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SpeakEasy events is a chance for students and staff to get together, to share ideas,

to talk about their thoughts about what's happening within the Faculty. For students

it's a chance to talk about what, maybe, extra help they can get from the Faculty. So, it's

a chance for students and staff to come together, share those ideas, talk about how to take

things forward and start to take away some of that isolation students might feel whilst

they're studying. So, a chance for them to meet and also perhaps

to help shape how the Faculty serves its students in the future.

Yes The aim is to take the Faculty round the nations.

Take the Faculty round to meet the students. We are looking at doing a couple of piloting

events. Just to kick things off to see how they work and give students a chance to try

them then feed back to us on how we can improve them.

I think the idea was always that it would be an informal opportunity, wasn't it, for

students to network with each other, but also to talk to people like myself and senior colleagues

in the Faculty to really shape what we do in future, how we might support students,

in the next few years. So it's a good chance to have a conversation.

I think, hopefully, it's something students would enjoy, enjoy meeting other students,

enjoy getting to know senior staff in the Faculty and hopefully being able to feel part

of the FASS community and influencing the future of what we do.

And as it's in the student's local area, it means that we're hoping to bring in some local

staff, as well, from that area, so they may get to meet other staff from their area, for

example Staff tutors and ALs. And again, it's about giving students that sense of 'yes they

may be a t home studying alone but they're not alone there's a wider community out their

supporting them, especially within their Faculty. Well, when the events are ready to be advertised,

and they'll be advertised through the Student Association, so that's, it

will be on their website. We're also going to get it through Social Media. As Faculty

Rep I have my own Facebook page. We will also get it, hopefully onto the module website.

And also FASS, the FASS Facebook page, FASS Social Media will promote it too. We know

the first one is in Edinburgh, don't we, in March so watch out for that.

Okay, so if you're a student based in Scotland, it'd be great to see you in March, hopefully

should be a good kick-off to get these events going, a good chance to meet both local and

Faculty management staff and other students. So, be great to meet you!

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