Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Quyến Rũ - Tập 06 | Phim Tình Cảm Việt Nam Hay Nhất 2017

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what's wrong with you?


something is wrong with you

you are so noisy

you thinking too much

you mean I am insane?

I didn't mean it

but it's good if you think about it

I get you now

let me say somthing

are you waiting for my brother back home and open the door for him?

I'm just sitting here for fun

I am so right

uncomfortable now, right?


do you know that my brother is having a girlfriend

why are you asking so?

I am a maid

I don't need to know my owners' relationship

or you might think

I am as noisy as you

it seems like you are going to against me

mad at me?

if you didn't mean it

why are you so mad?

ok, say whatever you want

I am listening

but please say it all one time

don't repeat

if you don't like me

kick me out of here then

dismiss me if you want to

kick you out of here?

for what?

you are doing so good now

but, if you only work on your part

it would be better

I mean

you should know who you are

and your position in this house

are you crying?

there is a bad habit of the women

they always use their tear to win other people

but for me

it doesn't work

not affects me

I would like to see woman cry

shut up and stop crying

it's late

go back, ok?

I just want to be like this forever

what is on your mind?


you don't seem happy to be with me, right?

it's nonsense

I know you very well

you are so different

we don't talk about this topic, ok?

ok, go home

we have to work tomorrow

don't think too much

everything will be alright

what happen, Dung?

it's nothing

it's ok, I don't force you to tell me

but please tell me what is bothering you?

from my family or your own stuff?

it's my own

ok, then I don't ask you further questions

but if you need help

I am ready

yes, thank you


are you feeling ok?

you haven't been eating since yesterday

I think you might hungry, so I cook you a porridge this morning

please try it

it's good for your health

especially after drinking too much

what kind of porridge is it?

it cooks from chicken, egg and carrot. it's good for hangover

my mother taught me this, so don't worry

my mother is very good at cooking

how long has your mother passes away?

it's been 5 years

you have an invaluable asset from your mother

it's so bad if a woman can't do cooking

you might do your own work


it's nice

try this

I ate with Dung this morning

Dung told me that this porridge is good for hangover

she is so good, she knows a lot of things

the person as Dung who works as a maid that quite...

yes, it would be hard for her to have a husband

people usually don't like a daughter-in-law as a maid

so you should have felt sympathize for her

what do you mean? I don't understand

sometimes, she might done something wrong

we shouldn't scold her so hard

I understand

I can't treat her so hard

was something happened yesterday?

what happened?

yesterday, when I came back

she looked sad

I asked her why? but she didn't tell me

so I think she might do something wrong, and be scold

no such thing

Dung was taking care of your father from morning to night

how could I scold a good girl like her?

I ask you this

yesterday you told me that your father was drinking too much because of Minh, didn't he?


dad is gaining so many trusted and Minh was bring praised in front of the meeting

that's why dad was very happy

I feel glad of it, too

don't make it too fast

if Minh agrees to change his lifestyle

he will gain father's love

but the problem is

will he change?


you don't need to put so many hopes and wishes

come, be quick


I want to do housework



what a man of you

you are getting old already

why should I push you every time I need you to go out?

you are asking me go to lend money at the morning of the day

it's weird

what are you talking about?

I told you to go there at the evening

you said they are sleeping

but now it's morning already, you have another excuse

are you messing with me?

stop saying nonsense

yesterday I said

"it's time for my brother to go to bed, we shouldn't go over there and disturb him"

I didn't say his eyes were closed

don't say the nonsense or he would kill me

he almost go to sleep

do people close their eye when they go to sleep?

show me someone open their eye when sleeping


he asked you to come over his place

go there yourself

why should you bring up to me?

I don't go

so now

go with me

to go over there

stand behind me


get inside the house and clean up everything

and pack your stuff then move to live with Ms.Tam

what's your decision?

let me stay in Ms.Tam's place


let's go

I only stand behind you, ok?

say anything you want to

look at your face

every time I need to go somewhere else, I need to have a lot of excuses

you, too, having a lot of excuses to deny

but you will say yes to the girls

your brother won't lesson you, I will

do you want to be a homemaker over there? bring a broom for what?

wait! wait


let me lock the door

hurry up


is it nice?

yes, it is

let uncle tell you this


are you ok?


are you ok?

you are scaring me

come in

may I clean up your room

what do you use to clean up my father room?

I clean up every rooms by vacuum cleaner

except old master room, I clean up with soft towel

because he hates the noises

why don't you use soft cloth to clean this room up, too?


I don't think you don't like vacuum cleaner

I don't like its noises

I'm sorry, I use soft cloth to clean your room

good girl

listen to me without backtalking

will you listen to your husband just like this?

