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how many people are there in your family

there are five people in my family my

father mother brother sister and me does

your family live in a house or an

apartment we live in a house in the

countryside what does your father do my

father is a doctor he works at the local


how old is your mother she is 40 years

old one year younger than my father do

you have any siblings

what's his or her name yes I do I have

one elder brother David and one younger

sister Mary are you the oldest among

your brothers and sisters no I'm not

I'm the second child in my family what

does your mother father like my father

likes playing football and my mother

likes cooking do your parents let you

stay out late of course not they always

ask me to get home before 10 p.m. each

night do you stay with your parents

right now no but I used to does your

family usually have dinner together yes

we do

my mom always prepares delicious meals

for us

how often do you eat out who do you go

with I often eat out on weekends when I

hang out with my friends what restaurant

do you usually visit well there are not

many restaurants in my neighborhood so

my best choice is the deli in

convenience stores like the circle-k

mini stop be smart

what type of food do you enjoy to eat

Western or Asian I'm interested in Asian

food western food is not my thing

how much do you usually pay when you eat

out it's not very expensive just around

five dollars for each meal do you enjoy

spicy food yes I do especially on cold

days are the server's there friendly to

you yes they are most of them are really

helpful have you ever tried Italian food

yes at least once when I was in my

friends wedding party are you concerned

about calories when eating out yes I am

I'm on diet now so this really matters

to me

our fast-food restaurants like KFC or

McDonald's famous in your country yes

they are the youth in my country are big

fans of fast food do you often drink

alcohol when eating out no not often

just when I have parties with my friends

how often do you read books I read books

almost every night before I go to bed

what's your favorite type of book

I love reading about different cultures

what can you learn from books books can

broaden my horizon about thousands of

things around the world and books are

also my best friends where do you read

books I read books at home sometimes in

the library what's the most interesting

book you've ever read I think that would

be Nepal a book written about the

country of Nepal published in 1999 how

long does it take you to finish a book

well it depends on the length of the

book but it usually takes me a week to

finish a 300 page book do you usually

bring books with you and you travel yes

I do when I'm at the airport or bus

station I read books to kill time is

there any book store or library in your

area unfortunately there are none near

my house the nearest one is three

kilometres away

how many places have you traveled to I

visited all the provinces throughout my

country who do you usually go with I

often go with my family sometimes with

my best friends what's your favourite

tourist attraction that would be Venice

city in Italy I love writing the gondola

along the canals while watching Italian

people live their daily lives have you

ever been abroad yes I have I came to

Italy last year for a business trip what

language do you use when traveling

English but sometimes I have to use body

language since not all people are good

at English what do you usually do during

your trip I often go sightseeing

take pictures mingle with the local

people and sample the local cuisine what

do you do to prepare for your trip

before the trip I search for information

about the location whether famous

tourist attractions transportation local

cuisine and prices on the Internet

what do you usually bring when you

travel I usually pack my suitcase with

some necessary items such as clothes

medicine food a map and a camera

do you prefer traveling by car train or


I prefer planes although it can be a

little expensive planes are much faster

than any other mode of transport

do you prefer traveling alone or joining

a guided tour

I love backpacking with my friends who

share the same interest as me

what type of websites do you often

search for it varies depending on my

goal I prefer entertainment and

education websites such as Facebook comm

Wikipedia org and VOA special English

how long have you been using them I have

been using these websites since I was a

freshman at University

what do you visit those websites for I

use them to study online or relax after

working what's your favorite website I

think it's probably

can you read websites in English yes I


most useful websites are written in

English what's the most popular website

in your country I'm not quite sure but I

guess it would be do you

think the youth should use websites as a

reliable source of knowledge not always

they should choose their sources


have you ever been in a traffic accident

yes three years ago what happened I was

hit by a car while crossing the road how

did you feel then I felt really terrible

because of my injuries who was involved

in the accident the car driver his

family inside the car and me did the

insurance company pay for repair service

I was walking so I did not require any

car repair services

did you need a lawyer I hurt my lower

back just a little so I didn't call a

lawyer did you report the issue to the

police no we didn't want to get the

police involved sent to the hospital

after the accident no the injury wasn't

really serious do you have a driving

license yes I do I always keep it in my

purse why should people obey traffic

regulations to protect themselves and

others the best way are to wear a helmet

wait for traffic lights and stay in the

appropriate vehicle pedestrian lanes

did you have a happy childhood yes I did

I enjoyed playing hide and seek with my

peers do you experience your childhood

in a city or countryside I spent my

childhood in a rural area where I could

see vast rice fields did you usually

skip class when you were a child yes I


and many of my friends did too who were

you with when you were a child I was

with my beloved family what did you want

to be when you were a child I dreamed of

being a fashion designer who did you

love the most when you were a child I

loved my mom the most since she was

always there and took care of me

who was your childhood hero

Robin Hood he took money from the rich

and gave it to the poor what reminds you

of your childhood green rice fields

which I happen to see everywhere remind

me of my beautiful childhood did you

change a lot when you grew up yes of

course I'm more mature now both

physically and mentally

why is childhood important because it

shapes people into who they will become

how many rooms are there in your house

there are six rooms a living room two

bedrooms a bathroom and the kitchen

which floors your bedroom on my bedroom

is on the first floor of a three-story

house is it big or small it's not very

spacious just enough to put necessary

furniture in what color is your bedroom

painted it's painted pink my favorite

color love your room why I love it very


because it is my private space whenever

I go home what furniture does your

bedroom contain it contains a bed a desk

and a clothing closet what do you do in

it well I spend most of my free time

there reading books and sleeping how

much time do you spend in your room

about 10 hours a day especially in the

evening share your room with anyone else

No everyone in my family has their own

room so I stay there alone

what kind of presents are popular in

your country it depends on the receivers

for children toys are the best choice

for youth souvenirs are recommended who

gave presents to you on what occasions I

have received many presents most of

which were from my friends they gave me

gifts on my birthday what was your last

present it was a handmade doll given by

my best friend when I moved to another

city what was the one you like best

I loved my book Nepal a lot it was given

to me on my 23rd birthday by my brother

did you ever get a present you didn't

like yes I have but I still treasure and

take care of them how do you think

people who give you presents I gave them

presents that they would like what are

the times of the year that people give

presents in your country some special

occasions are birthdays weddings

graduation New Year's Day Valentine's


housewarming ceremonies etc who was the

last person you gave a present to my mom

I bought her a coat on a business trip

to Bangkok is giving presents important

in daily life yes it is it's one of the

best ways to show your love and

gratitude to someone

which tourist attractions do you prefer

when traveling historical places or

natural landmarks

well historical places are always my

first choice when traveling what do you

usually do when visiting historical

places I usually listen to the tour

guide introducing the sights and take

notes about important historical events

can you name some historical places you

visited whenever I travel to a foreign

country I always visit its famous

historical places some of them are the

pyramids in Egypt Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Stonehenge in England and the Taj Mahal

