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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Binge Watching Hacks | LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS

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If you got nothing to do

Well I've got a couple of tricks for you

So, take a look at these vids

♪ 'Cause it's Life Hacks for Kids

- Hi, I'm Jordyn and today's episode

is Binge Watching Hacks.

Everyone at school is talking about this awesome TV show

and I've never seen it.

I have a lot of TV watching to do today

and since I don't plan on leaving the couch

until I finish, I'm gonna hack some essentials

for binge watching survival.

First up, my binge lounge.

For this you'll need four pillows,

a sheet or a blanket, and hot glue.

Lay out the sheet so it's folded in half like this.

Place the pillow inside the sheet near the top.

(lively music)

Hot glue the sheets together around all sides of the pillow.


The pillow is glued around all sides.

Repeat with the other three pillows.

You can fold up the top pillows for a headrest

or lay it flat, whatever is your most comfortable position.

(sighs contentedly)

Shoes won't be required today

since I'm never leaving the house.

So, I just need something

to keep me cozy for my runs to the kitchen

like these no-slide slippers.

For this you'll need fuzzy socks and a hot glue gun.

Flip over the socks.

Now add squiggles of hot glue

to the bottom in a pattern like this.

(cheerful music)

Now you can walk without slipping

when you run to the kitchen.


Whoa, my food situation is out of control.

So, I'll hack my Sn-hacked Tray.

For this you'll need a muffin tin

and the food and drinks you wanna snack on.

This is simple and genius.

Fill up the different holes with different snacks.

I've got a bunch of different candies, chips,

crackers and some almonds.

One hole for my drink.

Oh, and one hole for my remote.


I'm so set.


(light music)


Still here.



Wow, that was a really good show.

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