Practice English Speaking&Listening with: INSANE DUCT TAPE HOUSE PRANK! (100+ ROLLS FT. TEAM ALBOE)

Difficulty: 0

The entire Alboe house


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Because I'm pranking the Alboe house now you guys know I'm always looking for an opportunity

to prank somebody and the entire Alboe house

Just went to Mexico for one

Week now the last time someone went to Mexico for a week without me. They came back and their entire

Room was with covered in duct tape the links right here

So to be fair since they went to Mexico to I have to prank them

That's how my logic works. PRANK LOGIC

Now since they are all gone. Deciding who to prank

It's pretty difficult okay, so once again

I gotta be fair and I'm gonna prank the entire Alboe house by duct taping the entire Alboe kitchen

but the last prank I did with duct tape. It was only one person and this time we got four or five other people

So we're going to use five other colors of duct tape. We're

We're going to make this a rainbow duct-tape kitchen. Lets get it started now by let's get it started. [I] mean

Lets get start cleaning

I'm sarting to think I'm pranking myself a little bit here


Bam just like that guys the entire

Kitchen is clean look at this dishes done

Countertops white so realistically they should be thanking me now if you guys are wondering how we got in this house, [okay]?

My boy Wolfie actually has a key

and I got a duplicate HERE "you played yourself"- DJ Khaled (okay?) So how we're going to do this bam

Take some tape

So just like that boom we're going to tape off all the covers everything and this is the order we're going to go with pink

Green orange yellow and red now obviously this is not going to be enough duct tape so we got

Jesus, we got a lot of duct tape. We got more duct tape. Let's get this started


Guys, as you can see it is all in the details

Look at that. We are even getting the hood fan or fan hood. It's all in the details

What's this buddy? Hey? We're not done yet. We want to make a triangular piece AsaP I got you

Come on. We'll be back AH that's much better. You happy now (yeah it's nice), all right back to my big darling


Okay, guys so look at this. Oh my God when you pan fast. It's almost like one of those obstacle illusions

It might all fall down, but it looks good really [good] also. Good is it ah?

Time for the backsplash. [I] think that's going to be the hardest part before [we] do the backsplash let's talk about it

Isn't even metal how this is glued on to the wall? Oh, and this is plastic exposed

Exposed it is not metal [isn't] this metal tumbling time it got busted

So this might get ripped off in the process [bands] are here roasting and it is whoever designed it. No, don't decide - oh darling

Okay guys, so look at that. We decided to go horizontally. We're starting to Progress, but we're going back to vertical stripes for the counters

Okay, guys

So to speed things up a little bit Charlie thought it'd be a good idea to go straight from the counters all the way down

To the floor so that should speed things up a little bit. Let's get moving darling

Me guys. We are making some serious progress, okay?

Look, we even did the microwave remote dumbo's to the fridge

But the thing we always got to do to take these pranks to the next level we got to do the floor

Ok guys, so here it is I scrambled up take the entire out of the kitchen

Wow, look at this okay?

There is no kitchen on the entire planet like this my why we did a good job. You did a good job

[hey], so guys look we covered everything okay. We covered all the dials

[I] don't want to touch em [cuz] I do not want to put the burners on can't open the doors

[you] can't you can open the doors you can open that cover you can't open these covers [alright]

We even did [the] price. We did the microwave. We did the toaster. Yes

I know we missed the spot you ran out of tape. Give me a break. We did. We're gonna take that come on

What about this we even did some more? Okay? Look at that?

This is crazy now personally if our list here

I would just leave this. I think this looks dope like a custom. Wrap job because it's beautiful

We're gonna just have to wait and see the reaction personally. I'm looking forward to it

guys check this out

I've been sending Charlie these random emojis okay for the past two hours

And he's starting to get a little bit of noise because he doesn't know how I have them and he doesn't check this

Movie because you don't have them that's why I've been to their exclusive only for true savages

Okay, all right here. We go

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Pm me that and I will try to answer as many of you guys as possible now guys

You really know how much stuff to do

I just whip the boys to come back, okay guys

So this duct tapes been up for two [days] now [and] the guys are supposed to be home any time now now

I don't want to call them or text them because then they're going to be super suspicious, and that's not what I want, okay?

