Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GOODBYE ISAAC! | TONY JUNIOR VLOG #58

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Can I do four? My mouth is smaller.

No, do five.

He always wants to cheat.

Ok, let's go.

Three, two, one.

That is so fucking dry.

Your saliva is gone instantly.

He didn't even do it.

You just don't expect this.


As I usually do, I'll save you the whole meal.

I'll just show you in a few seconds.

You have to eat three at once.

All of them in your mouth.


Three at once.

It's fucking good.

It's nice man.

It's fucking dry.

Now five.

Nesim, if you do five, I'll do five.

If I do five, you do it too.

Do it.

But I don't have a drink anymore.

That's the best part.

How many? Five.

And then you recite the alphabet.


Can I do four? My mouth is smaller.

No, do five.

He always wants to cheat.

Ok, let's go.

Three, two, one.

It's so fucking dry.

Your saliva is gone instantly.

He didn't even do it.

He asked me to drive my car like a little kid.

Of course.

I asked fucking sweet.

Where do you want to sit?

I'll go in the front, so I have a better shot.

Do I have to go through there?

Yeah, you wanted to drive.

That's not possible.

It is. We have done it a couple a times now.

Just focus on one of them. Just focus on the left.

Even with the mirrors out it is possible.

Nesim, dude, this is...

Hang on, I'm gonna...

Just to be sure.

I'll drive like a Turk.

You can still go further right.

You can go right, there's lots of space.

He's like, I probably shouldn't.

You've got so much space on this side.

Look, you've got some space.

It's easy.

And again.

This one sucks even more, because it is even bigger... I mean smaller.

Why are you scaring me?

Is there a car behind me? No, right?

That's Bryan messing with you.

God damnit.

Drive like a Turk he says.

This is not how you drive this car.

I don't get why they made it even smaller.

So stupid.

This is ridiculous.

What is happening right now?

Isaac is teaching Nesim.

Over here they are playing FIFA.

Twenty-two minutes in, Manchester City.

You're Bayern right?


Hell of a team.

Why do you play City Bryan?

Yeah, I don't know.

Did I hear a proper fade?

And daddy walks in, what a joy.

Let's do a recap. Bryan come here.

Listen, what happened?

We also did a game of FIFA.

You won 2-1 in games.

I did win one game by 3-0 in the second half.

Qucee lost to Bryan and so did you.

Lost four games, let's be clear.

Let's be honest though... ninety minutes.

You did struggle.

You still need some practice.

Maybe you should try Hello Kitty's Island Adventure first.

Maybe then you're ready for the big league.

I'll tell you, just for FIFA, I'll be back next week.

That's fine.

Back to the recap... We had a nice meal.

We had some good chats, made some plans.

We're not saying too much about that, right?


That was a mouse.

Anyway... say something. Say this was it. Bye.

No, no.

Oh right, that was it.

He just ruined the whole shot with his cursing.

What? -Can't use this anymore.

Yeah, well goddamn game.

Part of the game.

Fuck you, all of you.

Thank you.

Good afternoon, we're busy in the studio.

I'll show you who's with me.

Haverklap of course.

So far this has been a very successful day.

We're doing fucking well, it's gonna be fucking awesome. But I can't show you.


And now we're at Dad's.

We got some Utrecht specialties for desert.

And Bryan is just chilling.

Bryan has been really busy today.


He should also try the Vocking sausage tomorrow.

He should have some horsemeat.

Thank you UTCA.

Thanks man.

Have a good weekend.

Shall I close the door?

Good evening.

We're off to a show.

An what I like best.

That this is...

What I like best, is that this is Isaac's first time in a club.

In America he's not allowed in, because he's not old enough.

But now he is.

Here he is, because hes with me.

So we're leaving with...

You'll be following us.

This is also like your first date, right?

Got it.

Introduce yourself once again.

I'm Senna.

To myself.

And Ronko.

And Bryan.

I do have to tell you where we're going.

Today we are going to Lucky, Rijssen.


There will also be two other people, they'll meet us there. Also fun.

Two ladies, I'll show you who they are.

Good evening, Lochem. -You ok?

Yeah it's polite to knock.

Knock politely.


Oh no, vloggy.

It's all on. Hi.

Give me a hug.


Does this have to be filmed.

Of course.

Hello, you allright? Nice.

In the mean time the models have arrived.

What are you drinking?


With what?

With water.

That's so nasty.


Yeah, use juice.

It's good.

With water? -Yeah.

You should actually have bubbly water and a slice of lemon.

But they don't have that here.

There he is.

There he is again.


This is one of those rare moments I play a track for all the ladies.

This one is for you.

Every fucking body.

We're driving back home.

And that's all going really well.

But she's so drunk.

Where's my phone?

Yes, where's your phone?

We're going to sleep.

Is that thing on?

Yes. -Nice coat.


Good morning.

Thanks for doing this.

Yeah, great right.

Fucking awesome.

We're back at the location.

The location.

Do that Bryan, the location.

Sure, join in.

I missed yours.

That's too bad.

Let's get some shots of Isaac Palmer.

Sweety, thank you so much.

You're welcome, it was fun.

He's a natural.

Bye bye.

Drive safe, good luck today.

Hey you, power pigeon.

It's Extreme Garden Make Over over here.

He's escorted by a whiff of shit.

I smell shit.


Hi, I'm Wijnand.

The final night has set in.

He cannot leave...

...before he's tasted...

Hey, are you playing a nice game?

Shall I join you?


Bryan, drive safe, thank you, I'll see you later.


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