Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RESPONSES in DUTCH you can use in DAILY SITUATIONS to sound like a REAL Dutchie!

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Gezondheid! (Bless you)

Thank you!

Hello all! Dutchies to be!

Welcome to this lesson.

And in this lesson, I am teaching you what you say in certain situations.

As in the intro: what do you say when someone sneezes?

Then you say: "gezondheid" (bless you).

And I am going to teach you many other words, sentences and phrases today

that you can use in everyday life.

You will see me in a situation every time, and I say something

so the other me: this one.

She says something and I respond to that.

Okay let's get started!

I am going away for a weekend!

Wat leuk! (how nice) Veel plezier! (have fun) Geniet ervan! (enjoy it)

I'm going to eat curry later.

Ooh, wat de lekker! (how delicious) Eet smakelijk! (enjoy your meal)

Look I painted this! Nice huh!

Wat mooi! (How nice/beautiful)

It is my birthday on June 16.

Wat toevallig! (what coincidence) Me too!

Or: wat grappig! (how funny) Me too!

I'm going to have a drink with friends tonight.

Wat gezellig! (how nice/cosy) Een fijne avond (have a nice evening) Geniet ervan! (enjoy it)

Sorry I can't come tonight.

Ah, wat jammer! (what a pity)

I got fired today ...

Oh wat vervelend! (how annoying) Wat erg! (how terrible) Wat naar voor je! (how awful for you) Veel sterke! (good luck)

My kitten/little cat is sick ...

Oh wat zielig! (how sad) Sterkte! (good luck)

Oh and I'm sick too ...

Wat vervelend! (I'm sorry) Beterschap! (get well soon)

Hey, where are my keys?

Wat gek! (how strange) They were just here!

Kim, you broke my phone!

Oh sorry! Het spijt me! (I am sorry) I'll fix it for you.

No no no no. I'm not going anywhere today!

I'm not going outside.

It is Friday the 13th!

Well, wat een onzin! (what nonsense)

My grandfather died yesterday ...

Oh no! Wat erg! (how awful) Gecondoleerd. (sorry for your loss) Veel sterkte! (hang in there)

Oehhhhh, I have an important exam tomorrow!

Veel succes! (good luck) Zet 'm op! (Go for it) Toi toi toi! (break a leg) Ik ga voor je duimen! (I'll keep my fingers crossed)

Or like this?

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

One of the two...

It's my birthday today!

Gefeliciteerd! (congratulations)

Hip Hip Hooray!

These were the responses I wanted to teach you today.

And now I have a question for you.

For example, if I say:

"Ooh, I have to take my exman to get my driver's license!"

Or: "tomorrow is my birthday and I am having a party!"

What do you say then?

Okay write your response in the comment section!

In Dutch it is funnier:

"Jouw reactie in de reacties."

And I'll see you in the next video.

"Veel succes" (good luck) and "veel plezier" (have fun) learning Dutch!

"Zet 'm op"! "Toi, toi toi!" en "geniet ervan"! (Go for it! Break a leg and enjoy it)

Okay bye!

I don't know if my acting skills are really that good

but I did my best.

The Description of RESPONSES in DUTCH you can use in DAILY SITUATIONS to sound like a REAL Dutchie!