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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Derrick Inspection - PART 1

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Today we will speak about how we can inspect the Dalek

First of all, this will speak of all the dirac check test

When was the last category fall

directly speak champers forward as well a BIR before G Section five point one

Number two, what is the load rating of the derrick according to the ABI RB four G section fifteen point seven?

Is there an inspection program in place a

check for built or damaged beams and the crossmembers according to ABI for

G section three

inspect any DT inspections report for the finger port

Provide that fingers are fitted with

Acceptable safety chains all rangas or wire rod

ensure that

The air hoist cables are not

Rapping against any pins or fingers?

Made should load carrying wires are fitted

Using shakers and bad eyes not learned across beams

confirmed that the eliminations in the Derrick

leaves no dark spots

Ensure that all light fittings have secondary retention

Is there a dropped objects procedures in place

Is there an inspection program for the reading light this is for the Landry's

how many raising lowering cycles are performing between

changes according to the API RP for G section 4

If the derrickman correctly secured against following the will working on the multi port

The chicky mechanical conditions of the gene will escape and escape line

It chic the conditions of the Dedic level and platform silica clogs ink failures handrails and back

scratchers according to the ABI

RB 54

section nine point three point 15

our suitable toy

Boarders installed according to the ABI

54 section nine point three point nine teen chick the conditions of the

Audio can review this is

certifications and the check the conditions of the traveling book hand of lines and

chickens as berra Dvir


Our loading paper probes covered with a heavy-duty wire mesh asbury ABI our

B54 section nine point two point sixteen are all hanging

platform in the direct secured with safety chains

Ensure that the snatch block safety wires. Have a safe working load

Which is at least twice as a safe walking route of the lowest wire dynamic impact

this is the

summary of the

Checklist in which we must follow when we inspect the derrick. Thank you

In this light

Damage to any of the main methods of the Derrick could affect the actual dude rating of the direct

In these slides

Derrick inspections would have revealed the extent of corrosion and

It could have been cleaned and painted before it got to bed

As it starts the leak inspections

Would have revealed that some posters were loose and they could have been tightened

In this writes a check for any collusion that may affect the loot

That may affect the load rating


This pictures the corrosion can be found throughout the Derrick

Here in on the one of the finger

in these pictures

if you do not make sure water drains from the pins you might end up with an

expensive repair

This picture unplug the drain holes or you end up with this

Unplugging drain holes coughs is nothing. The placing beams causes a lot more

in these pictures we found words English installed all the sharp edges of the direct beam, which is an ox in

These pictures we can note that

How the wire rule is becoming damaged

When it is wrapped around the sharp corner of the direct beam in these pictures we can see

Paint and the deformed cross member in the Derrick

In this picture finger pulled at the monkey fault level

None of these fingers were secured with an additional safety stink of the chain each of these unsecured fingers

represented a serious drop objects hazard in this picture finger pulled cracked and

insufficiently secured with a safety chain

During one of our surveys the NDT

Inspectors found no lists and eating cracks on this finger pole

more secured measured all fitting

Safety chains two fingers note the chains must not be welded

Snatch it wooden pin part Prague

No, heavy-duty wire mesh installed. Once again, the serious dropped object hazard

Severely damaged wooden temper probes, but thanks to the heavy-duty wire

Mesh the wooden splinters did not fall into a reg floor

Rubber crush plugs which served on splinter and do not require heavy-duty wire mesh

protection, however

They can become hard in extremely cold without area and are unsuitable to desert conditions

We had excessive heat and extreme sunlight exposure can cause the rubber to crack as well


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The Description of Derrick Inspection - PART 1