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[Ginger] So, when the evil shadow monster in the woods wakes again

to feast on the joy of our townspeople, beware!

-[scream] -For his next victim could be... you!

[evil laugh]

[all gasp]

And thus concludes my report on the history of our great town.

[whistles, cheers]

-Be quiet! All of you! -[gasp]

And as for you, see me after class.

[bell rings]

How did you find out about the joy-sucking shadow monster in the woods?

What? I just made that stuff up!

Tell me the truth now, or you're in trouble.

But Miss V, the whole thing was just a silly story! Pinky swear!

Oh! Uh, but of course it was.

Hahaha. Forget everything I said. You can go home.


Wait, why are you acting so weird?

[gasps] Is there really a monster?

Uh... If you won't go home,

I will!

-[door slams] -Mm-hm!


[crowd cheering]


-No, no, no, no. The left leg. The left! -[laughing]


Oh, no, are we being robbed?

-I surrender! -Hm. At ease, Ben.

We're practicing to win the three-legged race at the carnival's Jamboree of Joy.

Tom, let's try three-legged leaps!

-Agh! -Look what came in the mail!

-Our official joy-wear. -How exciting.

I can't wait to see Ginger's smile when he first lays eyes on the churro juggler!

-[Tom] Ow! -[thud]

Speaking of Ginger, where is he?

-Ha! -[car engine starts]

[water dripping]




She went back to school? No fair!

[door slams]


[Ginger gasps]


[phone ringing]

-No! No! No! -[toilet flushes]

Greetings, Velma. I trust you are ready for tonight's monster hunt.

A monster hunt!

It has been 100 years since the monster last woke.

So, tonight, he will be eager to feast on the joy of innocent, happy townspeople.


-[gasps] -What was that? Is somebody there?

Why'd they let you be a monster hunter?

-You're old and boring! -Quiet!

[spooky chord]


I should be the one on a monster hunt.

You have to take me, or everybody at school sees this!

It has been 100 years since the monster last woke...

Now, the only thing they'll see is you in detention!

The video's already backed up to the cloud.

They made a video cloud? No fair.

-Oh, you can come. -Woo-hoo!

But you can't tell a soul about this. Pinky swear it.

Yes! Pinky swear!

I can't believe I'm gonna see my first monster!

I'm so excited I feel like I'm gonna explode!

Calm down. This hunt is about patience and discipline.

Ugh! This is so boring. How did you make monster hunting boring?

If you're having such a terrible time, you're welcome to go home.


[Vanthrax] It's close! It's time for us to...

...keep waiting, but more quietly.


That is it! Your way of monster hunting is ridiculous!

-Ginger, no! -[battle cry]

-[roars] -[screams] Help me, Miss Vanthrax!

[battle cry]


You tiny fool!

I needed to capture the monster, but you forced me to scare it away!

-You ruined my hunt! -[crying] I'm sorry.

I didn't realize a monster would be so scary!

-No. Now, now. -[sobbing]

There's no need for big emotions. Let's think about this.

The monster will go to whatever part of town is the happiest.

Maybe a fabric store? Or a dentist? The waiting room at a bank?

Wait, the happiest place? I think I know where that is!

[carnival organ playing]

I can't believe you guys walked all the way to the jamboree like that.

Well, Ginger might not be here, but I still want to win that race.

Guys! They have jawbreakers the size of a soccer ball!

Our young friend doesn't know what he's missing.


-[bell dings] -There's a challenge on the field.



-[ding] -Woo!


[Hank] Tom, Angela! Angela, Tom!

-Hooray for Tom and Angela! -[growling]

-[groaning] -Why do we even care who wins?

Well, you need to be a more supportive friend, you big jerk!


-[laughter] -[growling]

Move your butt, Angela.

Move your butt. Or should I say your face? You're a butt-face!

[crowd grumbling, squabbling]


The monster is turning the Jamboree of Joy into a jamboree of jerks!

It's too late. I failed my mission.

No. I failed your mission.

But I'll make this right. There has to be something we can do!

I can trap the monster in this orb,

but I'd need to lure it to me.

And I can't lure it when it's already in a buffet of happiness in there!

-So, someone has to be bait! -Grrr!

Hm. All we need to do is lure the monster into a corner and set a trap.

-I'll do it, Miss V! I'll make you proud! -Stop!

-It's way too dangerous for you! -I know it's dangerous.

But we need joy.

And I'm a little boy at a carnival full of candy, up past my bedtime.

I can bring the joy.

-[laughter] -[roaring]

-[crying] -I can do this.

He's not that scary.


You call yourself a joy-sucker?


No, no, no. This was stupid!

There is a churro juggler!

Incredible! Agh!

The roller coaster is running backwards? Nice!



I... I was just kidding. You don't really want to take my joy.

-[roaring] -You can't take away my happy thoughts!

Best friends...

[echoing] Oh, no!

[monster purring]

[battle cry]

Back off, beast!

No one upsets my students but me!

[battle cry]


[organ starts playing]

-Stop it, leave me alone! -I've had it with you, Ben! Why--

[laughing, cheering]

-You're a fart face. -You think I care? I don't care.

Tom. I... I am so sorry I said all those terrible things about your face.

It must have been all this racing stress. I never meant for this to come between us.

Oh, Tom. Nothing can come between us. Let's win this!


Are you all right? Speak to me!

Coming here... was... [coughs]

[groans] ...a mistake.

A mistake for the monster! I totally tricked it!

Then you swooped in, and you were, like, "Pow, pyow, pyow pow pow!"

I know, Ginger, I was there.

But yes, the two of us working together was pretty neat, as I'm told you kids say.

Those were some incredible monster-smashing moves, Miss Vanthrax.

I guess you're not so boring after all.

-Even if you are old! -[both laugh]

Yes, you demonstrated bravery and smarts.

Ginger? I thought you were studying for a big test.

-Yeah-- -The truth is that Ginger...

finished studying early.

Do you want to see a jawbreaker the size of a soccer ball?

Of course I do! Why would you even ask me something like that?

Oh, it's fine. Go and be with your friends.

You earned it.

Oh! Don't stay out too late. You still owe me a real history report tomorrow!


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