Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Why It's Important For Students to Track Their Own Academic Growth

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- My name is Rochelle Allen, I am a fifth grade teacher

at Science Hall Elementary School.

When students track their own growth and their own data

there is absolutely no doubt that their scores increase

and it's across the school.

Kids are very in the moment.

Like they take the test, it's over,

they don't think about it anymore.

They need to have their eyes on that test to see

what they did, why they did it.

That's how they're learning to increase their scores,

not just to understand the curriculum.

Because many of them do,

they are just missing one little part

and until they actually see the test, see what they did,

go back and justify why they got it wrong.

Because that's a big thing too, not just I got it wrong.

They're going back to justify their answer

of oh it is this because and they tell me why.

When we are looking through our information

we're able to see where we're struggling

and the big thing that my students need to know,

it's not just eyes on them that they feel singled out.

We're looking at the whole fifth grade.

For example, we have been struggling a lot on summary

so we were able to focus a lot the past few weeks

on breaking apart non-fiction expository texts

to be able to summarize that and we were super successful

and our kids were able, majority of them

got both of those questions on that star like correct.

And they were like, we got it, we got it.

They were so excited.

And just being able to hear them,

they knew that they got it incorrectly

the last time they took it and they got both of them right.

They're ecstatic.

It anybody could just hear kids when they get it,

it's just like joy to teacher's ears.

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