Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Closing on Your New Home

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The last hurdle in your homebuying journey

is the closing process.

When you close, youll hand over a check,

sign the final paperwork,

and get the keys to your new home.

But first, you have a few things to do.

Like buying homeowners insurance.

You cant close without it,

but how do you decide what you need?

Well help you sort through all the jargon

to make sure you get the right coverage,

whether you live on a quiet, tree-lined street

or at the foot of a volcano.

As for that paperwork,

the headliner is the closing disclosure:

it lays out all the dollar figures.

Refer to our page-by-page document guide when you review it,

and you'll be all set.

The day you close on your home is a real milestone.

When you put the key in the door

your door

and walk over your threshold for the first time,

be sure to celebrate.

Congratulations in advance!

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