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Here goes, today I'll be sharing five habits with you that stunt your happiness.

You probably do some of these at least some of the time. And we all do them myself included, so that's totally fine.

But it's important to recognize them so that we can change it when it happens. Hit the like button if you're excited to dive in.

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First habit that will make you worry and stunt your happiness is, surprise surprise

Comparing yourself to others. Whether you're doing this based on looks, success, relationships, career, or even happiness

We tend to compare ourselves to others a lot.

We compare ourselves to people that we see in our daily lives or on social media or on TV

And we just think that they have this perfect life and that everything that they do is so much better than what we do

Well, let me tell you, it's not.

This habit is very dangerous because of this. We compare very selectively.

We only see a certain aspect in others that we feel is better than our own

And we compare ourselves to people who are prettier, fitter, richer, more successful, and while doing so we are putting ourselves down.

I can tell you right now that there's always going to be someone out there who looks better than you, who's more

successful than you, or who can do more things than you do, and that's totally OK.

Because this person is also comparing themselves to others, and maybe even to you.

Because you're the only one who's uniquely, you who can bring to the table what you can do.

So focus on yourself. The more energy

you'll put into

comparison and putting yourself down, the more insecure you feel about yourself. And the more you will forget about the many blessings you have and

your amazing life. So stay focused on yourself and support the success of others without feeling bad about your own life

Second habit, thinking negatively about yourself. And we often do this without even noticing

In the whole wide world, there's no one as critical about yourself as you are.

And we all have this inner critic, and this person is not always so supportive, nice, calming, or even realistic.

Because guess what? Most of these negative thoughts you think about yourself are not even true, and

definitely not to the extent you are thinking them.

So noticing when you're talking down to yourself is a very important step

No need to feel bad about it or anything

You can accept this inner critic for being there in your head without listening to what it's saying

You are not perfect. No one is and you don't have to be. Habit number three might sound familiar

Not asking for help when you need it

Bearing the weight of the entire world on your own shoulders and feeling like you can't or shouldn't ask people to help you out

People are not solitary creatures. We like to have others around us

So why not depend on others when you need to and let them know that you need their help?

Whether it is for something super practical, like taking over a chore around the house when you're really tired, or

with something more emotional, like listening to you and providing support when you need it, when you're having a rough day.

You don't have to do everything yourself, and you're not a failure if you admit that you need help

sometimes. We all do. Next habit is one of my biggest life lessons

Not following and walking your own path in life

I think true fulfillment comes from knowing who you really are and what you really need.

I often felt that the path others around me were taking was not really my own. It just didn't feel right

Luckily, I learned from quite a young age to trust that feeling and to make my own choices. Even when I doubt them sometimes.

People feel most comfortable when they do something that others are also doing, because then it must be good.

You can see this happening very clearly when you cross a red light and suddenly people behind you

they see this, and they start to follow you. People like social proof.

But what happens when the bigger life decisions that you're making don't really feel true to you, and you'll create a big discrepancy between your

real desires and the life you're actually living?

I like the example of water. Because water is very soft and fluid, and therefore very powerful

Because it can cut through stone and create its own path

So let that inspire you and dare to make choices that feel good to you and to trust yourself enough to follow your own path

in life.

The last one is forcing. Trying to force things that are out of your control.

Some things we have control over, and some things we don't.

We all want to achieve happiness and avoid suffering, but trying to force some things you cannot change will not help.

When I was going through my burnout

It took me around three months to finally stop struggling and stop forcing myself to become better

And when I finally did that, you know what happened? I started to feel a little better.

I believe in working hard and doing our best, but I also believe that life kind of has a natural ebb and flow to it. And

these highs and lows are not exactly opposites. But rather are two sides of the same coin.

Because how could we appreciate the highs without having experienced the lows?

So trying to force life into only giving you the highs without the lows is not necessary. It's very tiring and ultimately pointless

Famous philosopher Alan Watts used to explain this with the sailing analogy

It's pointless to try and sail against the wind but very effective to use the wind to get to where you want to be

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