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- What's up, elite Thenx athletes.

I'm Osvaldo Lugones

and welcome back to another video of official Thenx.

Today I'm gonna teach you how to do a Tuck Planche.

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The Tuck Planche is a body weight

calisthenics skill, where the body is held

parallel to the ground while being supported

above the floor with the straight arm.

Though this exercise may appear to

require a lot of balance, the strength

required to hold this position outweighs

the balance factor. By applying constant

straight arm force to hold your body up.

This is the first and one of the best

progression to master the Planche.

And will develop the strength on your front

delts as well as strengthen the

ligaments and tendons in your arms.

This exercise will also require hip flexor

and lower back strength to make sure

that your body is as stark as possible.

Your wrist mobility will also play a big

role which is why it's better to start

training the tuck planche on parallel or

elevated surface. And the reason is that

you're gonna have less wrist tension and

more room for your legs.

Mastering the top planche will give you this very arm

strength necessary to move to higher

progressions like advanced stark,

straddle planche and full planche.

So it's very important that you guys maintain

your arm straight and locked out while

performing any of these exercises.

So to properly follow along with me with this

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Open up to the YouTube workout session, find this

workout and let's get started.

This workout is designed from the hardest

progression to the easiest progression.

So jumping into the progression that you can

do with perfect form and start from there.

The first exercise is gonna to be

tuck planche hold max, lets do it.

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Make sure to maintain your straight arm all time.

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Alright, for those of you that can hold

the tuck planche already, holding this

position for a longer period of time

will condition your body to move to

harder progression as I mentioned before.

Now we're gonna move onto easier

progression, tuck L-sit to tuck planche,

eight times, let's do it.

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Starting to tuck, we may now go to top planche.

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Alright when you do this exercise for

the first time, it's fine to use the

momentum but eventually once you get

stronger you want to do it as low as possible,

and with time you wanna to hold the at least one second

each position.

So moving onto the next exercise,

we have tuck planche negative

ten times, let's do it.

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Alright, when you first do this move

probably you're gonna be dropping like

super fast, but the goal is to always

lean forward and control your descent the same as

much as possible.

So moving onto the exercise,

we have high knee hold 15 seconds, let's do it.

(upbeat music playing)

There we have it,

this exercise is excellent to strengthen

your hip flexor to be able to hold your

knees close to your chest like this tuck planche require.

Moving onto the next exercise we have

tuck L-sit hold for 20 seconds, let's do it.

(upbeat music playing)

There we have it, this exercise is very similar to the

high knee hold but what I really want you

guys to focus on is to maintain your

arms straight unlock the whole time for

that longer hold, and don't let your feet

touch the floor

Moving onto the next exercise

we have plank leans plus scapula push ups.

We're gonna go for 15 reps let's do it.

For this one we're gonna lean as much as possible

and then we're gonna do push ups with scapula

always maintaining your strength.

(upbeat music playing)

Alright, that was a tough one,

this exercise will strengthen your

scapula to be able to hold your body

higher with perfect form.

Moving onto the next exercise,

it's pretty similar to that one.

It's gonna be plank leans ten times.

And to do a little bit more challenging we're

gonna be doing it on the floor, let's do it.

(upbeat music playing)

You wanna lean forward so much as you can,

you wanna go back, again, go back.

(upbeat music playing)

There we have it. For this exercise make sure

that you have your hands turned out to

release that tension from the wrist.

So that complete round one, always remember

to master the progression that you're working on

before moving on to the harder progression.

Once you master all this progression,

always remember to come back

and repeat it again just to increase

your hold and your straight arm's strength.

Alright, that was the video for today,

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