Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 나 갓찬종인데 나를 까치발 들게 한 강아지는 네가 처음이야ㅣDog Couldn't Be Washed For 5 Years LOL

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Wagging a tail

A pretty dog, 'Gahee'

Owner : (Gahee) really likes going for a stroll

Super Excited

(Oh Spring~♡)

It's fun to take a stroll~

Owner : Lez get in the house~

Gahee, you came back from the outside, so need to wash your paws!

Enter the bathroom


Dog washing paws after going out~

Grrr I'm not.

Hateee the bath!!! Super hate!

(Rejecting the bath with her whole body)

Owner : I can't even wash her paws..

"I'm the only one who hates taking a bath?"

Owner : I couldn't wash her for about 5 yrs

The fore paws that need to be dried more

Much dirtier than you see.

Owner : I could bath her until when Gahee was a 2 or 3-month-old pup..

But since the 4-month-old, she reacted fiercely and..

(Bathing her was the hardest thing in the world)

Found a wet tissue

Feeling annoyed

Owner : Lez clean the paws /Grrr

Woof woof


Owner : All right..all right..

Suddenly became calm

PD Doubting eyes : Huh..../ (Became calm) Because what she hates has gone

Owner : Mommy did the wet tissue thing that you hate?

Ohh mom's sorry to do that..

Aww kind~ our Gahee~

Naive naive

Oppa trying to release a harness

(Taking a bath wasn't the only thing Gahee hates..)

Owner : If getting upset, she jumps and bites

Oppa : What's wrong with you? / Why did you growl?

(Naive agian)

I feel good now

Owner : If I put my hand to her belly when she feels bad, she bites it

Suddenly acts like that / Unexpectedly..

Stand up

No one can expect

her behavior


Oppa : Don't do that, Gahee

Hate the cushion

Hate the cleaner!

PD : She hates a lot of things..

Owner : It's a lot. She's a dog with full of problems

Owner : What's wrong...Just wiping my hands tho..

(What's wrong..with our Gahee..)

Owner : (If seeing Gahee,) I feel sorry and sad

"My lovely daughter Gahee

who has been together for 6 years.."

"Mom wants to know your feeling that I didn't realize.."

Chanjong / appears


(You doggo...)

I'm a teacher Chanjong

You're gonna be my doggo trainee

"Uh.. Wait...!!!"

"I've met many dogs while filming 'Animal Farm'

But I think she is the scariest dog ever."

This is.. just a preview

Sunday Morning TV Animal Farm

The Description of 나 갓찬종인데 나를 까치발 들게 한 강아지는 네가 처음이야ㅣDog Couldn't Be Washed For 5 Years LOL