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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Stranger Things Escape Room!!

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Joey: The Mystery Begins on the Belly of the Beast. Will! Bryan: Oh you're looking for something. Smart fella. Oh I'm liking this escape room stuff guys.

Joey: Hey Guys and Gals. Today we're doing the Stranger Things Escape Room. We're gonna see some pretty strange things.

Like Bryan's Underwear right there. Bryan: I was like what? Joey: They are pretty strange.

Bryan: And today we are in the Upside-Down and our...

Job is to escape because the Demagorian threw us in here like a bad bad man that he is.

Is he a man or is he not a man?

Joey: Full disclosure Bryan and I have never Seen Stranger Things. Oh? Bryan: Have you Seen stranger Things? i love That Show?

You don't you've never Seen it? none of us have ever seen it. Bobbys seen it and everyother part of the staff has seen it (hysteric laughter)

All Right Guys What'S the first clue oh?

oh look It came through The door oh

Literally You came Through the door

I'm also Thinking That Maybe These Tiny pictures That Bobby put up in Brian's office in the past Few Days have something to do with the clues

Clues Let's Find out. okay

Joey: Bobby still wets the bed at night. Thats the first clue

Is there a stain on the couch or... The Mystery begins on the Belly of the beast. find a Beast find The beast. Im right here

Belly I can't See anything with this light Shining in my eyes.

Where's the Belly

Wheres the beast? but This isn't the Belly of the beast this is the bottom of the beast

Tr cousin. tr cousin tr Who's tr

Bobby is My cousin he is your cousin but What is tr i'm into your cousin well there's a Photo of Bobby Right Here

But he's got a Number Seven on his chest

Number Seven Thumbs Up in your office. He looks so Stupid. i was Actually Playing with this earlier

you will need a combination open this up. im assuming seven is gonna be one of it one of them

You're My cousin i Mean There's a Thing on you?

Oh Yeah you're not Supposed to be on Camera. TR cousin trick your cousin T-Rex Cousin

All Right Guys We Have another Number on this photo and we Have a Combination lock with open Up no but What's tr well i'm

Sorry Maybe Tr for train he's got a 7 on his shirt. oh Wait there's a Number on Here you Tricksters They like?

camouflage in the wall its three

So wait wait tr wait wait tr What'S cr one swimming maybe Tr for train three code something to do with a code.

To do with the coast

No 3 try 3 0 7

Ok, 3 0 7 is not it but What is t army-Trained . No this is the first clue. Send us a tr for i'm swimming train Which

Has another five Two zero Seven and then Cousin we Had Bobby'S auto Which had their Number What 7 on there yes and Now we

Has a Last Number Which i'm Suzy look three what am i doing. Oh?

Brian Tripod Yeah That's it thats it its moving

Hey Good Job Guys

Okey i'm gonna Say we got a key and a casette

You tape so we got a Key and a cassette i'm Guessing the key will get us out of Here

Sorry no

AHh ahh

Whoa the deme jordon Shot us in here. haha its corgon. gordon ramsey

Is that the demagogue demi Jordan Dummy Gordon. Dancing out there

Think It Is no That's Just as Isreal hes doing the window

Shout Out to Israel! What up Isreal all right to put the tape in

saint barbara? Save barbara

Barbara We Gotta drive to santa Barbara Right Now?HEy its good weather right now. save Barbara, oh?

I don't know i just see some Weird Thing with a Flower on its face in a Mousetrap

BARBIE! i just saw barbie

Wait Bring Them out over here. Barbie is attached to a black light. Plug It in. ooh i'm liking this escape guys

That's the Exact Same Thing That grabbed Us and Threw us in Here it's demi Jordan's oh the guy That'S got a sunflower on his face?

