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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 미니멀라이프(Eng)달라져야 할 소비 습관. 카드를 자를 수 없다면. 불필요한 소비 절제/차단 방법. minimal life

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Hello, I am trying to practice minimal life for smart consumption and frugal life.

(34th Wise Consumption) 'I am Therefore young'

What I felt as an ordinary housewife

Today we will talk about taming good habits to prevent unnecessary consumption and consumption that we regret.

I still have to consume what I need and I don't have confidence to live in stingy consumption, so I had to make proper rules for consumption.

Endure ten times and consume once Set rules for myself

If you endure 10 dollar 10 times, it will be $100. I've concluded that

If I'm good at restraint, I'm good at spending.

(1. Purchase a new item after the end of its life)


As long as you understand your consumption patterns and adjust them well, you have no difficulty in spending where you need them.

The front of the house is exposed to an environment that is easy to consume.

As a result, when my consumption was passing by department stores or marts, I always thought, 'I have to buy something good'.

Now that I think about it, There was no purpose for consumption at the time.

Ten dollars, twenty dollars, and small consumption had gathered for a month and later regretted.

I will buy if there is a good thing. -> It means it is not necessary.

So, If it is not the required consumption, shut off completely. (2. Block the consumption environment)

I saw in the book that creating an unlivable environment can achieve better results than building a will.

When I went to the mart, I did not want to buy, but I want to buy.

If you give a discount or give a lot, the consumption pattern of lion continued.

In particular, the temptation of a discount '1+1' and '2+1' was scary.

So what should you choose when one item is '2+1' and '30% off' ?

'2+1' is 33.3% off, but you get two more unwanted stuff

Even if it was cheaper, I didn't have to put two more.

Even if the discount rate is small, it's wiser to focus on one original item.

Now think again whether 1 + 1 is necessary and 2 + 1 will not look back on temptation.

Do you feel ? Who's putting things in my house?

You can see that things sometimes increase. Diligence that does not leave it alone is sometimes necessary.

I do it every day with cleaning, I regularly empty about once every two weeks.

There are also a lot of things to sell and throw away.

Do you waste your second-hand sales and energy too much?

Where $5, $10 does not come in easily.

It is a process of reflection and responsibility for my consumption.

(3. Responsible for consumed objects) The harder the second-hand sales, the more careful the purchase.

Used clothes, worn bags, and unused items don't trade well.

After realizing this, the clothes at home were worn until worn out.

After I emptied my clothes, I could use them without buying clothes for a year.

I think the time to look around things is a very good habit.

If there is something you want to buy, you decide to sell what you don't use first and then buy what you need.

Sometimes the lack of things is the ability to exercise wisdom.

As soon as you start the minimalist life Toothbrushes, scrubbers, and detergents will be replaced with natural materials.

(4. There is no consumption suitable for minimal life) But didn't you throw away what you used before?

I emptied my loofah for a year and I still have toothbrushes and detergents to use

I did not change it to a natural material.

In some ways, just throwing away without using things that are already made and available

I think it might be a simple waste.

What should be done before using natural materials

It is more conducive to the environment not to fill up all kinds of junk, not to leave food and not to buy a lot of necessities.

After Minimal life practice, we do not spend such a lot of miscellaneous consumption.

Spend less time shopping and use it for plenty of rest or productive work.

Cosmetics, clothes, bags, and shoes are not as good as they were young. However

I do not think I am lacking now as I am looking for myself and heading for a stable life.

To make smart consumption habits Today I will also control the consumption.

1. Wise Consumption 2. Preventing the Consumption Environment 3. Responsible for consumption 4. Identify consumption pattern

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