Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tsumire, Exchange Student at Bunka Fashion College

Difficulty: 0

- Tell us about your style today.

I was told that today's theme was 'summer' and 'matsuri' (festivals)...

matsuri is of course yukata

and I love yukata.

Every time when I go to see fireworks

I wear a different yukata.

I adapted the yukata a little...

How do you say?

With flowers,

accessories I made myself,

and the color is a bit childish.

It is pinkish.

But I am not a kid anymore,

so I have made it more adult-like with a camisole

and a choker.

I mixed it up in a cool way.

- Where do you usually purchase your yukata?

I buy yukata at vintage clothing stores,

and yukata specialty shops.

And also on the internet.

- Do you go to flea markets and places like that?

Yes, I sometimes go there.

- Which ones?

Meiji Park.

- Now you study at Bunka Fashion College.

- And you study the stylist course, right?

I am already in my third year now and my elective is 'fashion director.'

- Oh, you changed?

Yes, I did.

- So when you graduate

- what kind of work would you like to do?

My dream is to have my own boutique.

I want to do all kinds of design.

And I want to become a designer.

- Would you like to open your boutique...

- in Japan, Taiwan, or another country?

in Japan.

- In Japan. In Tokyo?

I really like it here!

- About where in Tokyo?

I haven't thought about that, yet...

but I want to have a boutique that doesn't just sell clothes,

but mix it with a cafe.

To make it fun for customers, like they're friends.

Yes, an easy place to visit.

Not a place with lots of pressure to buy.

- A place where you feel at ease.

Right, a place where you feel at ease.

- You took lots today.


- Your yukata collection,

- you have lots of beautiful yukata.

- Please tell me what you have brought today.

Yukata and obi...

and cords for yukata.

And ribbons that I made myself.

I've been doing that since high school.

- About how many have you made?

- The number.

Gosh. I also sell them on the internet.

- Oh, really?

Over 50.

- That many?

When I was in Taiwan I sold a lot of them.

- They're really pretty!

Not at all.

My mom makes them together with me.

- Really?

My mom is really good at it. Better than me.

- Thank you very much for today.

Thank you.

The Description of Tsumire, Exchange Student at Bunka Fashion College