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Hi, Im Tim Schaeffer. On behalf of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, thank

you to all the anglers of Pennsylvania who have made major changes the spring during

trout season. When we unexpectedly opened trout season on

April 7th, we asked anglers the practice social distancing, keeping a rod's length away, fishing

locally, fishing with people from their immediate family. Really, reconnecting with a lot of

local waters that they may have forgotten about.

Here at the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, our staff are leading by example. We continue

to stock trout throughout Pennsylvania and as we do so were wearing masks, were

practicing social distancing. Were wearing gloves. Again we're doing the right thing

we asked the anglers to do the same thing. With a lot of the extra family time that we've

had, weve seen anglers across Pennsylvania taking their kids fishing, some for the first

time. That's the future of the sport. That's the future of conservation in Pennsylvania,

introducing people to the outdoors. We also apologize to the angler for having

to cancel our mentored youth trout day this year. Anybody who did purchase on voluntary

youth license for that day, wed be happy to honor it next year.

Next week will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. We've been asking anglers to fish

locally this spring, and now more than ever we understand the benefits and the importance

of local water quality. Also remember that fishing doesnt end with

trout season. Whether its panfish, bass, walleye or musky, weve got something for everyone

in Pennsylvania. As a lifetime Pennsylvania angler I can't

wait for things to get back to normal, but we have been able to adjust. If you haven't

purchase your fishing license the season, a reminder we've made it easier than ever.

Just go to our fish and boat commission website,, or to our mobile app, FishBoatPa

and you can get started to buy your license. You don't need to display it this year, so

just go through a few simple clicks, have it on your phone and you'll be good to go.

On behalf of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, thank you for your cooperation

the spring. Well see you on your local water.

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