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The Wife's secret

Episode 39

This Li Minglang has gone too far!

Lily, you were unhappy when just you got here

Not interesting in anything

But now you're much better

You will smile every day

How can a letter make you right to the beginning?

Lily, you can't run away from everything

If you still love him

Why don't you talk with him?

If he is lying to you

Why don't you just divorce with him

And start your new life?

Unless, you can't let him go

No matter what he does to you

You'll never divorce with him

Yunxuan, stop

I know


I was a little excited

Yunduo, are you full?

Time for bath

I will give up my life for you

Let alone a horse harm

I will do anything for you

I want to be with you

Not just for a while, I want it to be forever

Suddenly, I feel we're so happy

Me too

Hope we will always be happy like this

How about this, we will join hands

Shoulder by shoulder and go together

I will be wherever you would be



Why you ran so fast today

Yunduo won't catch up



Did I frighten you?


Don't make it hard for yourself

You can't decide your relationship all by yourself

When the time comes

You should let it go


I have thought about it

If I can't let go

I will go and talk to him

If he did lie to me

I will start my own life without him

Time for breakfast

Ning Xia, again

Am I stupid?

You're just too kind

You always think people are all like you

But there're some dirty things

We haven't seen it yet

Me, Lily and Ningxia

We grew up together

Now, I still can't believe Ning Xia is such a girl

Someone said it

Dream is very abundant

While the true is very simple

I wish I can be a simple person like you

It's not good to be a person like me

You're so pure, it's very rare now

If order to keep this rare animal alive

I will do everything I can to protect you

I will take it

Hey, anything you want to say ,tell me


What's the matter? Shoot


Okay, let me say it then

A person like you

How dare you speak to brother Minglang?

A daughter-in-law like you should be kicked out

And listen to me, don't ever call brother Minglang

A person like you, love?

No, you're sick and abnormal


You're not making it easy

She is my sister-in-law

How can I face my brother?

You won't, after this

I don't think she will do it again

If she want to do some tricks

Tell her, try it!

Why she said that to me?

Who is she?

Does she know everything of our family?

Did Minglang tell her?

Do they really think that way?

What have I done wrong?


How can you do this to me?

Look at her

We did it!

She is frightened by us!

Lily, what happened?

Did you call him?

Yunduo, how about we go downstairs and play?

Come, come

Let's go



I know you won't listen

But I just want to tell you

I won't upset you again

I promise

Since we met

I have never felt you're so unfamiliar


Ning Xia, why did you do it?

Who do you hate?

I will never do it again

Please trust me

Ning Xia

Now you're my sister-in-law

We are living in the same house

I will see you as my sister-in-law as always

I don't know

whether you'll do something like this again or not

But I won't let you hurt my family

Behave yourself

You're so loyal to Li- Jiang right now

Is there any other reason so Minglang

will hand his position to you?

So, what do you think?

I just feel it weird

We can trust no one but ourselves

What about the capital transfer going?

I don't need to transfer it

Now Li- Jiang and Tianyi's is all mine

I don't see it's necessary to do such kind of thing

President Li

We're partners

Don't forget it's me who find those clients for you

You can't just quit

Don't worry

You will get any less

I have a meeting, need to go first

Enjoy your coffee

One more thing

If there's nothing

Don't come to see me, I'm quite busy recently

Fine, you dead cripple

I am right about you

If I don't step into your brothers

You won't take that step

Yunduo, aunt is preparing for the class

I will play with you later

Good girl, we will play later

What's that?

What's that, Yunduo

Look at this


Yunduo, slow down

Yuxuan, what are you doing?


This is flower seed

It's Lily seed

I bought it for you

I don't know how to make people feel better

So I was hoping

You will be like this Lily seed

Grow and bloom in this new land

Are you willing to stay here and

teach them in Yunshan with me?




What do you want to say?

I like you

First time when I saw you

I think you're so beautiful

Then after some days

I find you're also so gentle and kind

So pure, like Lily

I hope I can protect you

I know it's not a right time say this

But I can't help it

I am afraid

If I don't say it now

It will be too late

Too late?

Because I feel you're not belong to this place

You'll leave here in any minute


Now all I want

Is a simple and peaceful life

Yunduo can also get better soon

I don't want to think anything else

I need time

Besides, you forgot

I' married


Brother Minglang

Are you leaving for Yunshan tomorrow?


