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hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here... you're just about to do a

little something different today so today I'm going to show you what it's

like to walk in downtown Mary at night so I'm over here coming out of Tripoli

so beat them tower over there and these are all condoms northwest corner of it

rich woven tapestry of different cultures bad runs in the city so you're

gonna see you hear a lot of different languages and see a lot of different

people I got casual clothes

tend to target me

so that red building there is known as the Freedom Tower that's where Cuban

migrants were received in in the 1960s after the Cuban dictatorship took hold

in Cuba and they were processed all through there these are all new condos

were built in the last four years

you're gonna see our boys in blue over here many police apartment this Avenue

perpendicular to me is us one so main artery here in Miami as well as safety

things goes all the way up to me work

okay so this is us one who are facing south right now bacon right there us one

EVs in the back down here and then this is employed East 8th Street

we got burgers here as you do in every city

sometimes you'll sing a song feet sometimes I see them do magic tricks I

saw one guy levitate levitate himself once

that elevated structure you see there

good so that elevated structure you see there is the Metro moving so we serve

this city offers legal action right there it's a mass transit system but I

don't recommend anybody take it because it smells awful in there and it's full

of all sorts of questionable people

poisoned you you got taxi zero ready on the sidewalk

that is the Metro mover on station right there

so some vulnerable or some notable landmarks around me are besides the

Freedom Tower in the Tripoli you also have Miami Dade Community College nearby

there's an art museum there's an Adrian Art Center there's over town all over

town Bayside and then further south there's a key this game

oh yeah many world-famous many beaches just peace to you you Mosley

maybe a five-year

so this is where people are confined to park in these uh these parts parking

garages galore took pretty synaptic commodity here parking spaces some

people pay hundreds of dollars a month to rent them from PPO readers it might



costing 19 second Avenue

okay so right now I'm like underneath the Metro mover

this is the 11th Street Station

and then here we're gonna come up on highway 395 which further west west of

i-95 is 836 thanks to all whatsoever leaves these take you in so many beats

another metal mover ahead overhead cut traffic is crazy because anytime there's

a neat game or a concert at the triple-a you're gonna crowd fault

20,000 people until a square mile so this is the result of that our city

planners aren't just harvest after the doors


okay so fun fact around the early nineties parameters used to be very

abundant in this particular intersection here it would split on your windshield

and then they enacted a law where panhandling became illegal then the

Pender's said they weren't pen and so that was really around it until Popo

stepped in and took care of

here okay so this is deep this here is the off ramp through 836 that's very

private man over there is Biscayne Boulevard you see the sign

by hiding

so right now we're on the new highway beheading five

another fun fact thought during Hurricane Andrew this highway here of a

bit further Easton who saved the reporter's life because they were all

filming Hurricane Andrew they got caught in the middle of the high tide high

winds and they parked underneath that the highway for the duration of the

hurricane it saved your life here we have the Egret Art Center

you guys can dress


thank you trained fellow so yeah then we just cost that was the unofficial border

between downtown and our overtime you can see the difference the social

economic status here it takes a plunge because over there you have millions of

dollars worth of real estate and then here you have all these all these empty

lots where people don't invest anything further down that way you have some

projects government assisted housing

primary oh I know some of you are gonna say I'm racist but this is just being

honest I mean there's place like this all over every major city so

that there is a city of many trolley for a modest fee it takes you around our

town and then here you have at the EGR center you're featuring

Leamas robs the musical phenomenon it seemed quite police

as far as I can remember it I've been living here all all my life tags agree

and this Lodge has been empty ever since I was a kid so that's the reason nobody

wants to invest these plates

give you

CDI medicines

I'll include a Google Maps link in the description so you guys can follow along

around that or I want I don't know how it works in your city but here you were

to pay on the side if you were to plug on the side of this road you have to

come over here and pay by phone

this road is abruptly ends up in this empty life

pourpour degree

very powerful in the g8

then you can see this road over here seen better days it's cracked under

maintained unlike the new floor as we saw in the other side

all righty ladies I'm gonna reach my car so I will be tracking you guys please

comment and like the video take care over and out

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