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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today I am going to be sharing a fall

shop with me and I will be sharing items

from Big Lots as well as Hobby Lobby I

was so impressed with everything they

had this year and I'm just so excited to

share this with you guys so you guys can

just hang out at home and see what all

the stores are offering for fall this

year and I'm also excited to be doing

this with my friend Emily from Mama from

scratch she is going to be doing a shop

with me at TD Maxx and also at home if

you guys are not following Emily you

will love her she is one of my sweetest

friend she does amazing DIYs and she

also shares similar content that I share

on my channel as soon as you're done

watching my video be sure to head over

to Emily's channel and watch her fall

shop with me I will leave all her

information linked down at the

description box and without further ado

let's go ahead and get on into it

so this year at Big Lots I was so

impressed with everything they had and I

really loved the different unique fall

decor that they had I loved all these

florals it was just so bright in

something kind of unexpected for fall

but I really really like it let me know

if you guys are liking this new style

this year or if you are going

traditional just what kind of decor you

are using I'm actually going to not try

to talk too much in this video just so

you can kind of listen to the music I

picked and get in the mood for fall and

just see all the items but I am sharing

price tags throughout the video so that

you guys can see how much things are







I am always a sucker for the unique

items like this wooden pumpkin or this

wooden acorn with all these carvings I

love these and I'm kind of obsessed with

the acorns this year I'm definitely

going to be including a few of these in

my fall - core




I think the way that I'm going to go

about decorating this year because I do

want to include some of the items from

Big Lots like these florals and I'm

planning to put the floral decor in my

office and that way it's kind of

separated from the house but then I

still get that girly feminine floral

decor for fall in my office but then the

rest of the house I'm going with more

neutrals and a few pops of traditional





so I want to tell you know that Emily

and I have decided to give back to you

guys this fall so we are going to be

offering the chance for two winners do

you each receive a $50 gift card and you

can choose it to me whatever story you

want we kept this super easy so all you

have to do to enter is of course we

subscribe to our channels because we are

wanting to give back to our subscribers

and then as long as you're subscribed to

both of our channels

you just have to comment on both of our

videos letting us know which store you

would like the gift card to and I will

also have all that information down in

the description box but I am so so

grateful for this opportunity to give

back to you guys once again






Big Lots had tons and tons of candles

and really really good prices if you

guys have ever actually purchased

candles from Big Lots and burned them

let me know what kind of quality they

are if they smell really good whence

they're burning just let me know in the

comments below because if they weren't

really well they are such a good deal







so as you can see I have moved over to

Hobby Lobby but just keep in mind that

everything for fall is 40% off so you

can take that 40% off of all the items

that I show you the price tag on





I was so impressed with Hobby Lobby I

feel like this is always my very

favorite store to go shopping out what

I'm looking for the core you can

definitely find things other places but

this is always my first place that I

stopped and my go-to and I also feel

like when you add in the 40% off

discount it makes these items just as

affordable if not an even better deal

than other stores





our Hobby Lobby has had Christmas stuff

out for the last month or two and I'm

feeling like this is just a little bit

too early but let me know your thoughts

on that if you think it's way too early

for Christmas or if you can never start

seeing Christmas things too soon



this is so so cute to put on with your

front door






if you've been with me for a while

you've probably seen a lot of my decor I

really try to add in different textures

that is one thing that I always go for I

like to get different sizes and

different heights and lots and lots of

different textures because it just adds

a lot of interest and a lot of dimension

into your decor



I think that one of my favorite things

about Hobby Lobby is just the wide array

of items that they have they have so

many different styles so many different

textures so many different products I

just feel like home decor is kind of

their specialty so if you are looking

for something specific Hobby Lobby has

probably got you covered and oh my gosh

I love Buffalo check but this gray

Buffalo check might just be my new

favorite I love the subtlety of it it is

so gorgeous


I am so excited to be starting to share

these fall decor videos I wanted to let

you know that my fall clean and decorate

with me it will be up next Monday so be

sure you are subscribed to my channel

and you have your notifications on so

you don't miss that video I am so so

looking forward to sharing that one with

you guys


so I hope you'll enjoy coming along on

the shop with me and I hope I gave you

some fun ideas for how to decorate your

own home for fall this year do not

forget to enter to win those gift cards

and also head over to Emily's channel

and please let her know that I sent you

it would mean so much to me I hope you

guys have an amazing day and I will see

you in the next one bye guys