Those things I asked you to prepare, did you finish?

Of course Those things I asked you to prepare, did you finish?

Of course

I won't let you down

Can I come with you to Yunshan?

I want to meet sister Lily

You're going too?

You're already want to get rid of this third wheel?

I promise you I won't get in your way

Just ignore me like I'm not there

Fine, fine, go with me then


So Jiang Lily didn't those words

She just ignored you, right?


Do you know what do you need for Lily?

Some serious, obvious, big conflict

You know what?

Long period of division,

together for a long time to divide.

No break down, no rebuild

What do you mean?

You both are hiding the problems

Instead of spit it out

Right, you don't want the other get hurt

But you're only showing her your tolerance

And your love for her, right?

If you two won't fix your own problem

And leave it for whom?

Brother, what are you trying to say?

I don't understand

All I am saying is just a word, divorce

Are you kidding?

I'm serious

Only that, you can talk all things out

Solve the problem

If I divorce with her, she won't be mine

That's just legally

Only if you two can solve those problem

Then you two can start over

Now Lily is waiting for your decision

Waiting for you go and wipe off all the unhappy past

Yes, I do want to start over with Lily

But I don't want to divorce with her

I have told you

That's just a way to get what you want

Thing matters here, is you two are still together in your heart

What if she refuses to accept me again?

Your choice

But remember

Divorce with the past

And you can start something new

Think about it

I will go and have a meeting

You can do it

Didn't I tell you

If there's nothing, don't come

But I want to tell you something

I don't know if you're interested

What's that?

Actually, it has nothing to do with me

But since we have worked together

We are friends

So it's better to let you know

What's up, just say it

My dad's one old friend came back from overseas

When we were drinking

He told me something about you

And your biological father

What? My biological father

He knew my biological father?

Right, and they were close

what did he say?

His name was Zhao Jun

In the early 80's, Li Dachuan and him were partners

Back then it's reform and opening time

They fought together to make a career

But when they had just started

Li Dachuan withdrew his money back

Your biological father had no other solution

He found some money

And kept his company running

But things were not going well

Al last, he is worried and had a relapse

He didn't make it

But that company was under both of their names

So Li Dachuan became the legal man of the company

He doesn't want people talk

So he adopted you

And sold your father's company to Jiang Dacheng

Later to be known as Jiangs Corp

And you've known the rest

After so many years

I don't know if this is all true

I have told you everything

I invited him to come for lunch

Come with us

That's what happened back then

It has past for 20 years

I can't remember the details

But your farther was set up

By that Li Dachuan

You can only blame your biological father

Didn't see him through

Is that true?

I was close with your father

I are both brave business man

You father borrowed three thousand from me

I wasn't rich at that time

But your father is a nice person

With a kind heart, and friendly

So after that thing came up

I didn't ask for my money back

Take this picture as a souvenir

It has your father's name on it

I will keep that to remember him

Thanks for telling me this

I don't come back very often

You enjoy your food

I have something to take care of

Li Tian, it's the past now

Don't take it to your heart


- Let's drink -Okay

Nice place

Food is nice

Got beautiful scenery

Nice place

Next time you eat here, call me

You didn't come back very often

There're a lot of place you haven't been to

This Kaiyuan Jiulong lake resort is very famous

Nice environment, quiet

And their Kaiyuan building is such a masterpiece

Build on the mid-maintain

Surrounded by waxberry woods

Very beautiful

It's perfect for private party

It truly deserve their reputation

Old saying goes

Son will pay for his father's debt

I will pay for Li Tian

But it's past for 20 years

You should get your interests

I will pay you a hundred times of that

You lied to him

Don't you worry him would find out the truth

And go after you?

It's past so many years

No one would know the details

If they want him to know

Li Dachuan would tell him long time ago

- Let's drink -Okay

- Cheers -Cheers


Why are you doing this to me?

Those love for me is fake

You're all liars!


You make me so miserable

I will make you pay for that


I will let you know what's that feeling

When you're broke and lost everything


I broke Lily's heart

She was so hard when she is with me

Now she is happy

I don't know if I can take her back

I don't know if I should let her go or not


I have thought about it

You should be Li- Jiang's general president


I got it now

Whether which of us is on the position

It's the same

Don't worry, I will help you

As long as you work together

We will succeed




Where're you going?