I don't have husband

I didn't ask you whether you have a husband or not

I only ask

will you listen to your husband in future as you listen to me?

I don't know

that's a lie!

it means you may shout at your husband in future

but you can be good in front of other man

Am I right?

continue your work

I'm kidding

what do you mean?

you mean this vacuum cleaner or all of it


everything is just a game

your family pays me

so you can throw to my face everything you want to

play anything to make you fun

but please remember

although I am a homemaker

still, I have my own self-respect


what is it?

self-respect means listening to everything from the boss, throw it away then

why should you need it?

need me instead

you would be happy more than your self-respected

self-respected? so funny? let me ask you this

you like my brother, right?

why don't you admit it?

will your self-respected tell you "I'm only a homemaker, I am not allow to like my owner"

"if I really like him, I shouldn't let him know"

what is your self-respected?

throw it away and step on it

live with your true life, please

I like you this way

remember you slap at me just now

good morning brother

if you are too tired, then please rest some more

we go back first

what do you want to tell me? say it

we have finally found out the right business for us to do

we have found out the right business

we want to sell flowers


according to me

selling flowers don't require much money to start

about 100,000.000, right?

around 100,000.000 vnd

I haven't asked you the amount of money

It is the last point


don't understand what I mean?

I heard that you guys have found out the right business

I want to hear about the business



do you guys know about how to start up a business?

no, we don't know


you said that you have finally research it

what do you have?


last time we pass by a flower farm, we think it will be ok

how can you have this thinking?

you only passing by, you think it is right for you, how?

you two, if you want to do something

you should have known clearly of the particular business


It's just a simple business, so I didn't think much

if it is simple job, then answer me

what types of the flowers do you want to sell?

how about the price?

the original price and the profit

how can you keep the flowers have longer lifespan?

answer me


those things..

I plan to research it later on

what do you mean?

you should research it carefully

this isn't a game, start and end whenever you want to

why are you underestimating the money like that?

you should remember

when I have just started my business

I was only a seller next to the road

I am not starting at the big electronic center

doing business, you shouldn't underestimating the money

if you don't change your mind

you will never success to do a business

don't tell me verbally next time

write it down and show me

your plan

then I will lend you a money

as same as bank interest rate

however, if the plan doesn't good enough, then sorry, I won't lend money to you

go home

let's go

let's go to the coffee shop and play chess

the meeting will take a long time

you are Nguyen The Hai's nephew, right?


he is my uncle

he died 10 years ago

what do you want to know?

before he died, he intended to have a wife

I just want to know if you have the information of that woman

we don't have

here we only manage the people who alive and living round here

but I heard that my uncle has a marriage cert with that woman

in the case of it

his wife information is still here

or the next office

can you please help me to find it?

I need that woman's information =

why don't you ask from your family?

your family must have known

my family objected to their marriage

so none of we know about the information of that woman

please help me

it's ok

follow me to the files store

I will ask someone to help you




hey, stay away from here

it's so hot

what do you want to tell me?

my teacher gave me one more roses

I have totally 6 roses

you are very good, you must try your best to get some more roses

yes, and my teacher said

if I have 10 roses, I will have a reward

oh, try your best to get it


go to your room and change

don't bother Ms.Dung

listen to me

only play with Dung when she is free, ok?


thank you

you know to do this?

do you know why?

I don't used to do this

it's not a job for the man

I want to show you

no matter you are a homemaker or not

but you will be respected

maybe someone upset you

but it's just a rare case

the rest of this house

they do like you

I hope you understand

I don't want to see you sad

thank you

uncle Chin

oh, it's youngest nephew

what are you doing?

just fixing the mental roofing

it's raining

leaking in so many water

how are you?

very good

what bring you here, boy?

it's nothing

just visit you

anything special lately?

same as always

get into the house and drink something

no, thanks

I'd like to stay here

I bring you water then

yes, thanks


I need to leave here

where are you going to?

when will you back?

I can't answer your question


it's a secret

it's my privacy

I was too honest

I can't keep secret

so I have to pay for it

listen to me

some secrets are our privacy

we should only keep it ourself

with the closest person

we can't tell them


yes I am

keep this box for only you

this is the gift for you

it merely a paper inside

when you growth up

you will understand its value

and this is your secret

keep it carefully

don't let anyone knows about this, ok?

get it?


when you growth up

you will know what should you do?

let's go home



grandma, I want to go to the supermarket

ask father brings me got to supermarket, please

it's ok

do you have any plan tonight?

