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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Celebrity Makeup Artist Mally Roncal's MAJOR Beauty Stash | The Beauty Show | Harper's BAZAAR

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I'm Jenna Rosenstein and this is The Beauty Show.

Today we took a little field trip out

into the suburbs of Pennsylvania

to visit the beauty stash of celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal.

You might know her from her eponymous makeup line Mally Beauty or

or maybe from her work on celebrities like Beyonce

but we are so excited to go inside her beauty stash

and see how she stores all of her favorite products.


It's so good to see you!

Good to see you oh my gosh!

I'm so excited, welcome

to our home!

I can't wait to see your beauty stash.

I have a great beauty stash, I also has a lot of food but

thats the usual.


okay, we have lots of places where we stash beauty around here

so are you ready?

Yes, can we see all of them?

Be careful what you wish for.

Oh no!

Okay, ready? We're gonna start upstairs.

Upstairs, lets go! Let's do it!

This is where, let's just be honest, it starts-

Exactly, phase one!


So, this is my-

I know.

It's a dream!

It's a lot, it's a lot of makeup.

Some of my favorite things,

A lot of things that I always inspiration

for it's all the new things that are coming out

'cause I'm constantly trying everything, I

really wear a lot of makeup but you know-

Same. Girl, same.

It's all good that what we do.

This is sort of my dressing area where

if I have shoots or

if I'm going to QVC or any TV

things that I'm doing, this is where I really get

dressed up. I love this mirror its like

it's all super easy, exactly.

I look so much prettier in this mirror.

It really does give you some good light.

Although, you always look pretty.

So don't try it.

And this is where I'll sort of start in the morning

getting my skincare on,

doing my hair, the whole 9 yards.

But really it's the space that I love.

I love the energy, right, I love that

technically having three little kids and a husband and

two pit bulls and a frog,

There's really not a lot of quiet time.

So I will take this moment to just

sit and chill

and really just say, "Okay we are going to start this day today."

Usually it happens before the beans get up

'cause once that happens honey,

It's noisy.


Obviously skincare is a huge part of kind of

what we do, so we like to do

some great skincare. For me

I like a little bit of high end and low end

Yeah, drugstore, prestige.


So I like a little spritz, I love

the Mario Badescu rosewater spray

but I love this one actually now.

I'll use that to hydrate, I love a little hyaluronic acid

serum, just to really really juice it up.

And I use this Cerave facial moisturizing lotion.

I use that PM and in the day.

And of course I have my La Mer, my La Prairie, I love

by the way-

So luxurious.


The Tatcha Silm Cream is delicious.

But you know, I think Dr. Gross is the best dermatologist

in the world.

Just the best, and his products are amazing.

But believe it or not, one of my favorite secret weapons.

Hawaiian Tropic, this is a good sunscreen.

It's an amazing sunscreen.

It feels just like nothing, silky..

Exactly, and it gives your skin this incredible glow.

A little under glow mixed with a little bit of an upper glow

is always great

which I love my neutralizing primer

This is like my number one.

Even if I'm not wearing like a full face of makeup.

the primer on because it has a little bit of a

tint to it.

A peach tint.

So you get a little bit of a coverage

and you get a little bit of something

but it's not a full foundation.

So you do a sunscreen and then a primer, and then move on to the rest?


Oooh, this is a fun area.

Isn't this fun?

I just want to own this like- It's like an affirmation

in the morning, like "Lash Yaaaaas."


So great!

Well, we like to have fun and that's how you should feel.

You know, Mally Beauty is all about joyful beauty and

loving yourself and having fun with your makeup.

Of course it's serious.

It's bulletproof I always say because again as a mommy

and being busy, I will often put my makeup on as I like to say

at the butt crack of dawn.

And then I don't take it off until basically everyone in the house is snoring.

So it has to last this entire time.

So that's what we do.