in India what's your most favorite

historical place why I love the pyramids

the most taking the tour around the

pyramids I can not only enjoy the

gorgeous architecture but also learn

cultural and historical values of the

ancient Egyptian culture what is the

most famous historical place in your

country it's definitely fast a chew of

Liberty in New York City what's special

about it

the statue was gifted by the people of

France it is a symbol of freedom for the

US as well as a welcoming sight to

people coming to the u.s. from another

country where is it located it's located

on Liberty Island in New York Harbor NYC

should the youth visit historical places

instead of other places

sure nowadays the youth should visit

these kind of places more often in order

to preserve historical and cultural

values of their country

what are the benefits of reading a

newspaper or magazine newspapers

magazines can broaden your mind about

thousands of things without the need to

travel how often do you read it I read

it every day what's the best time to

read the newspaper I think the best time

is in the morning when you start a new

day what types of magazines do you

usually read I usually read politics and

fashion magazines I also enjoy reading

about culture and tourism what's your

favorite magazine my favorite is the New

York Times which writes about all sorts

of things business sports movies travel

books jobs education and real estate do

you read the paper or online news I

prefer online news to save money how

much does it cost you to buy paper

newspaper per month I only buy a monthly

newspaper so it doesn't cost much money

around $5 a month what is the most

popular magazine in your country I think

it would be Forbes magazine a leading

source for reliable business news and

financial information with the

popularity of Internet do you think

newspapers and magazines will disappear

yes unfortunately it's just a matter of


how many events have you joined this

year what were they about I have joined

more than 10 events so far most of which

were about education what was your most

memorable event the most memorable for

me was an international study conference

in which I was introduced to some famous

universities in Europe to study overseas

was it organized indoors or outdoors it

was an indoor event who sponsored the

event the event organiser was the

Education Department of American Center

but the universities introduced in the

conference were the ones who paid who

went to the event with you I went there

with my friends who shared the same

interest in studying abroad as me what

were some performances in the event

there were not many performances each

University representative just had a

speech to introduce their school to

students and then they hosted Q&A

session was the event shown on TV the

event was not aired but there were

television advertisements for it how

would someone market an event taking

advantage of social media is a smart way

to promote an event

what subjects did you learn in school I

learned math science physics biology

geography history literature English art

and music what subject did you like the

most when you're at school were you good

at it

I liked biology the most although I was

excellent at literature did your friends

like that subject too yes they did

they enjoyed every single biology lesson

was the textbook written in English or

any other language it was written in

English who taught that subject my

teacher was Miss Karen from the USA how

was the subject helpful to you it helped

me a lot in becoming a biology teacher

how often did you learn that subject I

often had biology lessons five times a

week how long did you spend on that

subject at home I spent roughly two

hours per day studying biology at home

have you ever attended any extra classes

for that subject yes I have

I usually attended evening classes is it

important to study hard on both social

sciences and Natural Sciences no it

isn't students should study the ones

they like and the ones that are helpful

to their career path

what type of museum is popular in your

country there are many types of museums

but the most popular are historical

museums what is the most famous museum

in your country that would be the

British Museum located in London what's

special about it I'm impressed by its

large amount of historical art and

cultural work how many times have you

visited that museum I have visited the

museum twice what do you usually do when

visiting a museum I usually listen to

the tour guide and take notes about

important information are you allowed to

take pictures there no the guards did

not allow us to bring the camera in how

did you feel after visiting there the

overall experience was fantastic and I

learned so many things in just a few

hours what do you think is the

importance of museums in history museums

are an integral part of any country's

history and they keep history alive

do you usually watch movies at home or

at a movie theater I usually watch

movies on my laptop sometimes I go to

the movie theater it's watching movies

at the theater more interesting than

watching movies at home yes definitely

because you can watch vivid images on a

large screen with lively sound effects

how often do you go to the movie theater

I often go to the movie theater every

weekend what's your favorite type of

movie what movie of that type do you


my favorite type is comedy because

whenever I watch one I feel like there

are no more worries in the world

I love the mr. bean movie series was

that movie adapted from a book no the

story is derived from funny situations

in real life who are the actors or

actresses in the movie mr. bean is the

main character he is played by Rowan

Atkinson who was from England was it

recommended by your friend teacher or

family it was recommended by my

classmate was the movie in your mother

language or in English it was in English

but I can also watch it with subtitles

should children watch violent movies I

don't believe so young children are very

impressionable and it could lead them to

wanting to imitate the behavior what's

the most important factor of a great


I believe that plot and actors are among

the factors which decide the success of

a movie

ever traveled abroad if yes what country

was it yes I have I travelled to the USA

last year with my family where is that

country located the USA is located in

North America

what is it famous for the USA is known

for its cultural achievements and

landmarks what are the special food and

drinks of that country there are many

they are known for fast food dairy and

many beverages what do you like about

that country

I like the fast pace of life and the

various subcultures

how many citizens are there in that

country the current population of the

United States of America

was over 324 million in 2016 which

accounts for 4.3 percent of the total

world population what language do people

there speak the national language is

English but many people also speak

Spanish French German and Chinese do you

want to go back there again

sure why do people like to travel abroad

they just want to discover new places

learn new cultures and maybe speak new


on what occasions do people in your

country celebrate parties there are many

occasions when people throw parties such

as New Year's Eve wedding engagements

family reunions birthdays etc but

sometimes people hold parties just when

they meet up and want to have something

fun to do are you a party animal yes I

am I am crazy about going to parties I

love meeting friends drinking and

talking when do parties often start and

finish it depends on what kind of party

it is I believe the perfect time to have

a party is in the evening from 8 to 11

p.m. where are the parties thrown they

are held inside or outside some formal

events like weddings housewarmings are

organized inside while others like

family reunions and birthdays may be

held outside what do you usually wear

when you come to a party I often wear

casual clothes like a t-shirt and jeans

if I go to informal parties and the

dress for formal ones what do people do

in the parties you attended at the party

people talk eat and drink together some

go there to find business opportunities

and new partners do you enjoy drinking

alcohol at the parties yes a little beer

can cheer me up

do people have to bring anything to the

party it's not required but sometimes

visitors bring some gifts to show their

love for the host why do people

especially the youth love going to

parties it's just a good way for them to

chill out after a long day

who was your favorite teacher I like mr.

