Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Max&Enric Gay story 77 There is a secret ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1462

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how are you?


I have a magazine for Beni, if you want I can give it to you

No, He'll come himself

He told me that Friday is his birthday


Turning 50 he's beginning to make an impression,

do you know if he's thinking about celebrating?


I wanted to give him something but I don't know what...

I've already bought it for him

Ah, of course

I'm going to have breakfast

Yes, See you later


Take another sedative

No, it doesn't hurt me; it is only the anxiety of noticing the hole

I am going to make coffee

I will take it at "The Peris "

And will have some Clara?


Then it is not necessary that I make it

Should I open the kiosk?

I'm going now

As you want

Yesterday he told you that he would accompany me to the dentist

Well I forgot

You treat him as if he was a shit;

Iago tries to do it well and needs that you trust him;

you have to give him the opportunity to demonstrate that he can do it well

Yes of course, I have to give opportunities to the whole world;

and to me, who gives them to me?

Max practically does not even speak to me,

he got angry when he found out that I had Iago working

I thought that all this was over

He doesn't like that you live here

But why? He is with his father...

Yes but ... it's not that

He is convinced that you and Iago are taking advantage of me;

he doesn't understand why I help you so much

Haven't you explained it to him?

I told him that we were very good friends

That's it...

This morning I saw him and ...

I have had to force words out of his mouth

He will get past it

And what if he doesn't get past it?

Then it is better that you tell him the truth

No, I cannot


if you do not want to be separated any more from your son you will have to do it

I can't tell him,

if Max happens to know what happened, then surely I will lose him forever

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