But luckily when you're friends with a bunch of youtubers they snapchat everything, so I've been keeping tabs on Bongo

He's been driving for a while for watch this one right here at the end boom I see a Walmart

So that's how I know they're really close, but in the meantime, okay?

I realized I don't want them to go straight upstairs

So I'm going to quickly make an arrow going along the floor

[pointing] into the kitchen to make them go to the kitchen first and not upstairs

So when they come in the door, it's going to look like this

You're going to see this is blocked off here

Aren't they're going to see this red Arrow, and that's when they're going to see this now

We actually have Sean's girlfriend, Olivia in on it as well. She just scared the shit out of that's [right]

She came over to meet [Shawna], but she hasn't seen this prank yet, so I'm gonna get her reaction oh my God

That is the best thing ever can you open things absolutely not?

[and] this actually created live everything the kitchen. [do] you like it that means you're gonna come home and say it's wavy

Exactly, okay guys now. We got someone on the inside to text Sean, so hopefully hopefully they're coming soon

It's been like two hours, okay guys sean started four weird things in a snap story a car broke down

We're never going home, and they're pulled over on [the] [side] of the road

I know it's a lot sean definitely knows something's up, but bill doesn't know of what exactly it is

Sorry's Gonna be shot guys Bongo is updating now that the car actually broke down

I'm telling [you] something's up somebody knows something because there is no way at the rental car cuz [bongos] car broke down

Earlier the chance is two cars breaking down to one day come on

back to

Test me Charlie. I can't rankle

Clearly are his number came through here this year. I saw current [arrival] here we go

Welcome back


You guys are so dark. I'm not gonna mess it up. My focus is my [buddies] [Jesus]

What do you want?

To fragile you have nothing to breathe

[well] this house is actually a balmoral if there's no cap cake

Let's see [oh] God. Oh okay. Okay? Let's very good fresh. Y'all [object] it. Oh, what the hell is going on?

We go, okay are we gonna not take in the fact that I clean the kitchen. [oh]

All the dishes are done

There you [go]. Oh yeah over here. I

Don't always wrong. I'm just saying even though you're gonna rip all this off

I think you should leave the floor well usually this is just water polluted problem, [China]

Just plugged in this light, okay things are much brighter, but sir

Got a little bit [cleanup]. I have to save [it] to you if anyone [what]?

Congratulations, you played yourself ah you look like fun. We're gonna keep


a boy named

Joe no, no

Oh guys, we may have messed this up. We may damage the floors Kate. Just became a do not try [to] download video

They decided to actually leave the air okay cuz bongo says it looks like [a] turbo boosting and you're talking or no

I'm not like a drink

Talking oh

Ok guys so all [the] boys just went upstairs [convinced] is not the only prank going on the aqua husband air, right?

eyes Slash goofy and he's up there, okay big shot after him. He helped me through this entire thing

[he] gave me a key so slash both the ent to see the prank all Ryan upStairs. Oh

Get out slash it's your boy. His name is barn Jesus, but it used to bark on socks [Bhangra]


[m] is the right way?

This role movie cleaned in three two one sup guys just like that

Okay, the room is 100% clean vac is what a rainbow duct tape room looks like me. [oh]

Yeah room a room

[Robbery's] you said I [hear] if you guys have not already, okay?

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[address] [your] exactly you want an iPhone section [into] the damn giveaway sure you guys smash

50,000 likes on this video if you want to see more prank to take massive shout out to

Slash and hopefully we'll be at this on the screen

they can't stop looking you guys already got your damn shadows and

What are you happy here guys?

Why I'm already planning my revenge prank as you guys know I always like to leave on a high note