Tom the most he is my English teacher is

he a foreign teacher yes he's from the

US what do you like about his lessons I

have fallen in love with his American

accent and he always shows us something

new about the world outside of textbooks

what's he like he's not only

knowledgeable but also very friendly he

always treats us like friends not

students what does he usually wear when

coming to class he usually wears a gray

suit when he comes to class do you love

his subject yes I enjoy English a lot do

students in your class like him yes all

of us admire him do you want to be a

teacher like him no although I am like

him my dream is not to become a teacher

I would like to be a chef have you ever

been punished by him no he rarely

punishes anyone do you want to see him

again of course he's a great mentor

who's your best friend it's Jenny she's

my best friend

what does she look like she has

shoulder-length brown hair I just love

her lovely smile how and when did you

meet I first met her when we were in

high school how often do you see this

friend I see her every day we're in the

same class what's she like she's not

only thoughtful but also very

understanding she's always by my side to

cheer me up whenever I'm in trouble do

you and her share anything in common

yes a lot we both love shopping and

playing sports what do you and her do

together we usually do homework and read

books together have you and her ever

quarreled yes but we seldom quarrel when

we do argue afterwards we seem to

understand more about each other does

she know how to cook yes but she's not a

great cook do your parents like her yes

a lot they always ask Jenny to come over

for dinner why is a friend important in

life a good friend can make your life

better in many ways I don't think anyone

can stand loneliness

what is your favorite hotel where is it


it's the Sheraton a five-star hotel

located in Saigon Vietnam how do you

know that hotel before coming to Vietnam

for travelling I searched on the

Internet it's one of the best hotels in

Vietnam why do you choose to stay in

that particular hotel I like the

architecture there and online all the

reviews about the hotel are positive is

it by the beach no Saigon is not a

beachside city does it attract many

tourists yes I guess when I stayed there

it was completely booked

what type of room did you stay in and

what facilities did you get from the

hotel I stayed in a double bedroom the

room is equipped with air conditioner a

flat-screen TV wardrobe etc what do you

like about that hotel a gymnasium

swimming pool and BB q area are

available I also love the green space

surrounding the hotel is all the staff

friendly and helpful yes definitely

they all are professional how much does

it cost a night it costs me around $250

a night do you recommend that hotel to

friends yes

if they come to Vietnam I love

everything there

who wrote the letter to you my dad wrote

the letter to me when he was on a

business trip did you keep the letter

yes put it in a folder whenever I'm down

reading his letter would be a good way

to cheer me up what was the letter about

he told me about his new workplace and

how things were there how did you feel

about the letter I was glad to know that

he was fine in another city do you have

a letter collection yes I collected all

the letters from family and friends it's

one of my hobbies do you like writing

letters or emails I prefer writing paper

letters do people in your country

usually write letters years ago they did

now people prefer emails what's the

difference between emails and

handwritten letters emails are much more

convenient than letters because they're

free to send and they get there


however letters are much more special

why should we write letters to friends

or relatives it's a good way to show

love to people you care about

what is your hobby I like playing sports

especially swimming is your hobby common

in your country yes kids adults and

senior citizens all like swimming in my

country is your hobby the same as when

you were a child yes I was fond of

swimming when I was a little girl when

did you start practicing that hobby I

started swimming when I was 5 years old

is there anybody in your family who you

share your hobby with my dad he taught

me how to swim how much time do you

spend on your hobby I usually go to the

swimming pool twice a week what benefits

do you get from it swimming is a really

good workout it helps me keep fit and

chill out after a long day working have

you ever heard of someone having a very

unusual hobby yes my cousin loves

tattooing vehicles he put stickers

everywhere on his car what do you think

about someone having weird hobbies I

don't think any hobby is weird it's just

what you like to do so I don't judge

others what hobbies are usually

expensive in your country playing golf

is a really expensive hobby only the

rich can afford to buy golf supplies

what kind of music do you like I'm crazy

about pop music is that the kind of

music preferred in your country it


normally the youth enjoy rock and pop

while middle-aged citizens prefer a

country music who is your favorite

singer I'm a big fan of Miley Cyrus a

talented u.s. singer-songwriter and

actress what piece of music do you like

who sang that song my favorite song is

Jolin sung by Miley Cyrus how much time

a day do you spend listening to music I

usually listen to music all day with an

mp3 player do you feel relaxed to

listening to music sure I feel like

there are no more worries in the world

why is music important to us music has

the power of beautifying our life do you

usually go to bars or clubs not often I

sometimes go there on weekends what do

you think about the teenagers music

style teenagers tend to choose loud and

fast music like rock or rap everyone has

their own taste of music though have you

ever thought of forming a music band no

I don't have any talent for music

do you like shopping yes I'm a

Shopaholic what do you usually shop for

I usually shop for clothes I'm a big

fashion fan where do you go shopping at

some fashion boutiques in my

neighborhood are there many shops in

your neighborhood yes my area is the

city center so I have many choices of

where to shop do you spend much money on

shopping yes and I'm usually broke at

the end of the month

do you usually shop online what items

yes but not really often I only buy

furniture online what's the difference

between shopping online and offline

unlike shopping offline you cannot try

on the pieces of clothes or check the

material when shopping online

where did you go for holiday last year I

went to Singapore a Southeast Asian

country why did you choose that

destination I love to travel to Asian

countries and Singapore was my best

choice because of its beauty and culture

how long did it last

I stayed there for two weeks who went

with you I traveled to Singapore with my

best friends how did you travel

we flew there of course during the time

there we moved mostly by MRT and taxi

what did you pack up I only brought some

necessary items such as money clothes

medicine a map and the digital camera

what did you do during the holiday we

visited famous tourist attractions like

Marina Bay Sands merlion park Art

Science Museum Singapore flyers we also

enjoyed local cuisine there what's the

difference between holidays today and 20

years ago well it has changed a lot

people now can afford holidays outside

their countries while 20 years ago

traveling abroad seemed hard at what

time do people in your country usually

go on holiday it depends on what job

people have when they have a break from

work they will find somewhere to travel

are you an animal lover yes I am I love

animals are you raising any pets yes I

have a pitbull puppy at home what is it

like my puppy is friendly highly

intelligent and well behaved he always

wastes his tail and lakes my hand to

welcome me home what does it look like

he's a medium-sized puppy with a strong