Lot's of palettes that are just very very easy and pretty

but I will say that one of my number 1 secrets

is the eyeshadow sticks because these are as I always like to say-

So pretty right?

So pretty!

Your eye primer, your eyeshadow, your smudgy liner, and your brushes all in one.

Because literally if you can write with a pencil, then you can use this eyeshadow.

So you just scribble it one and buff it out with your finger?

Totally, no brushes required

and it stays on all day.

So between that and my neutralizing primer-

This is the dark circle corrector

which I'm gonna put on you later.

Not that you need it.

Well no, I do need it. I do.

Everyone needs it!

So what makes it a dark circle corrector.

Basically, it's meant to go on top of your makeup

so no matter if you have no makeup on and you're just

kind of like running around doing your errands

or if you have a full face of makeup on,

it's basically your hydrator, you know?

So for me, we mistake age for darkness and dryness.

We're like, "Oh I'm getting older..."

No, as a celebrity makeup artist, lucky for you

I have found that when I put

certain pops of brightness and hydration

on targeted areas of the face, I always say this that

instantly, bam, you look ten years younger.

This is ten years younger.

Who doesnt want that?

But then you would be like 12...

Yeah but then I would be like a baby...

But you know for us elder ladies

this is the secret weapon.

And people are always asking me how do I get rid of my dark circles.

And there really isn't much you can do, it's kind of genetic

and we are all tired and we are all sleep deprived

but you just need this.

Just this and it's really really fast and easy.

I mean look at your hair, you have amazing hair.

Thank you, for me taking care of my hair is super super important.

I love this Rita Hazan Triple Threat.

Dry end remedy, very cool.

Yes and it really- because I won't cut it much to the pain of my

hairstylists that work with me I'm like, "Nope, we're not cutting it."

Its gonna grow all the way to the floor!

Exactly, I'm the filipino Repunzel.

You can't stop me!

This the Wen Treatment Oil which I love.

So you just work that through your ends?

Yes, absolutely. I love DryBar Products.

I just think they're amazing. They're really really easy

and they smell good. The dry shampoo is the one I use a lot

but that's down in my other secret area.

I can show you though, the truth of it all

What's your secret?

Well, the makeup doesn't really go on in here most of the time.

Unless it's like a special event or something?

Yeah, I'm gonna show you where we really put our makeup on.

Where does it happen?

Okay, let's go.

Okay, so we're in my kitchen

and this is- believe it or not I actually do a lot of

product development work in here. That's a conversation.

you're like mixing stuff and..

Yes, exactly. I have a Vitamix that we use more for

foundation and highlighter than we do for smoothies

but that's okay.


Truthfully, most days I don't wear a full face of makeup.

I do what I have to do to get out of the house without

scaring my neighbors I always say.

So my makeup, personal makeup, I keep in here.

And this is the hair stuffm, remember I have three little girls

who always have to have their hair done, brushed,

taken care of so all the hair stuff is in here.

Just easier to keep it down here?

Just easier to keep it down here. Trying to get people up and down the stairs

is a pain in the butt so that's what we do here but for mama

it's all about quick and easy, you'll see

not really a lot of brushes in here. Everything I can do

when I'm like cooking the oatmeal.

That's really for me what its all about. That dark circle corrector again.

I love these sticks for blush and highlight.

Oh, how fun!

Exactly. Really easy, just put it on,

bled it with your fingers in between buttering the toast

or making the eggs.

Always good glosses- mascara!

This is my Instantly Impactful mascara, it gives me

big definition.

Major lashes.

Major major lash.

Ooh that's a good brush.

Isn't it great?

I don't even need a mirror, I mean at this point

I've been beating this face for 40 years,

by the time you get to my age, you know where everything is

or at least where it should be

and then you just put it there.

That's the best part, I always feel like for moms

who are like, "Okay, I have to run here, I have to go there."

keep everything is one place for yourself

and it really makes it easy. Again, in the car.

Throw your shadow sticks in there,

get it on and your done. You're good to go so.