Turn it on. OOOhh

Wait How did you know to do that. i didn't


Can Hear you. Will can't hear you. oh Can't

So will can't Hear you. yo i can't believe i found Barbie and then she was attached to a black light

i thought you just got Excited to see a Barbie doll Under Their. Will can't Hear me. WILL!

i Think you Just figured it out. that Was the Magic Word to get out. i i guess that Worked. oh because we were quiet

Sweet we're on you alright

Yeah Carpet time We Learn Our Abcs Carpet Time Yeah Kindergarten You Sit Down on the carpet

Edge time

This is strange Edge Time

French time Brian If It Wasn't Correct You Get One hint

If you Guys know the Answer to that question make sure you vote Right Now because i'm gonna Reveal the answer to you in about

Ten Seconds ooh do you know it? i havent given myself ten seconds to think of the answer

trick Question no one Was in the Thumbnail

Correct Hey

you Guys Get One hint if you Need it okay i'm gonna save it like I'm saving the camera Gorgon


What i don't know it opened the door last time. will

oh your looking for something. smart fella. Fart smella?

Wooah oh oh. I keep running into that

i Found will . This is will right? okay we Got Will? What Happened to him ?does he have something on his booty?

I was like dont be inappropriate! i wasnt i saw something


That's the Three OG'sof team edge . Matthias, Brian and J Fred OG3

OG3 oh?

Yes okay i'm gonna use my hint wait wait wait no, no i want to figure this out dude. i'm much too prideful

wait hold on maybe theres something under here. nothing's under there. UNderwhere? hahaha

theres underwear in brians office. Got em

OG3 its got tto be somewhere

It'S six bases There's something Here Marvin Help out i am trying here

you useless postual

look look Letters Here and That's Got some spaces all the letters in the alphabet. i don't see something wait hold on i'm seeing somehting

There's a Flag on the door does that have to do anytthing .thats always been there. but you Said it's not underneath anything. Oh?


Dude are you proud of me Bobby yeah i am. ok so brians the only one colored. is that racist?

B R Y A NThat's too many letters videos inside youR Helmet wait they did hand me this Helmet oh?

No way! nothing, oh?

The Other Guys are Black and White he's in Red he's wearing Red

He had me make this picture and he was like Make sure he starts Red

Because I'm the Thumbnail editor Forty


Didn'T do anything for me

i wouldn't Need that anymore i shredded the picture guys iF you're enjoying This

Escape Room Challenge we're doing Make sure you give This video a Thumbs Up because that lets us know that you want

to see more so do it if you wanna see more i

Think We Should Use that hint

Alright We Need the hint Brian Was right

But a Hint huh i'll take it oh There's a strand of Red There so right Over the letter a this oh?

Hey there's a pea all right We Go

Call Them Out call Them out okay hey

Hey oh There's pa why write h so p ap y know going order an order alpha miso a


Is i why pay

Papaya Papaya it's all That's there's Only three Letters in papaya pa pa why a

That's It That's got to be it all right What Does this Mean i find a Papaya

Let'S look for the papaya Guys yeah before we continue with this escape Room make sure you click that subscribe button down below

and then the bell icon Because you don't want to miss our videos Because They're Pretty

Dope at least We Think so hopefully you can so - oh?

You Found a F is that a Papaya Looks like a Mango What Does it Say Wait

Rad Rad Gasps we're out of gas Radagast right a Guest right Joey you're gonna

Unscrambling Word What Word is that spell

Cuz Radagast isn't the Real Word is It Radagast no it's like a Wizard and the Lord of the rings

Right I Guess the Round It Was something Like That he was like That Wizard that Was wood with all the animals

Oh we're back in here hey Google What Does Radagast Mean

Radagast The Brown Is a Fictional Character in Jr

he is one of These Thirty also Known as Wizard Radagast could

Be a password oh like a Secret where to get somewhere Ready Asked

nothing This Dark Wizard Password Password Radagast Secret Rag errors

move My light oh son Got Correctly right oh My goodness okay i got a Sword

you Find a Story son it's on there you think any writing any Markings but The doors open

Scary That's it oh We Killed the

Let Him rest with This friend to me no the mini gordon Gordon

Sweetie Guys we won we did Nice Nice Thank can't See

Alright Guys We Just

Demolished that demi Jordan and Escape for free

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