neck broad chest and brown hair what are

its habits my pitbull puppy loves doing

exercise every day when he plays he

plays to win what do you usually do with


we usually play tennis together my puppy

helps me pick up tennis balls what does

it like to eat

he loves beef chicken and some dairy

products what do you learn from it he

teaches me loyalty an adult pitbull may

make me feel safe why do people keep

pets they consider pets as their loyal

companions which make their life better

our pets well looked after in your

country yes people in my country love


what practical skill have you learned

cooking is a practical skill that I have

practiced recently who taught you that

skill my mom is the best cook she taught

me everything about how to make soup

salad omelets cake etc how did you learn

it she shows me how to buy food prepare

ingredients and cook meals whenever

she's in the kitchen I learned how to

boil grill steam fry braised etc day by

day why did you learn it I just want to

be a good cook like my mom when I get

married I will prepare the best dishes

for my husband and children how long did

it take for you to learn it I learned it

in four years the skill seems to be

strengthened when I live apart from my

family for studying how often do you use

this skill I cook every day I also love

homemade food how has the skill helped

you it makes me more confident whenever

I go on a picnic outside

I'm always responsible for the barbecue

do people in your family know this skill

- my younger sister knows how to cook -

she has just started learning do all

skills need learning yes they do

practice makes perfect

how is this skill important to you it's

an essential life skill all women need

to know this to keep their family warm

and Tapie

what sport do you like I like playing

badminton is it easy to play that sport

yes it's pretty easy to play is that

sport popular in your country yes it is

how long have you been practicing that

sport I have been practicing it for five

years who do you play sports with I play

badminton with my friends sometimes with

my brother how often do you play that

sport I play badminton every weekend

what benefits can you get from that

sport it helps strengthen my muscles

because while playing I have to move

continuously it is good to burn calories

as well do you like watching football

online or offline yes I do I prefer

watching football offline and online

going to the stadium shouting and

cheering are good to release stress what

is your favorite football team I like

the Manchester United Football Club also

known as the Red Devils why is sport

important sports are sources of

recreation people can learn how to

encourage team spirit when they play

sports too

what school did you go to I went to

millennium high school founded in 1999

where is the school located it's located

in New York City United States

do you like the architecture of the

school yes I do the architecture is not

really impressive but I like it that the

building's architects left plenty of

space for lounging what are the teachers

like most of the teachers there are

helpful and friendly I especially like

mr. Mike my physics teacher

how long have you spent there I have

spent three years of upper secondary

school there is that a single-sex school

no it isn't this is a unisex school do

you like the school uniform

we don't wear uniforms at school

actually why do you enjoy the time there

although I had to deal with quite a

heavy workload I enjoy the relaxing

atmosphere when hanging out with friends

in the cafeteria there what important

lesson did you learn from school I

learned how to work in a group in which

there are many friends coming from

different cultures that's the lesson of

cooperation will you recommend that

school to others yes of course I'm proud

to recommend millennium high school to

anyone who is searching for a good place

to learn

how many popular festivals are there in

your country there are many New Year's

Day Martin Luther King Day Valentine's

Day st. Patrick Day Easter etc what is

the most important festival in your

country I believe that New Year's Day is

the most important one since it's a

chance for family reunion and parties

people gather together to welcome the

new year when does it take place it

occurs on January 1st where's the

festival celebrated the New Year's Day

is celebrated all over the country each

family has its own way to celebrate the

day what do people do to prepare for the

festival before New Year's Day people go

shopping for food and drinks repair the

house or put up decor who can join the

festival it's a day for everybody what

do people do in the festival on New

Year's Eve people have a party with

traditional food and drinks after that

they may visit friends or relatives go

to the movies or watch sports what's

special about that festival it marks the

end of a year and celebrates a new year

people believe that the things they do

on the first day will bring good luck

and prosperity to them during the whole

year is the festival culturally related

sure the festival is an integral part of

culture why is a festival important

it adds structure to our social lives

and connects us with our families and


do you like to cook yes I do

cooking helps me feel relaxed after long

hours of working is there any kind of

food you don't like I don't really like

fried chicken which is very high in fat

do you eat out or cook at home I usually

cook at home sometimes when I'm busy I

go out to eat how often do you cook just

when I have free time

my mom is often responsible for

preparing meals she's the best cook ever

what's your favorite food I'm addicted

to sushi I can eat sushi every day is it

Western or Asian cuisine its Asian

cuisine sushi is derived from Japan is

it easy to make your favorite food yes I

guess the recipe is quite simple what

ingredients do you need to make that

food I would need rice eggs meat seafood

and vegetables what do you think about

fast food I don't really like fast food

it's not healthy at all would you say

that you have a healthy diet yes I would

I prefer eating vitamins protein and

less fat

what's the most useful household

appliance that you have that's

definitely the washing machine when did

you buy it I bought it two years ago

actually my mom gave it to me as a

birthday present is it expensive I don't

think it cost that much is it easy to

use yes it's pretty simple how does it

work press the desired button and

everything will be done within several

minutes how often do you use it I wash

my clothes twice a week will you replace

it with a more modern one no because it

was a present and it's still working

well how does your life change with that

household appliance it makes her life

more convenience we can save time as

well do you think that household

appliances will make people lazier and

lazier yes to some extent with the help

of electronic equipment

people tend to forget manual tasks and

become lazier

what's your favorite music band I'm a

big fan of one direction

there are five singers in the band is it

famous around the world yes it is

the band is well known around the world

almost all teenagers love them what's

their taste of music they sing pop music

their most famous song maybe what makes

you beautiful are they good at dancing

yes I think so

I fall in love with their every step

have you ever seen them in real life

nope I just watched them on media I wish

I will see them one day how often do you

come to their show I watched videos

almost every day listening to their

songs helps me chill out can you sing

their songs yes but only one song I just

keep singing it over and over again

every day do your friends like them of

course we usually watch their

performances and discuss it together

do they have anti fans yes every famous

singer has anti fans

what's the weather like in your country

well there are four seasons spring

summer fall and winter which vary

