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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: It's My Environment - Instructions

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Its my environment. Thats why I ride my bike to work.

Hi. Im Jeffrey Levy. I work for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and riding

my bike to work is one way that I show my commitment to the environment. This Earth

Day, wed like you to share what you do. Show us something simple

that you do to protect the environment.

And then wed like to grab this sign off of our Web site, hold it up,

sayIts my environment,”

and then pass it off the screen like this.

Es mi medio ambiente. Hi, my name is Betsaida and I recycle because its my environment.

You can check out some sample submissions online. Remember, you can use any language

and dont forgetpass the sign to the left.

Its my babys environment.

Its MY environment.

Its my environment.

Its my environment.

Reducis, reusis, recyclis!

Its my environment.

Its my environment. Hey, its my environment. Hey, its my environment. (laughter)

Es mi medio ambiente

Youre right. It is my environment. To show us its your environment, send us a 10-15 second

clip showing yourself doing something simple about the environment and then grab the sign

get it off our Web site at it up, sayIts my environment

and then pass it.

Remember to have fun, be creative, and always pass your sign to your left.

Its my environment (laughter) sorry.

Cut that one!

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