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Welcome to part 13

In this group I have fully clothed Bratz

Like these 2

and like this one

And I have a dog walker

Thrift Shop Dolls Part 13

Bratz Dolls Dog Walker and Fully Clothed

Let's make some room and open them up

Alright. So before I start opening up, uh, these Bratz

Um. A lot of people have asked me

Will I be buying the new Bratz

Well. You know

As much as I love , um, Bratz

and, I have a problem with

brand new dolls. You know. So let me explain

Okay so this is just one example

When I get a brand new doll in a box

I have a really hard time

taking them out of the box

Now this is even, uh,

from the thrift store

and I have yet to take this

out of the box

I know. It's a bit weird right?

I mean I've open

I've opened this up

But I have not

cut him loose

It's... uh

I have a lot of dolls in the box and I, like

I'm like Al from Toy Story

It's really bad, um

This is why I cannot buy new dolls


Okay let's get started

First bag

I got this one because I love her outfit

She has the plaid thing going on

Look at the details on the belt

and she has a bracelet

Her shoes are so awesome!

Black leggings

Ooo. And there's crinoline under here

Her hair is in great condition

Just messy

Ooo. There's red highlights

I'll do a close up and spin around later

Sit you down here


There are 2 in this bag

This doll. I have one already

But I don't have this outfit

And I'm pretty sure this is her original outfit

This hair. Looks like it may have been cut

Back of the dress

Cool chain

Ooo. Skirt has plaid inserts


White ankle boots

It'll be fun to experiment with her hair

A mohawk would look awesome!

This doll, I have 2 already

This is Yasmin from Bratz World

I got her because her outfit is complete

My other Yasmins are missing the arm and leg covers

The hair on this doll is the most silkiest

softest hair of all the Bratz dolls

Maybe it's a different kind of hair

I don't know

But it's amazing!

Oh an earring!

Mmm. She's missing one

Oh well

Next bag

I believe this is Forever Diamondz Cloe

Oh my gosh!

Amazing condition!

Fur jacket

Her top says Angel


She has both of them!


Ooo. And a bracelet!

Diamond studded belt

Diamond studded jeans

Let's check out her shoes

Wo-hoo! Diamond studded strappy sandals!

She looks awesome!

Wow! Her hair is perfectly in place!

Excellent condition!

Next bag!

This looks like Jade

but it could be Kumi

Her outfit is super cool

Her hair looks good

I'll take this elastic out later

Love her jacket!

Look at the details

Shimmery gold top

Black skirt

Ooo the boots!

I don't have boots like these

Very cool!

We'll get a closer look later

Next. This doll

What is she wearing?

Is it a top?

Is it a dress?

What is it?

Is this outfit even complete?

Maybe there's suppose to be leggings

Check out her shoes!

They're wedges


Hair is in great condition. Just messy

Sit you down here

Ooo. Let's fix you up

Sit up and look at the camera!

That's better

Next bag

Oops! Her boots fell off

Just a second

I'll put them on later

I don't think I have this doll

Her bangs are really thick

Oh my goodness. Is this a belt?

Ooo. I guess it is

This ribbon and elastic

I'll take it out later

Hair is in great condition

It's 2 tone

Okay. Let's get these boots on

So pretty

Sit down here

Next bag

There's 2 in here

This one first

This one looks like Lilee

She has both earrings!

This top, it says Hollywood

I think it's too big for her

The sleeves look like they've been cut

Looks more like a Halloween top

The hair is in great condition!

It's 3 tone

Black, red and platinum blonde

Cool textured jeans

Let's have a look at the boots

Lots of details

Very awesome!

Her orange lips match her top


Whoa! Lots going on in this outfit!

Look at this face

It's so un-Bratz like that she looks like a Moxy girl

Oh what's happening here?

Her skirt is undone

Cute jacket

All these pieces

Do they go together?

Blue fur boots?

Her outfit is lavender

Oh wait. There's blue in her jacket

Her hair is in great condition



Ooo. There's snapping sounds!

Wonder what that does?

I'll figure it out later

I saved the best for last!

This is a dog walker

with a dog!

I have one already but without the dog

Ooo! Her hair has gel in it!

It's so stiff

Look at this fur jacket

It's so cool!

What's this?

Oh my gosh! Bracelets!


Cool belt and jeans!

Wheels on her boots so she can move

And this is her dog leash handle

Let's set her up with the dog!

It runs on batteries

Let's see if this works

Let's see if this works

Turn the dog on... Oops!

Oh! Whoa! Look at this!

Oh my gosh! This is so awesome!

This is really really cute!


Because she can't sit

She'll just stand here with her dog

Move over!

Make room for the dog walker and her dog!

Alrighty! Wo-hoo!

These are all the dolls and dog from this group

If you know their names and the collection they're from

please post it in the comment section

Let's get a close up and a spin around of each doll

Number 1

The plaid girl

I had to change her shoes for the spin around

She kept falling

Number 2

The orange hair rocker

Number 3

This is Yasmin

I had to give her shoes too for the spin around

Number 4

Pretty sure this is Forever Diamondz Cloe

Number 5

Is this Kumi? Or Jade?

Number 6

This party girl looks like Cloe

And again I had to give her different shoes for the spin around

Number 7

Doll with the thick bangs

Number 8

I think this is Lilee

Number 9

Doll in the lavender outfit

Number 10

The dog walker

No spin around for her because she can walk

Here they are together again

Thanks for your help identifying them

Which one is your favourite?

Post your answer in the comment section

Thanks for watching and see you again soon!

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I think I figured this out

The legs move the arms

Like she's walking or skiing

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