I'm busy tonight

where do you want to go?

she wants to go to supermarket

she asked for supermarket since last week

I will be very busy

I will bring you to supermarket when I have time, ok?

don't ask from grandma, ok?


don't know how your uncle doing now?

I heard that they don't have much money for surviving

while we..

feel so shame

that's why I asked Dung to bring me the carrier

we share some foods to your uncle


I heard that your uncle being snatch money from somebody

let me go to ask them

I didn't know anything

they were here this morning for lending money from your father

but your father didn't gree

dad is very careful using his money

once he hasn't agreed to lend the money

it must be a reason


after meal, you bring this to uncle's house, ok?


they are facing a hard situation

I just try to help them

no, you are harming them

can you not take care of every meal for them?

they are not the kid, they are getting old already


how can we survive with those foods?

shut up and eat it

it doesn't matter how you groaning, it won't bear a meat for you


can't even lend me some money

when will he lend money to us?

speaking of brother, I feel hot already


what type of brother he is?

he knows we are so poor now

we don't have money

just lend money to us

but then we have to pay the interest rate as a bank


what so evil of him

don't mention of his name in front of me

so you don't want to look at him

why should I?


it's Dung from brother's house

she brings foods for us

sister asks her to bring foods for us

look at me

you always know about food

good afternoon

master asked me to bring those things for you

what is it?

it's rice and fish sauce

he asked you to bring this to us?


bring back to him

send me a thank you to your master

but we don't need it


yes what? I didn't order you anything


it's so hot

let me make some coconut for you to drink

to cool down

it's very sweet

then I will take the copra for you

take some rest here, I drive you home later


scare what

I have got to go, bye

bring all of those things back

I don't scare off anyone, only my husband scares of him





let me take it

yes, then please take it

about those things

don't tell anyone about just now


please take it

remember it

don't tell my brother


yes, I got it

I go home now


thank you

please take this invoice then go to the stall take your things

please wait for a while, let me check about it

yes I know, it my company policy


it's been 1 week

I only have time today

excuse me

check my phone,

is it genuine product?

yes, we are selling all genuine products

then why can't I use it?

please tell me what happened to it?

I don't care, change to me a new phone

let me check what's its problem

I don't believe the store outside

so I came here and purchased my phone here

but it's only a few days, and it can't be used

so how now?

please follow me


sir, we have a few new products, please take a look

is this the newest version?

yes, this is the newest model

do you have any other brands?

yes, please follow this way

what's up?

about your brother

he owes me 30,000.000

before 7am morning

if you don't pay for him, you should prepare him a coffin

I think

preparing a funeral will be touch, but you will make a profit

what do you mean

you got better

I only need to pay for his funeral once

so next time I don't need to bring money to get him back

good idea

if you don't have money for me tomorrow, don't blame me for anything

what's wrong?

why don't you say something?

what are you doing?

driving, just back from work

what's up?


it's nothing

I just want to call you

really nothing?

what do you want to tell me? say it

I miss you

feel so lonely

I miss my home, and I miss you

I pass by your house, ok?

it's fine, you go home and rest early

but you

I need to sleep, too

I have something to do next morning

goodnight and sweet dream



how long have you been here?

it's been 1 week in Saigon

I'm looking for a job

have you found it out?


where do you live?

near here?

quite far away

but it's cheap

how is Minh?

he got the highest score

oh yes, the whole university knew about it

how's it going?

I'm good

do you have any plan of getting married?

why are you asking me so?

you and your boyfriend seem close

I am with him, it doesn't mean I have to marry him

if so, I might be a bridal when I was at high school

you fool

do you regret when broke up with Minh?


I used to have him by my side

because he is poor?

or any other reason?

is that what you think about me?

No, I don't think anything bad about you

but I don't understand

what is the reason you broke up with him

I knew he is poor

but it's ok

but he is always so proud because he is poor

and he doesn't try to escape from the poor

I hate the poor

I afraid of it

I live in a poor family

I hate it

I hate Minh because the way he likes to be poor

you are his close friend

do you know why is he so proud of it?

maybe he is different

I have been his close friend for years

but I don't understand him much

he is so hard to get

sleep with me, ms.Dung

I sit here only

no, sleep with me, please


ok, sleep here

what story are you going to tell me?

a story of gold duck, ok?


one upon a time, there was a man with 3 children

the third child name is fool

he always be teasing by the surrounding

and everything becomes difficult to him

you have just came back

do you need to work late tonight?


I will need to wake up late

let me make you some tea



for you

why are you giving me this?

thank you for helping my family

it's my job

I feel so shame of it

I will be ashamed too if you don't take it

take it

thank you

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