks and hand sanitizers are sold out in Korea.

Mask prices have jumped several times.

The situation in the U.S. is no different from that in Korea.

After many twists and turns, I ordered a mask, but I couldn't buy a hand sanitizer.

I go to the pharmacy to buy ingredients for hand sanitizer.

I bought antiseptic ethanol, glycerine and purified water.

Ethanol is for disinfection, and glycerin is for moisturizing.

I don't use purified water to make hand sanitizers.

I bought each of the spray and pumping type bottles.

A large spray bottle is for disinfecting objects.

People often say to mix antiseptic ethanol and glycerin at a ratio of 8:2. But I don't think so.

This is because 83ml of antiseptic ethanol contains 95.1 to 96.9 vol% of raw materials, not 100%.

In conclusion, it is necessary to mix ethanol and glycerin at a ratio of 9:1 to produce a hand sanitizer close to 70% alcohol.

But the reason I brought the electronic scale is because ethanol is lighter than water.

Therefore, it is accurate to measure it by a gram instead of measuring it with a millimeter.

I may look paranoid, but when alcohol is close to 70%, it's the most antiseptic.

Why should we make hand sanitizers that are less effective?

In summary, to make about 100ml of hand sanitizer, 90g of antiseptic ethanol and 10g of glycerin can be mixed.

I'm going to make 200ml of hand sanitizer, so I put in 180g of antiseptic ethanol.

It also needs to add 10 grams of glycerin to make about 100ml of hand sanitizer.

I'm going to make 200ml of hand sanitizer, so I put in 20g of glycerine.

The reason why I put glycerine is because of moisturizing my skin.

99.9 Anhydrous ethanol should not be placed in plastic containers, but diluted antiseptic ethanol is no problem.

Spray-type empty bottles are more convenient because they are watery than hand sanitizers sold on the market.

It's more moisturizing than I thought.

Pump-type bottles spill easily.

Making hand sanitizer. Mission complete.

More important than hand sanitizer is washing your hands often.

I'm going to make a disinfectant spray and use purified water instead of glycerine.

I'm going to make 300ml of disinfectant spray, so put 270g of antiseptic ethanol.

I put in 30 grams of purified water.

Usually 300 ml = 300 g for water,

Ethanol was nearly 370 ml because it was lighter than water.

That is why an electronic scale is required and must be mixed at a ratio of 9:1 on a gram basis.

Hand sanitizer doesn't completely prevent the virus...

I can't buy a hand sanitizer, so I have to make it...

I bought tteokbokki, fish cake, sundae, and fries.

Today's dinner is a snack party.

My Airpods pro that I ordered finally arrived at home.

It is the weekend.

I'm on my way to my mother-in-law's exhibition on the bus with Mabe.

I used to take this bus a lot when I was in previous company for commuting.

On weekends, there is a lot of traffic in Gwanghwamun, so it is better to take a bus.


Mabe, of course, couldn't just walk past the roasted chestnut shop. I knew it.

I think the details are better than last year's work.

For your information, I am a layman about paintings.

We had a cup of tea and ate the Myeongdong kalguksu.

There was a painting that Mabe liked

But Mabe's friend took the painting first.

Someone who acts quickly gets what they want.

The roads are closed too often in Insadong area on weekends.

Even the bus I have to take is no longer coming into Insadong.

There are too many protests around here.

I took any bus to get out of this area.

I transfer here and go home.

I'm going home first, and Mabe's going to come back in a little more time at the exhibition.

I took the bus that I used to ride, and it was good because I remembered many old memories.

I miss the company, the people, the situation, everything back then.

When I drink coffee, I buy decaffeinated beans and grind them myself.

I keep the grinding coffee in a vacuum bottle.

I think I can drink it for a month.

I need to go camping but...

Since the temperature is minus 10 degrees this week, will it be safe to go when the weather is cold?

Am I safety frigidity? The virus is going crazy, and I'm thinking about going camping...

Mabe likes weak coffee, and I like normal coffee.

Somehow, I think I should eat ramen once for the weekend.

What's the name of this frozen dumpling so juicy? It's so delicious.

I think it's the best frozen dumpling.

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