We're going to Yunshan

Be careful

And talk nicely with Lily

I will

Be careful

Miss Liu, see you. Bye


President Zhuang

Stick to our old plan

Teacher Lily

Tell the students come to help

We have lots of things here

It's enough for at least three years

Kids, let's go and carry them in

Let's go

Be careful

We have new stationery now

Uncle, uncle, I miss you

Me too

Good kids, carry it in

Why you came here

What's all this?

Last time, I saw them need help

So when I went back, I keep thinking what can I do to help

This is Huang Rong, my secretary

She helped a lot with those things

Let me introduce

This is your sister-in-law, Jiang Lily

Hi, sister-in-law

It's better to see than listen

No wonder brother Minglang couldn't stop missing you

Turns out you're even prettier than your name

Lily, Lily

Why you're angry again?

Did I do something wrong?

Why you brought her here?

She is my secretary

Li Minglang

Are you finished?

Don't hurt Lily again!

What do you mean?

You know what I mean

Don't think you can hide what you've done

Yuxuan, enough

Say it

I want to know what I have done

Let me make it clear

Since you two are together now

Why you came here to see Lily?

And you brought her here?

What were you thinking?

I thought you're a gentleman

I am wrong about you

I don't you're such a heartless man

Who told you I'm with Huang Rong now?

Yuxuan, don't be crazy

It's between me and Lily, not your business

Not my business? Okay, wait here

Yuxuan, Yuxuan

Listen to me

Listen to me

No, I don't want to listen

Say for yourself

Save your explanation

You don't need to say anything

You got me wrong

Let me explain

Now? Really?

Please stay away from this

Don't stand in the way, okay?

Who are you to Lily?

I'm Lily's friend

Even a friend can't stand it

I really want to know

Why you're doing these to such a wonderful woman

You're her friend

I'm her husband

Enough, stop it


Lily, you need to trust me

There's nothing between me and Huang Rong

It doesn't matter now

Listen to me


What's wrong with you?

It's their family things

What's it to you?

What's it to you then?

Who the hell are you?

They're a married

How can you step in them?

How dare you smite me with your tongue!

We're just normal brother and sister

All I want is they can be together like before

Where're you going?

Stand here

First time, I came to Yunshan, I didn't see you

When I was leaving, someone took my purse

And I got injured

Huang Rong saved me

In order to thank her, I took her back to Zhijiang

But she knew no one in Zhijiang

It's kind of hard for a girl

So I took her home

That's it?

That's it

I consider Huang Rong as my little sister

It's not like what you think

Trust me

It doesn't matter now

If you're truly together

I will wish you happy together

Don't say something you didn't mean

I'm not!

I'm telling you

I had enough heart break

I can't feel anything now

I think

I think we're not possible anymore


I know I was not mature

I'm not careful

Since you married with me, you suffered a lot

But you didn't complain

You've been put up with it, with me

But I have done nothing for you

I know when you were with me

I didn't give you a happy life

You're the one keep doing things for me

Your trust, your tolerance

I took it for granted

I have never put myself in your shoe

I have never asked you

What is the thing you want

So this time

I will respect your choice

I have signed it

Thank you

Actually, you were nice to me

Thank you for humoring me

When we were together, I didn't protect you well

Promise me

When I am gone

Take care of yourself


Lily, do you remember

My dream when I was a kid

Is to be your friend, to eat with you

Do the home work together

Go to school and go back home together

Just spent every minute with you


But I was a coward

I was afraid you would dislike me

I was afraid you didn't want to play with me

So I didn't tell you

Even when I want to see you

I will see you far away, secretly

I didn't have the courage to look you in the eye

I will give up my life for you

Let alone a horse farm

I will do anything for you

I want to be with you, not just for a while

I want it to be forever


We went to primary school together

And middle school

But dream is always about you

My dream was you will marry me one day


I want to thank you for making my dream come true


Time flies when we're together

We were always have so many things to do

I wish we can have our own baby

To watch him grow up with Yunduo

We can share happiness of growing up

To be proud of them for they make their dream come true

We will be old before we notice

I want to cherish every minute

I spent with you

To go around the world with you

Thank you for watching!


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