considerably in characteristics what

kind of weather do you like I enjoy hot

weather there are more things to do when

it's sunny I love swimming and

sunbathing what months have the best

weather in your country I believe it

depends for me the best weather is from

June to August when it's warm across the

country do you like it when it rains not

at all

I hate raining how does the weather

affect your feelings I usually have a

bad mood when it rains the rain reminds

me of sad memories how is the weather

changed recently due to global warming

the weather has become more and more

unpredictable it's boiling hot in summer

and freezing cold on winter days do you

usually watch the weather forecasts no

not very often what's your favourite

season why let's see I love spring when

trees and flowers blossom what do you

like to do when it's windy when it's

windy I like flying a kite with my

friends that's interesting

who is your neighbor my neighbor is a

university student he lives next to my

apartment when did you become neighbors

I first met him when I moved to this

apartment two years ago is he friendly

yes he is he always smiles when he sees

me how often do you see him every day at

the gate sometimes I invite him to my

apartment when I throw a party do you

have any problems with him only once

when he sang karaoke too loud which kept

me awake all night we ended up talking

to each other the next day and they

never sang karaoke at midnight from then

on does he usually help you yes he does

he usually helps me run errands would

you be sad if he moves to another area

yes of course that will upset me if he

leaves what's the difference between

friends and neighbors I'm not quite sure

but I think the difference may lie in

the relationship a friend can be someone

you share your feelings with while a

neighbor can just be someone living next

door what do you need to be a good

neighbor being respectful is the most

important factor in building a good


do you like visiting natural places yes

I do being close to nature helped me

release stress and worry what's the most

impressive natural scenery you've ever


that's the horseshoe of the Colorado

River in Arizona it's such a great

scenic place on earth when did you see

it I visited the place last summer

holiday who went with you I went there

with my family we camped near the place

what's special about it I'm fond of the

great nature there it's a horseshoe

shaped meander of Colorado River how has

it changed recently

it doesn't change much actually what's

the next natural scenery you would like

to visit my next destination would be

the marooned bells in Colorado I fell in

love with mountain ranges and yellow

flowers there what can people get from

visiting natural places people will get

closer to mother nature children have

more motivation to discover the world

around them what are some famous natural

attractions in your country there are

many such as Death Valley Niagara Falls

the redwoods and the Grand Canyon to

name a few

what outdoor activity do you participate

in I do many but my favorite one is

jogging where do you do it

I go jogging in the park near my place

who do you do outdoor activities with I

usually go jogging with my family who

shares the same interests as you my

family especially my dad

we usually jog together how often do you

take part in outdoor activities every

morning except on rainy days how do you

feel after activities

I feel really relaxed and refreshed what

benefits can you get from outdoor

activities it's a good workout method

jogging is also a good way for me to

charge batteries for a long day working

do you usually play sports outdoors yes

I do

I play volleyball and swim out doors why

are children less interested in outdoor

activities nowadays children nowadays

prefer high-tech gadgets like computers

iPads and phones to outdoor activities

what law do you like I like the traffic

law of wearing the helmet when traveling

by motorbike is that an international

law yes people around the world follow

this law when was it issued I'm not

quite sure but I guess a long time ago

who told you that law I learned it at

school is it easy to follow that law yes

it is it doesn't cause any inconvenience

at all what do you think about that law

the traffic law is so necessary for

traffic participants when they're on the

road what benefit can you get from

following that law it may keep me safe

from traffic accidents why should people

obey the law strictly following law is a

good way to protect themselves as well

as others what can be done to encourage

people to follow the law obeying law is

people's responsibility if they go

against the law

they'll put themselves in trouble

how many kinds of pollution are there

there are many types of pollution land

water noise air light thermal pollution

what type of pollution is popular in

your country the most popular one is

water pollution I guess

have you ever littered yes I have but

when I was taught the lesson of

protecting Mother Nature

I quit littering what can you do to help

prevent pollution reduce and reuse

whatever I can to eliminate the amount

of waste is what I can do to prevent

pollution what does the government do to

encourage people to protect the

environment they organized some

campaigns to raise the awareness of

people everything should start from

education our people in your country

aware of the environmental issues yes

they are they care about what happens to

the environment around them is there any

law to enforce people to protect the

environment yes the Environment law

states punishments to people doing harm

to the environment

are you comfortable with a traffic jam

not at all I feel annoyed why does it

happen because there are too many

vehicles on the streets during rush

hours I bet how often do you sit in a

traffic jam just everyday when I finish

office hour and go back home what time

in a day are you usually caught in a

traffic jam in rush hour at 7 a.m. and 5

p.m. how long does it take to escape

from the traffic jam at least half an

hour what do you do while waiting in a

long line

I often glanced at my watch actually

have you ever had any trouble caused by

a traffic jam yes just yesterday I was

late for an important meeting with my

clients how has the traffic situation

changed recently there are more vehicles

which makes traffic jam more and more


what is your favorite TV program well I

watch a lot but the one I like best is

how it's made

is that an international TV program yes

it is it's available in Canada Europe

Australia New Zealand Southeast Asia and

so on what is the TV programme about its

name somehow describes the content which

is about the process of making things

like lipsticks balls candy toys

chocolate and so on how often do you

watch that TV program almost every day

after dinner who watches that programme

with you my family watches it together

my younger brother can't wait to turn on

the TV what channel is it on a very

common one Discovery Channel which

focuses on popular science technology

and history why do you like that TV

program I love learning new things

especially about how everything is

produced I would love to run a business

about handmade cosmetics how does that

TV program change you I know more about

the world around me

it also supports me in my career path to

make my dream come true

who is its target audience it

particularly aims at families and

younger audiences would you recommend

that TV program to your friends yes of

course they would be crazy about the

program I bet

what is the most impressive building you

visited its the Petronas Twin Tower in

Malaysia where is it located it's

located in the capital of Malaysia Kuala

lumper how tall is it they were the

tallest buildings in the world from 1998

to 2004 it reaches the height of 450 1.9

meters who was the architect sesor Pelle

an Argentine American architect is it

well known all over the world

sure tourists can't miss it when

