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Hello. A man buying US stocks every day. Today is February 5, 2020

It's going up a lot today.

NASDAQ shot 9500.

If you look at my portfolio now I get $ 2,172 a year. Let's take a look at the stocks that fall today.

There's not much falling down.

Walt Disney is falling.

I want to buy some Disney.

I want to buy Visa and Starbucks. But it doesn't give me a chance.

Today I will buy some iShares 20+ Yr Treasury. It's a bond ETF.

Franklin Resources. It has a strong fire.

DuPont is now up.

The other stocks have dropped so much on Friday that they don't come into contact.

I feel good when I climb.

I need to buy Disney today.

You can buy a bond with Disney. I should buy it quickly.

I'll buy a DIS. I still see 7.3% profit.

DIS I'll buy you a week.

DIS is a good sport to keep steady. The first time I explained US stocks to my children

I'll explain. The second is TLT.

Unfortunately, I'll buy at this level.

TLT bought $ 142.195.

DIS bought for $ 142.870.

Today I'll watch TLT.

TLT is an ETF for collecting bonds. It's operated by BlackRock.

BlackRock is a very big fund.

Invest in the US fixed income market. I'm talking about bonds.

It was founded on July 22, 2002 and is formally registered in the United States. Dividend yield is 2.14%

See you in Seeking Alpha.

Prepare for low interest rate recording with TLT. Let's look at this.

Thirty-year Treasury bonds are trading at 2.03%, breaking the historic low of 1.9%.

Global investors should consider purchasing US Treasuries through the TLT.

You should consider adding this ETF to your balanced fixed income portfolio.

This person recommends this sport.

Expect Treasuries. Even if stocks hit new highs, capital continues to flow into TLT and long-term government bonds.

One pure and simple way is to allocate part of a fixed income portfolio to own government bonds through the TLT.

I can't have government bonds Let's get government bonds through this ETF.

As global risks like the corona virus increase and stock market levels rise

TLT can be a good short term fixed income deal.

The bottom line seems to be that 20-year government bonds are owned by individuals.

I don't think it's coming from

Do ETFs come from FAST graphs?

I'll see you at Buy's potpolio.

Here is the picture. BlackRock Inc. Is the trading fund started.

It's not very volatile.

There is nothing to say.

This is not a stock, it's an ETF.

I think it's okay to leave it when you want a stable income.

What I want to see today is

Dividends came to me in January. It's very complicated. Let's look at each one.

The January dividend is $ 172.

Let's see how much it actually came in.

Since the investment has increased, it's less than the amount here.

This is left without taxes (15.4%).

I've erased all my taxes before taxes.

I added the colors for each item easily. $ 2.97 at LANC

January 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 13, 15, 16

It's coming in on 16th.

16, 17, 23, 29, 30 days.

I gave you a lot of BGS.

The BGS dividend is good.

So if you buy it like this, the more you invest, the more dividends come in.

I feel good. Even when I'm at work.

Even in old age.

I think you'll feel good when the letters come in.

I think it feels good.

So $ 6 for two days.

$ 6 every other day.

You gave it a lot in QSR on the 6th.

$ 8.5 If you can eat Monster Waffles.

ARCC is a high dividend stock.

Even though I have a little, I give a lot.


But it's a sad stock without dividend growth.

NIKE gave me a dividend.

8 days too much. Pepsi, QYLD, LIT


It's a famous sport.

An ETF that brings together dividends around the world.

Franclin resources, MO. I gave you a lot of MO.

QYLD bought 2 million won when I first started stocks.

I bought the wrong one, but you pay a lot of dividends every month.

I'll give you a little over $ 100 a month for $ 12.38 a year.

But you know I'm giving you dividends

Wolcheon told me. So I haven't bought since then.

Super dividend week is from 13th to 16th.


The proportion is 0.2% and the odds are 9.9%.

EPR is also a monthly event. EPR is a falling stock

The prospects are bad and the industry is difficult, but they keep giving.

Realty income corp.

It's a monthly event with APLE.

QYLD gave it twice.

December's dividends should have come in early January.

Thanks a lot.


Combined, $ 140.52.

This is a pure amount of money excluding tax.

That's 166,000 won.

It was $ 170 in the portfolio

It's two months ago, so it's not bad.

QYLD schedule has been twisted a lot.

It's strong though.

This month is the worst.

I get a lot in March and less in February.

What happened?

Today, we checked the dividends coming in January.

So today

Bond and Disney bought one by one.

$ 142.195 for TLT and $ 142.87 for Disney

Have a nice day ^^

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