Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mens Changeroom Renovations - March 2020 Update

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[Karen] Hi everyone!

What we thought we'd do today is take you through a tour of what is happening in the

Mens Washrooms and Changerooms.

I know today, all you've heard is a lot of noise, so we wanted to show you what's happening behind the scenes.

So what I'd like to do now is introduce Dave.

Dave is the project manager for this project and he is going to take us on a tour of what's

going on behind the scenes and what we can expect in just a couple months!

[Dave] Hi everyone!

What we're standing in used to be your Men's Changerooms.

As you can see we've got through the demo work, we have some new walls up now, and what

you're looking at now is that this is going be our new shower area through here.

Over in this area is our new accessible showers.

As we walk over this way, this will open up to what is going to be a washroom area;

we'll have stalls over in this area that will be sectioned off, accessible toilets as well.

We'll have sinks coming in here and right where Karen is here, will be a small storage unit that we'll have some shelving in.

And then as we come back over here,

you can see the guys are now getting the underground ready for the new plumbing line going in for the facility.

We've done some floor cutting, that's all in place and the underground work is going in now.

That right here is going to be a new bathroom going in, that will be an accessible universal bathroom.

And then beyond this wall here will be our changing area and our lockers and so on.

And what you're looking at back through there will be our entrance.

So stay tuned as things take shape, we'll make sure to keep you updated. Thank you.

[Karen] Thanks Dave.

[Dave] You're welcome!

[Karen] So we're really excited about this project

We know it's long overdue but at least we're underway!

And what we're going to do is give you guys updates in another couple of weeks

as we get the tiling started so that you can begin to really feel and appreciate

what this changeroom's going to look like.

So stay tuned!

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