visiting Malaysia do you have to

purchase a ticket in order to visit the

tower yes I do it sold online when did

you see it I saw it two years ago will

you come back there again

of course I'm looking forward to seeing

again someday

what kind of electronic media is popular

in your country there are some popular

kinds radio TV and online news what's

your favorite kind I like

online news because I have to work with

computers every day it's easier for me

to read online why do you like it

due to its convenience I love reading

anyway how often do you have access to

that kind of electronic media every

morning before I start working what's

interesting about it instead of watching

TV or listening to radio passively I'd

rather read and think about the news is

it convenient to access that kind of

electronic media yes with a computer

smartphone connected to the internet you

can read electronic news anytime and

anywhere does your family like that

electronic media - no my dad likes radio

and my mom likes TV how has mass media

changed recently they're more modern and


what is your desired job well my dream

changes in accordance to age up to now I

would like to be a great English teacher

is that a demanding job yes I think so

although people suppose that being a

teacher is easy and boring what

challenge do you have when doing that

job I have some problems with classroom

management maybe I have to improve that

skill a lot in order to be a good

teacher is it hard to make your dream

come true every job needs time and

effort and teacher does as well apart

from the academic knowledge I was taught

in university I have to learn many other

soft skills why do you choose that job I

really admired my high school English

teacher and I want to be like her what

requirements and characteristics do you

need to do that job

let's see you need to be patient

thoughtful and sympathetic does the job

have something to do with your major at

university sure I studied English

linguistics and literature majored in

English teaching the major does support

me a lot in my career path what does the

society think about your job I'm not

quite sure but I'm proud to be a teacher

an honor job do you make much money with

that job not at all

teachers one of the lowest paying jobs

in my country have you ever thought of

leaving your job I haven't thought of

that before but I believe in what I'm

doing right now

what is the most impressive competition

you've entered I took part in an

eloquence competition organized by my

University last year what was it about

the competition was to find out the best

public speaker in the university were

there many participants in the

competition yes there were around 500

participants totally

what prize did you get well I didn't get

a very high prize but it didn't matter I

was still happy with the results what

could you learn from the competition I

learned the way to develop ideas for a

speech besides some body language tips

in public speaking did you have to

prepare a lot for the competition yes I


I read various materials about eloquence

as well as rehearsed a lot how did you

know about the competition the

competition was informed in the school

poster did you do your best then yes I

think so after the competition I know I

have to try more is the competition

useful in your opinion sure it helps

students learn soft skills as well as

become more confident in life

is there any garden that you like yes I

love the strawberry garden in my

neighborhood where is it it's in the

Highland area where I live when did you

first see it I accidentally saw it when

I had a picnic in the Highland what were

planted in the garden strawberries of

course there are also some boxes of

cucumbers next to the strawberry beds

why do you like the garden I love

picking red strawberries the garden

brings me closer to nature as well what

is special about the garden the

strawberries there are organic how do

people do the gardening keeping the beds

mulch is important since it helps reduce

water needs how often do you visit the

garden just when I have leisure time

since I'm quite busy is there any

relation between the green garden and

your mood yes at least for me the green

will help me chill out do you want to be

a gardener honestly no I'm not used to

manual work

where's your hometown my hometown is a

coastal state of us is it the city or

the countryside I live in a suburb area

what's it known for its famous for

tobacco's what do people do there

agriculture is the main industry in my

hometown most of the people here plant

and sell tobacco's how is the atmosphere


well it's quite peaceful I enjoy the

fresh air here how are people there

they're friendly and hospitable would

you like to live in your hometown or

somewhere else yes I would I just wish I

can live here forever is it easy to find

a job there manual work is easy to find

I'm not sure about the white-collar jobs

is it a good environment for young

people I don't think so

the pace of life here is quite slow if

they want to work in a dynamic


they'd better move to the city is

traffic congestion a big problem in your

hometown not at all

we couldn't be happier with the traffic

system here

what is your favorite item of clothing

my favorite one is a maxi dress I wear

it when hanging out with my friends or

attending parties when did you buy it my

friend gave it to me as a birthday

present when I turned to 21 where did

you buy it I had no idea where my close

friend bought it what color is it

it's blue my favorite color was it

expensive yes

I guessed why do you like it well I'm

kind of short and plump so it's hard to

find a piece of clothing that fits me

perfectly but that one does I also love

the color and style do clothes help to

build your personal brand yes I agree

with it to some extent I still believe

that personal brand can be built from

the inside rather than the outside

however what you wear also plays an

important role in saying who you are

have you seen anybody wearing unusual

clothes yes I have but I don't think any

fashion style is weird I believe

everybody has their own taste of fashion

how has your fashion style changed

recently I always wore formal shirt and

trousers whenever hanging out years ago

but now I change into casuals like jeans

and t-shirt

what is your favorite advertisement I'm

quite impressed with the advertisement

about surf a laundry detergent made by


where did you see it I accidentally saw

it on TV two years ago what happened in

the advertisement the ad told a story of

a family in which the children all love

their stepmother due to the white shirts

she prepared for them why do you like it

I just can't stop loving the story in

the ad it's such a sweet story was there

any famous actor or actress in the

advertisement not at all

the actors were not very well known I

think did it attract much attention I

have no idea but I saw in many public

places what do you like the most in the


well the vivid images and sound effects

did attract me do you believe in

advertisements not really ads always say

good things and neglect to mention bad

things about a product for obvious

reasons how have advertisements changed

recently they're more modern digital

marketing has proved successful in many


what project did you work on I made an

English poster about our environment was

that an indoor or outdoor project the

project was carried out mostly outdoor

only the last phase was conducted indoor

who was involved in the project my

teammates and an advisory teacher what

did you do we had a field trip to the

countryside where we studied insects and

plants was it a successful project yes

we received compliments from our

professor who was your advisory teacher

our science teacher mr. John we learned

a lot from him what did you learn after

the project I learned how to write

content and decorate posters did you

like your partners yes most of them were

friendly and responsible and I

