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- Welcome back.

- Hey man, you guys got the goods?

- By goods, do you mean dog hair?

- Yeah man, you got the dog hair?

- Maybe I do,

you got the cash?

- This is so shady.

- Alright.

- That's a lot shadier than it needed to be.

But I tell you what

Link and Chase just broke the law in Delaware.

That's right, we're going to be brazenly

breaking laws from all across the country

and just tempting fate

asking these different police to come out of their

jurisdiction and arrest us here in Los Angeles

- Yeah, because we broke a Delawarean law

but we're not in Delaware.

- Yes, and we're just getting started

because we're about to go to Georgia.

- Let's do that.

Since 1961, it has been illegal

in Gainesville, Georgia

to eat fried chicken with anything other than your hands.

- Now this may strike you as odd.

but the reason is--

- It's on the books,

- They are the self-appointed

poultry capitol of the world.

They take chicken very seriously.

- Can you self appoint that?

- I think, well, they did.

- Good for you, Gainesville.

- And in the law it says they describe fried chicken

as a culinary delicacy, sacred to this municipality

this county, this state, this Southland, and this Republic.

They take their chicken very seriously.

But let me tell you right now.

- I respect that.

- Gainesville PD, y'all gonna have to come get us

because we about to eat some chicken with our feet.

- Y'all come get us.

- Alright, so.

Well, we're gonna try at least.

- Taking off the shoes.

Taking off this shoe.

- You gonna go with both feets?

- I got my chocolate milk socks on today.

You like that Rhett?

- I don't really notice your socks.

- Well notice them, they're right there.

- I don't want to notice them.

- What do we have, 0kay, I'm gonna go for the leg.

- For the leg - Drumstick.

- Oh goodness.

- I'm not good with my toes, man.

I broke this toe at one point

and I've never-- - How'd you do that?

- I got mad and kicked something in high school.

- [Link] I have a cramp.

I have an arch cramp on my right foot.

- How are you?

- I'm trying not to, oh there we go.

- How did you get it in between your freaking' toes, man?

- That's easier than I thought.


And tasty too.

- I just can't get my freaking--

- [Link] Use your other foot.

Here, I'll help you.

Ooh, ooh, ooh you're about to.

There you go, there you go.

Now you gotta go for a thigh.

- I just got no grip on my feet, man.

I got no feet grip.

- All right, so I'm going in.

- I just can't get my, I can't.

- It's really stretching the glutes.

- I ain't a monkey.

Here we go.

- I've got a cramp in my toe!

- Eat your heart out Gainesville!

What're you gonna do? - I need to eat some bananas.

- What cha gonna do when they come for you?

- 'Cause I keep having those feet cramps.

Let's break another law, man.

- That's some good chicken.

- Okay, all right, next law.

- Save that for me.

- Man.

- You're welcome to a breast.

I'm a thigh man.

- I got a greasy foot now.

In Topeka Kansas it is illegal to serve wine in teacups.

Hold on to your hats Topeka.

- Hold on to your.

We've got a teacup.

- You've got a teacup too, brother.

- Oh, I do, I have a teacup?

- I thought of everything.

- Now here's the thing.

- This is a fine Stony Creek Merlot.

- This is an actual law but there is debate over

the reasoning behind the law

and its intended purposes

might be to keep you from using the glass

for an unintended purpose.

To keep you from using this for not tea.

Is what I'm trying to say.

But it can also be - Made no sense.

dude, what I said was

teacups are intended for tea.

- Right.

- So, the law may be for that.

But, it also may be

to keep kids (cups clinking)

from drinking wine, maybe.

- I gotta say, this doesn't feel very scandalous.

- Doesn't taste great.

- What if we upgrade from teacups to D-cups?

- Okay.

- You see what I'm talking about.

- I do.

- You wonder why I set that bra.

We used to call it a braw when we were growing up.

- Is this how they work?

- We called them braws.

- One's on the inside, one's on the outside.

- Well, it depends.

Some people are built that way.

- Oh, there we go.

- Alright, Link.

Hold it, hold 'em steady.

- With my feet?

Okay, oh, goodness.

- I don't know if these things are absorbing or what.

- It's not a diaper.

It's a dag'gum bra.

- [Rhett] I mean sometimes.

- [Link] You gave yourself a little bit more I notice.

This does feel like it should be illegal.

- I'm waiting for the Topeka PD to show up right now.

- Topeka gonna be peeking.

You're going in like a, like a horse.

- Like a horse.

- Like a horse bag, what're those things called?

- An oat bag?

- Yeah like a bag of--

- Like a trough.

- Feeding bag.

- In Topeka, this is what they call second base.


- I prefer to donkey-lip the edge.

And you prefer to like--

- That felt all kinds of wrong.

- We broke more than one Topeka law.

We broke several Topeka laws

- They're not scrambling to make that a law.

So that no one else tries it.

- And we've got another one.

In Louisiana, it is illegal to instruct a pizza delivery man

to deliver a pizza to your friend without

your friend's knowledge.

It can result in a $500 fine.

- $500?

For a pizza gift?

- Well, it is apparently considered a form of harassment.

- Pizza for Link?

- I didn't order this pizza.

- Exactly.

- Who did?

- I wonder who did.

- But it is for Link.

- Check it out, Link.

Tomato pizza.

- So it is harassment.

You are harassing me.

- Well, I thought you could share it with me.

- You're under arrest.

That'll be $500.

- Ooh!

You know what?

- You know what, could you help me out

with the $500 that you got for the dog hair

from the previous law that we broke.

But you know what--

- Is that made out of dog hair?

- Maybe.


- Get out of here dog hair mustache man.

- I mean, no real PD actually showed up.

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- You know what time it is!

- You can eat that.

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