I love this DryBar dry shampoo.


Yes, it is so good. It smells great. I use it on me,

all three of the girls- fast and easy.

Love the Serge Normant dry conditioner.

Oh yeah Meta Revive Dry Conditioner.

It's really really great.

I feel like a lot of people don't know that dry conditioner exists.

You know 'cause you use dry shampoo when your roots are greasy

but then your ends can get dry.

So there you go.

For me also, a little bit of Face Defender. This is my baby.

This is like your big product.

This is my iconic face defender. It looks and feels like nothing.

Give it a little touch. Yes please.

And now rub your fingers together.

So it's like a powder but not powdery.

Exactly, I believe that translucent powder

if you are over the age of 19 is the enemy

It makes you look dry and cakey and it just- don't even get my started.

I get up on my soap box, honey, and I start preaching!

No translucent powder.

Exactly, so this is like my little secret weapon

because on days where you dont even want to wear makeup

you literally just take it and then you pat it

and then all of a sudden you're gonna see the pores disappear,

your wrinkles disappear,

your shine disappear but it doesn't look like you have makeup on.

Once I get my face on and everyone is set and ready to go,

Then it's time to go to work, there's a lot of makeup in there too.

In an office?

Yes, come.

Can't wait to see the office.

Come, there's more!

There's more!

So this is an impressive beauty stash.

Thank you and in all honesty, it's actually been taken down

'cause it was way high and we can't reach it so

we brought everything down eye level, easy.

This is basically at the end of the day everything that

we are working with now, stuff that we're selling,

Stuff on QVC, stuff we're featuring on,

holiday things..

So we have everything here, it's all really organized

sort of by collection

and also basically by parts of the face so lots of

lips, obviously eyes, primers...

These littel Sleigh It. These are like-

So cute!

They're little Mallys.

Sleigh it!

They're so cute.

You're like a cartoon, I love that!

I love well, you know, my husband always says that little kids like me

because I look like a cartoon.

Like a Disney Princess.

Or well maybe just a really loud cartoon.

No, Disney Princess.

Disney, exactly!!

This is our Disney collab of Frozen

which we have a little Elsa and a little Anna situation

which we love.

The Mallywood collection which is just basically-

It's everyone's a superstar in Mallywood.

That's what we say.

And what's in these drawers?

This is party time, so this is skincare.

Look at this!

It's fun. As a matter of fact we love

Patchology, oh my god, aren't they great?

This is like sheet mask heaven.

Kim Chi.

Yes, isn't this amazing?

I just got this!

You did?

It's so much fun!

Ohhhhh, so Kim Chi is on RuPaul's Drag Race.

We're going a collaboration with RuPaul,

have you heard?

Oh my god, it's the big news!

I'm so excited! We were just at DragCon, New York

for three full days of love and happiness, anyway Kim Chi

designed all of these masks which I just think is just-

Isn't it great?

Why wear white, boring, plain sheet mask when you can wear one of these?

Life is short.

So this is fun. Of course we have Farmacy, and Nivea.

Oh yeah, lip balm.

Another good drugstore find.

Exactly, my daughters love that.

So this is some of this here. We have more here.

Oh this is the fancy drawer.

This is the fancy drawer!

Dr. Gross again, I love Dr. Dennis Gross.

We have some La Mer of course, La Prairie.

Crepe Erase which I love.

This is so funny, so this is like a television product that

people ask me all the time, does this work?

It works.

It's crazy, it's like spackle for wrinkles.

Exactly, and it's a super great moisturizer so

we love a Crepe Erase.

SK-II, Tatcha, Tata Harper, you know we-

Just you know, back stock of like..

I mena, you know, a little something. Mix it in, mix it in.

Okay let's see. Okay, this is- you know, we're a big complexion brand

so this is all foundations.

Basically just foundations.

So likevery shade?

Yep, different shades and all types of texture so you have

flawless finish, we have quick fix, we have concealers,

we have powders, we have everything.