particularly liked Michael the leader of

my team what did you get after the

project after the project I know how to

work in a team and cooperate well with

my teammates

have you ever attended someone's wedding

who was he or she yes a lot but the most

memorable one is my best friends who

went with you I went with one of my

classmates where was the wedding

organised it was held in a restaurant

downtown what did people do in the


they enjoyed wedding feast sang and

danced together after giving the couple

best wishes of an everlasting happiness

what did the bride and groom wear the

bride wore a white wedding gown while

the groom wore a black suit and tie what

was the most interesting ritual in the

wedding exchanging rings is the ritual

I'm quite interested in our weddings a

special event of one's life in your

country yes along with birthdays do

people in your country get married early

not really

the average age to get married for women

is 27 and for men is 29 what is the

ideal age to get married in your opinion

well 27 would be my ideal age women are

most charming and mature at that age I

guess how have weddings changed recently

the most noticeable change is the reduce

of rituals in a wedding there used to be

more steps in weddings years ago than

there are now

what's your favorite coffee shop my

favorite one is the coffee house a local

coffee shop in my neighborhood where is

it it's 500 meters far from my house how

often do you visit that coffee shop

every weekend when I hang out with my

friends the coffee house is always our

first choice who do you go with I meet

my friends there they love the place too

what drinks does it serve many kinds

coffee chocolate cocktail smoothie tea

juice of various tastes my favorite one

is hot chocolate are the waiters there

friendly yes they couldn't be nicer do

you like the decorations of that coffee

shop yes I love it I fancied the green

space they put in each corner of the

room when was the last time you went

there I last went there last Monday what

is special about that coffee shop the

drinks are what makes them different

people are just addicted to full-bodied

coffee and chocolate there how do you

know about that coffee shop my cousin

recommended it to me and I did give it a


which culture do you belong to I was

born and raised in America where my

culture was shaped is that a

multicultural society yes it is

my culture is a diverse mix of customs

and traditions of various races and

ethnicities how long is your country

you've been practicing those customs

well it has a long history around 10,000

years ago what custom do you like the

most I like practicing dining etiquette

that's what makes me American whenever I

travel to other countries what are

traditional customs of men and women in

your country cowboy hats and boots are

American styles but nowadays jeans and

t-shirt are more preferable are you

comfortable with the traditions and

customs of your culture of course I was

born with it

how do people greet each other well it

depends on the situation in an informal

communication people just say hi have

you ever felt drawn to another land yes

I'm interested in Indian culture I wish

I can get there someday to attend a

typical Indian wedding

what is the most popular means of

transport in your country most people in

my country travel by car how do you go

to school or work

I prefer bus due to its convenience I

enjoy reading books while sitting on the

bus how often do you take buses every

day I went to school by bus two years

ago and the bus is still my best choice

do people in your country like

travelling by bus not really they have

their own cars what are some benefits of

travelling by bicycle it's a good way of

doing exercise we can protect our

environment as well

do you prefer a public transport or

private transport public transport is

much cheaper do you think buses should

replace other means of transport sure in

the future buses should be used widely

by commuters what does the government do

to encourage people to use public

transport it's a good idea to make

public transport as convenient as

private transport besides more campaigns

should be launched to raise the

awareness of protecting our environment

how is transportation changed recently

there are more cars in a household now

than before which partly leads to

traffic jams in some cosmopolitan cities

who is your favorite politician she's

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton an American

politician where is she from she comes

from the USA does she appear on TV yes

quite often she usually shows up on TV

in news programs what is appealing about

her she's a democratic politician is she


yes she's well-known all over the world

does she have a great influence on

people yes I think so

she fights for human rights she has a

very controversial and influential

speech that human rights are women's

rights and women rights are human rights

do you want to be like her being a

politician has never been my dream


why do you admire her she's one of the

few women who succeed in politics what

did she do that you can tell others Oh a

lot of things she cares for people's


she also tackles the issues of adoption

and family safety

what's your favorite means of

communication I prefer talking directly

to people how do you keep in touch with

your friends I'm so busy that I don't

often hang out with friends

so I usually get in touch with them

using social networks or phone do you

get in touch with your family by phone

yes I do I live away from my family so

phone would be an ideal means of

communication do you usually write

letters or emails

I used to write letters when the

Internet hasn't been used widely now I

prefer emails due to its convenience

what are some advantages of using a

mobile phone that's the easiest means of

communication I think mobile phones are

portable just dial the numbers and you

can immediately get connected with

anyone you want

do you like handwriting letters yes I do

I like to keep handwriting letters as

keepsakes do you use social networks yes

the youth can now hardly live without

social networks do you need

communication skills using social

networks sure even in social networks

how have social networks changed

communication people prefer talking

online rather than directly because of

the illusion of social networks people

tend to forget necessary skills to

communicate with others in real life do

you have good communication skills in

your opinion maybe yes people are quite

happy talking to me

are you studying or working I left

school three years ago I'm working now

are you self-employed or working for a

company I'm self-employed I used to work

for a company two years ago are you

running any business yes

I'm running a small business what does

your business sell I make and sell

handmade cosmetics do you have any

difficulty running that business yes I

had some difficulties attracting

customers at first but everything is

getting better now is that an online or

offline business I sell products online

easier selling online than offline

because I can take full advantage of my

social network when did you start the

business I started running my own

business two years ago what are some

advantages of running your own business

I can take some days off whenever I feel

tired and I can make much more money

compared to working for a company

do you have your own computer yes I own

the personal laptop when I was in

university how often do you use the

computer almost every day I can't work

without a computer

have you ever joined any computer class

yes years ago I learned about Microsoft

Word and Excel what do you use the

computer for you know I'm an accountant

so managing business records would be

much easier for me using a computer what

are some advantages of using the

computer with a computer connected to

the internet we can shop pay bills or do

bank transactions online listening to

