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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 얘네 왜 이러는 걸까요..?

Difficulty: 0

It's a CCTV tape for pets, so the image and sound quality are a bit bad.

A day for giving Milky new toys

Hey Bbobbo what r u doin, what r u eating?

Caught him in the act

Oh dear

Why did you put this in your mouth

Why did you put this in your mouth

Its all mine..

Therere many toys on the second floor GB.

There's a lot of new ones that haven't been opened yet.

All mine..

Milky bites everything in a second.

That afternoon

It seems Milky liked that orange ball this time.

Ball-play at the top of the class

Before I bought sturdy toys,

but Milky quickly lost interest when he played with his toys for a long time.

So I have changed his toys regularly.

As you can see, he is having fun for a while. lmao


I dont know why he is so excited lol

Somebody please stops Milky. lmao

The day Milky bit toilet shoes

(He didn't eat it even if he made trouble)

fell on his back lol

Milky, who doesn't even know about it and is still looking for a piece of shoes lol


Where is it..

I am sure it smells..

His fur is so fluffy that he cant notice it. haha

No way.. It was really hard to get..

One more try..?

No.. Big bro will pretend to be mad about it..

Looks like he really doesnt know where it is..

I am sure someone definitely stole it..

Its on your fur polar bear^^..

Next version is about GBs mosquito hunting simulation.

You such a saucy beggar mosquito!

He is also extremely excited.

You cant escape from me!

The Description of 얘네 왜 이러는 걸까요..?