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Sariling sikap. (Self-Reliance.)

Doesn't rely on anyone else. On my own.

Happy ending.

Happy and Juan are still at war

so Juan did something on his own.

Strike while the iron is hot.

When will you attack?

When he is already cold?

The big day is our seminar in Tagaytay.

There, I will make his iron even hotter.

Caught in the act. Or Julie Andrews.

(Filipino gay-lingo for caught in the act).

Don't deny anymore. Game over.



This is for you.

Thank you.

What's this for?

Sorry if I was insensitive to your feelings.

Don't worry, I wont force you if you don't want to.


I am so depressed.

Because we can't have a baby.

I'm like a tree with no fruits.

That's not true.

It's not only having a child

that a woman becomes useful.

You can still be a mother.

Don't think about that.

Just think that our application

for adoption will be approved.

Thank you, Babe.

Thank you for understanding me.

I really thought you'll ignore me.

At least this happened to us

so that the next time we know what to do already.

Babe, just a reminder.

You don't have to do this just because I want to.

I am willing to wait when you're ready, okay?

By the way, Babe, I talked to Lorraine.

She said she is already

preparing our papers for adoption.

That's good.

Babe, take care in driving

and call me when you get there.

Of course, don't worry.

I'll call you always.

And in case you want to go to your mother,

because you are alone here, just let me know, okay?

I love you, Babe.

I miss hearing you say that.

After our fight,

you rarely say that.

It doesn't mean that I don't

love you just because I don't say it.

I will aways love you

and don't worry I will

always say that more often.


I love you.

I love you too.

- I'll go ahead now. - Take care.

- Bye. - Take care.

Hello Sister?

Really? Juan is sweet to you?

That's why I was surprised.

We were ignoring each other then

suddenly he is sweet to me.


It just means one thing.

Really? What is that?

Your husband is womanizing.



I am sure he did something wrong

that's why he is extra sweet

and trying to make up.

Men are like that when

they have to make up to their wives.

He gave me flowers.

How can you tell that he is womanizing?

It's been a long time since you did it, right?

Yes. So what is it?

Then that's it.

Your husband looked for another woman.

That's what I watch in soap operas.

They are not amused so they look for other women.

Yes, Happy?

Why can't you be still?

You expect me to have a massage

and relax after telling me that

my husband is womanizing?

I am sorry.

I am saying that we are not sure

but your husband could be womanizing.

I don't want to be mad and I don't have an evidence.

What happened then might happen again.

Is that a problem?

Then look for an evidence.


Leave it up to me, Happy.

Just eat.

I'll take care of it.

Help me with the laundry.

I don't want to. I am thinking.

Love, be honest with me.

Be honest with what? Tell me the truth.

You know something right?

- Sister, put that down. - Why?

- Know about? - About Juan.

Admit it, Juan is womanizing.

He is hot for another girl.

Say it.

Oh so you wont confess?

You know nothing?

I wont do this to you anymore.

- Huh? - Hmmmn...

No, I'll tell you what I know.

Something happened between Juan and Mary...

Something happened? Mary?

Who is that Mary?

Tell us.

My sister is already crying.

Happy, are you okay?

So that's the reason why he gave me flowers.

He replaced me with that Mary.


The Mary I am talking about is Mary Palmer.


Why, he traded me for a foreigner.

How can I compete with that?

Why would Juan do that?


- No, she is a Palmer. - Yes?



- As in Mary? - Exactly.

I am crying for the wrong reason.

Happy, I'll explain it to you.

Is that it? Are you sure?

Yes I am sure.

Why are you laughing?

My husband is already cheating on me.

I'll explain Mary Palmer so that we are clear.

Happy, your husband is making himself happy on his own.


Thank you.

I really love Tagaytay.

The climate here is bed weather for me.

Hi Sir, good day.


Reservation for Juan dela Costa, please.

- Let me check. - Thank you.

Okay. Look at that!


Bong. How are you?

I have my own company now.

I have news about you.

I heard you got married already.

I thought you don't want to get married.

What happened?

Well, it's true.

I got married already.

Hi. I am Agatha.

Hi I am Bong.

You must be the wife.

You look good together.

I am sure your children will be

beautiful and handsome too.

I'll go ahead.

Okay. See you around.

Mate, you hit the jackpot.

You are my idol.

Go now.

You heard that.

We look good together.

And our children will be beautiful and handsome.

Excuse me.

Thank you.

Sir, why are you having

separate rooms with your wife?