That's down there and then over here,

this is just like lashes and

some blush.

Aren't they cute? We love a little pink.


What's down here?

Down here, I'm gonna show you a little mommy hack.

So we talked about my shadow sticks, we have a lot of them

This entire drawer is full of shadow sticks.

Exactly so we have tried so many different boujie ways of organizing.

The number 1 easiest way is ziplock bags.

So very easy and because we have so many

It's just the best way to do it.

Do you know how many colors you have?

I would say 50?

Yeah it's a lot but you know what? You need them all.

Because we have shimmer, we have velvets, we have mattes

and all that good stuff and you need the highlighter

and you need the crease, it's a whole situation.

With the eyeliners we try to so the same because there's a lot of eyeliners too.

For as many eye shadows, you have just as many eyeliners.

And then finally, this is some vintage Mally Beauty.

Oooh, fun!

This is stuff that we have either used-

Aren't they great? Just fun!

And because this is where we do all of our product development inspiration,

I really love mixing this we have made in the past

and really sort of like punching it up for 2019, 2020.

All that kind of stuff.

So we will use all of these glosses and all of these old lipsticks-

These are beautiful.

Isn't it great?

Just sort of fun, easy colors.

And then we will mix them together to create brand new shades

that no one else has ever seen before.

Do you discontinue things because formulas are getting better

so you have to change the formula?


Sometimes we do it for shades, so again some colors that were great-

Remember, we've been doing this for 14 years.

So what was hot in 2005 was not always...

Exactly! If you loved it then,

theres a reason, so I always like to bring those things back.

Okay so sliding down over.

Okay, let's go over here.

This is an elegant way to move.

Remember we talked about Mally Beauty, all day fierce, bulletproof,

not coming off till you take it off,

this is how you take it off.

Tons of makeup remover, Patchology just sent us a bunch of these wipes

which I love. We love the Neutrogena wipes obviously

so we keep it all in here, just to make it nice and easy.

This is more hair stuff.

So, again, just like we keep skincare,

not only for myself.

But obviously, when I'm doing a celebrity client or I need to bring skincare to a shoot,

that's where I get it from.

Same with hair?

I don't really do hair..

Have you tried?



You know...

Makeup is your passion and your talent.

Exactly, that is my thing but back in the day before

they wanted you to go to a shoot, you need to do know how to do makeup, hair, and nails.

I hear this from people all the time, I mean that would never fly today.

Never fly today and you know we said, we've got to pick a lane

and makeup was always my lane.

it was always my lane, I was very very passionate about it

anyway, again a lot of DryBar, Moroccan Oil, all that stuff.

Curling irons which when I do my own hair.

And I don't know what's in here, oh!

This is sponge heaven.

Loot at this.

So we have lots and lots of sponges

and the Alcone, I love these.

And then lots and lots of these Face Defender sponges.

Extra as back up.

Exactly, those are my favorite.

So that's everything in there, that's a party.

Okay, theres another area over here

that I'm not supposed to show you

but I will give you glimpse.

Oh my gosh, I feel so honored.

It is where all of the new products are being made right now.

So this is your like little laboratory?

It is our little laboratory, I'm gonna tell you the truth

we put a lot of things away before you came.


This is where everything that is currently being made

swatched, swiped, sniff tested-


Just a quick glimpse.

What is this?

This might be the RuPaul Palette.

Or as we call the RuPalette.

The RuPalette's coming! Alright, when is this happening?

Spring 2019.

Okay, so you guys are getting a sneak peek.

So very very easy

and then you know, after. Hold on, we're gonna

teach you how to do-

Please please, I don't know anything.

Little drag queen trick and also

it's great for drying your eye cream and your moisturizer so you have to go.

Oh my god, so dramatic.

Yeah, it's very dramatic.

Start on the end. Hold the end and..

Oh wait, there we go. I was going the wrong way. Okay.

There you go.