You can share a room.

Sorry, she is not my wife.

She is my business partner.


This is my wife.

Here is my wife.

Why, she's pretty. Sorry.

She is in Manila now because

she is upset with me.

Oh, is that so?

I already miss her.

Enjoy your stay Sir.

You're lucky your husband is not womanizing.

Yeah, I didn't know

it'll end that way.

I know I have my shortcomings.

What I am telling you is

you should give in to his requests because

it's our responsibility to them.

You see me shouting at your father

but I shower him with love.

So I took after you, Mother.

Not really.

Your father is really responsible Happy.

He knows that we can only have 3 kids.

He practices control too.

At first, you're hot for each other

then it gets in-frequent

but it doesn't mean that the passion should disappear.

You should still have it.

There goes a saying, the theme song

of newly weds from one to five years

is Every Day and Every Night.

I don't know with you.

But our theme song now is

if I can turn back the time.

I don't think I want that song.

I want Every Day and Every Night.

I will apologize to Juan.

Tonight, I will make sure that he sleeps with a smile.

There you go.

Do the right thing.

I will follow him in Tagaytay.

Very good.

Let's drink to that. Can I have a sip?


Hi Juan.


The water heater in the my room is broken.

Can I take a shower here?

Sure. Go ahead.

Thank you.

They say opportunity only knocks once.

But Agatha's temptation has been knocking on Juan several times.

But he is only human, weak and his control also has limits.

Will Juan give in this time?

Henry are we there yet?

About ten minutes.

Do we really have to go here?

Can't you just call him?

I want to apologize in person.

Why don't you wait for him to

go home tomorrow?

This can't wait.

What is that?

I will make it up to Juan.

You are so playful.

Babe, you buy whipped cream and syrup later.

Ma'am Agatha are staying overnight there.

They're with Kyle.

He didn't push through

because Lorraine's aunt died.

Hurry up, Henry.


Can I borrow your towel?

Yes. There it is.

I can't reach it.

Can you hand it to me?

Yes. Wait.

Why you are very cautious?


Stolen glances. Secret looks.

Juan doesn't know that he is slowly falling.

Juan, please control yourself.

Temptation, stay away from him.

Mamu, help me.

Mamu, where are you? Mamu.


Hi Juan.

My cellphone rang.

And it's here on the table.

I wasn't peeking on you.

It's okay, Juan.

You don't have to apologize.


I'll just finish what I am doing there.

Poor Juan.

Even if he calls out all the saints,

the electricity in his body won't go away.

Henry, do you know Juan's room number?

I don't know. No one told me.

Hi Miss. How are you?

Can I ask for the room number of Juan dela Costa?

Ma'am, we can't give out any information.

Is that so?

You see, I am his wife.

I will surprise him.

Right, you are his wife. The man who checked in

a while ago showed your picture to me.

He even said that you are upset with him

and he misses you.

So there. I will make peace with him.

I will surprise him.

Can you give me his room number.

Is that so? Okay wait.

Here is the spare key.

But Ma'am this is just our secret okay?

Yes, I'll take care of you.

Thank you. Let's go Sister.

You can do it alone. Do your best.

Mamu, Mamu, help me.

Juan, aren't you supposed to shower? I'm done.

I'll shower later.

Unless you want to do something else.

Something we should have done a long time ago.


301. 306. 305.



I will never get tired of kissing you,

even we're at the same age as Mamu and Papi.

I will never get tired of telling you how much

I love you.

Agatha, wait.

What we are doing is wrong.

This is wrong.

Oh what would Juan want?

Choco nut syrup.

He likes it sweet.

It's okay Juan. I like you.

But please don't play hard to get anymore.

I know that you've long wanted this.

Why are you stopping yourself?

Oh. What should it be?

I think whipped cream is better.

More light, more soft.

And this is not that sticky and Juan is not fond of pancakes.

I am willing to give it to you

and I am sure

we will both have a good time.

This is it.


The most common excuse of the people

who are caught in the act is that they don't mean it.

Or they were just accused.

And sometimes it's true.

But for those aggrieved,

no explanation is needed.

It smells like World War 3.

Up Next! Coming up tomorrow.

Is this really the end of Juan and Happy's love story?

Is this the start of the Bob and Happy love story?

It's easier now because Juan

and Happy are fighting.

And it's never too late for us.

You are beautiful

and I am way too handsome.

Can Juan make a way before it's too late?

Will you really have children?

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