But there's one more place.

There is?

I know.

Another place?

I know!

This whole house is a beauty stash.

That's what it's about so let's go.

I'm gonna take you and it's fun!

Look at that Bazaar cover!

We love Beyonce.

We love Beyonce!

We love Beyonce and this is all part of such a special time.

She was so excited, I remember that was her first

obviously Bazaar cover.

It was such a special time because

she knew- we all knew we were on the cusp of something

that was going to change the world.

And it did.

And it absolutely did and I can't thank Beyonce enough for

taking me on that journey with her.

So happy! I know I know, let's do it again.

Come on, let's do it.

Okay, so this is where we create.

So it's a studio in your house.

Exactly, I know this is the biggest blessing of all

because we are really able to do anything we want to do here.

It is a lot of space so we can set up sets

or we can do- this is from my blogging, vlogging..

Oh yeah it like a little Youtube.

Yep, my little Youtube area!

We have obviously places to shoot still life, to shoot products

you know to have interviews, to do whatever.

Anything we want to do, we do here and I don't have to leave Phil or my babies

which is really the dream of it all.

Again, we really like to create, you know, our sets

and things that you know make makeup and life and everything

feel super duper homey which I love.

He built me this set.

This whole set and this whole studio, in your home.

In my home. So we are really able- I'm so grateful everyday

because I get to do what I love, I get to make cookies

and then I get to also put makeup on people.

Speaking of which

since I do have the most beautiful canvas here.

Oh stop.

but I've been dying to try that dark circle corrector.


So please!

Fix me. Fix me!

You obviously already have makeup on.

Two really easy steps, this and the face defender,

to just smooth out your skin and brighten your face.

These ar ethe two things you just pop in your hand bag?

Exactly, so I already prepped it and you just turn it up just like so

and a little bit of product comes out

and remember this just goes on top of your makeup

unless you're not wearing makeup at all

you can certainly use it.

Now this is not concealer

right so it's very very hydrating and moisturizing

but yet it stays beautifully on the skin.

I always say that this is not makeup, it's like skincare

with brightening and hydrating ingredients

So what I'm doing is I go right underneath your eyes,

very very pretty.

A little right here and a little in between your eyebrows

and a little underneath your bottom lip.

again, no brushes required,

just using your pretty little fingers.

OMG somebody just got 8 hours of sleep.

Thank you!

Yes, let's pretend that I did.

There you go, of course you didn't because I see you on TV all the time.

Oh my gosh and it's perfect

and the thing that great about it is that because it's not makeup

'cause it really has all that great skincare in it,

It's just gonna make your skin look better.


Do I look fresh?


Thank you thank you.

Looks great.

It feels great, it feels really refreshing.

Exactly and that the whole idea

you know you really want to refresh, brighten, hydrate,

moisturize, and look younger.

Okay ready, last but not least.

I am guilty of using translucent powder and I have dry skin so it can look

crazy sometimes so..

That's right.

clearly this is what I've been missing in my life.

Exactly, and this will change the game for you

'cause all you're gonna do, is you're gonna take it,

I always say tap tap, pat pat.

So you don't want to scoop and you don't want to swipe.

So you take it and then you pat it on

and you can go all over the face because again

its not tranlucent powder, it's not white and ghostly

and you can even take this all the way up underneath your eyes

which is super super important again

you don't want to do that with tranlucent powder.

Right so instead of like baking and-

Exactly, and so you're gonna take it and now.

Shine free, poreless?

Poreless, looking hot honey!

Thank you so much for showing us your beauty stash or stashes

I have enjoyed so much having you here really

really at the end of the day being in your presence and having so much fun.

Thank you Mally!

You guys go, we're going to have to keep a few secrets for next time

because there are more beauty stashes.

It's a lot.

Love you guys! Buhbye!

The Description of Celebrity Makeup Artist Mally Roncal's MAJOR Beauty Stash | The Beauty Show | Harper's BAZAAR