music watching movies are even more

convenient do you use other high-tech

devices besides computers yes apart from

a computer I also use a smartphone

should children learn how to use the

computer yes I think so

children should be given chances to

approach the computer but under the

control of their parents

do you usually exercise yes I do doing

exercise is one of my good habits what

sport do you play swimming is my

favorite I also play tennis how often do

you exercise I go jogging almost every

day before breakfast when did you start

doing exercise just last year actually

is there anyone who does exercise with

you I go jogging with my older brother

he's a good company of mine what

benefits can you get from exercising

well a lot exercise helps reduce fat and

build muscles it also keeps me awake

mentally during the whole day where do

you exercise at a nearby park there are

some exercise machines for people to use

why do you exercise I like moving for me

life without moving is like a picture

without color do people in your country

do much exercising I don't think so

they're so busy working that they forget

to do exercise what if people don't do

enough exercise obviously they'll gain

weight fast and become obese

what is your current short-term goal I'm

determined to get a scholarship to study

postgraduate abroad when did you start

thinking about this goal I started

thinking about it when I left University

what difficulties do you have in order

to achieve it spending a lot of time

searching it I haven't found any

scholarship that fits my needs do you

need any help to achieve that goal I

really need spiritual encouragement from

my family and friends do your parents

support you to achieve that goal yes

they do

they're always by my side and support me

when needed do you think it's important

to set goals sure we all need to have

some goals to drive ourselves towards

them setting goals is a necessary step

to do in order to succeed in doing

something what are the important

qualities to achieve goals well you need

to be persistent to what you desire to

get commitment and patience are needed


what's your favorite work of art there's

a special photograph named to napalm

girl when did you see it I accidentally

saw it five years ago when I traveled to

Vietnam where did you see it in Museum

of Vietnamese history the photo was

solemnly hung in an eye-catching

position in the room why do you like it

the photo captured a naked nine-year-old

girl running away from the napalm attack

which is really touching what's special

about it thanks to the photo the

photographer was awarded the Pulitzer

Prize for spot news photography do your

friends like it too yes they do the

photo did touch their souls - do you

want to be an artist nope

although I'm quite interested in art

what qualities does a person need to be

an artist an artist needs to be creative

and sensitive to things around him I

think how do children develop their

talent for art children's talent for art

should be recognized and nurtured as

early as possible so that they can reach

their full potential

are you a big fan of fashion yes I am I

believe every girl is crazy about

fashion what style do you choose to wear

well my favorite piece of clothes is a

dress depending on the situation I

choose a formal or informal dress to


do you enjoy shopping for clothes yes

I'm a Shopaholic actually is there any

fashion icon who you want to wear the

same yes I admired Taylor Swift and wish

to wear like her do you create your own

fashion style no I'm not a fashionista

so most of the time I just follow the

fashion trend do you prefer vintage or

modern style why honestly I love vintage

style wearing classic clothes makes me

feel like I'm special have you ever

attended a fashion show not in real life

I just watch them on TV what do people

think about your fashion style I don't

know exactly and I don't care much about

it I just wear what makes me comfortable

and confident are you going to change

your fashion style in the future well I

can't tell maybe fashion is changeable

and I am too is fashion important to

people yes in my opinion fashion can

partly reveal who you are

what's your favorite item of jewelry

well I have quite a lot of ornaments but

my favorite one is a necklace when did

you buy it um I don't remember exactly

when but I guess I bought it years ago

what's it made of

it's made of silver how does it look it

looks gorgeous with a ruby clover shaped

pendant why do you like it I believe it

can bring me good luck and everything I

do what's special about it I love the

vintage style of my necklace it really

goes with my classic dresses does it

remind you of something yes I spent my

first month's salary buying it so the

necklace encourages me to work hard and

earn more money every day how much does

it cost around $400 if I'm not mistaken

do you usually wear it yes I just wear

it all the time I'll be missing it if I

don't see it

what's your favorite cosmetic item my

favorite cosmetic item is a cherry red

lipstick when did you buy it I bought it

in a local cosmetic shop how often do

you use it almost every day I sometimes

change the color how did it change your

physical appearance Oh at first I was

hesitant to try because I thought it

wouldn't match my skin undertone but

when putting it on the cherry red color

did make me more charming and gorgeous

is it expensive nope it is under $21

only is the brand name famous yes I

think Mac is well-known all around the

world MAC lipstick is an iconic product

of the producer how important our

cosmetics according to you well frankly

cosmetics are really important to women

although I agree that the true beauty

does come from inside is it important to

have a good looking appearance sure you

will be given more opportunities if

you're good looking our cosmetics

harmful yes I guess some toxic chemicals

and cosmetics may cause skin cancer do

you think beauty products are a waste of


not really as for me I just spend my

saving money on cosmetics

what indoor game do you like to play um

I'm fond of playing bowling when did you

start playing it I've just started

bowling it's been three weeks so far who

do you play it with most of the time I

play with my friends when we hang out

together sometimes I also go bowling

with my cousins where do you play at a

nearby shopping mall there is an

entertainment area where people can play

various games is it easy to play yes

quite easy

the bowler has to knock down as many

pins as possible

ideally all of them are you usually the

winner nope

because I'm just a beginner my friends

are much more experienced in playing it

why do you like it

well going bowling is quite enjoyable I

love it when my friends cheer me up is

it popular in your country yes people

playing almost everywhere there are

nearly 3,000 bowling centers in my

country what are other indoor games in

your country there are many such as

board game table tennis squash boxing

and so on

do you usually talk on the phone yes I

do it's a good way to keep in touch what

was your favorite phone conversation it

was when I talked to my interviewer he

did give me the good news that I got the

job when did you have the conversation I

don't remember exactly but it's been two

years so far I guess who did you talk to

I talked to the owner of the restaurant

where I'm working as a cashier what did

you talk about he offered me the

position and congratulated me why did

you find the conversation interesting

actually it was more exciting than

interesting I was waiting for it for so

long and finally he did make it come


do you prefer talking directly or

talking on the phone personally talking

directly is much better to me since it's

more lively and authentic who do you

usually talk to on the phone

I talked to my mom almost every day I

will be missing the conversation every

evening with mom if one day she stops

calling me what are the differences

between talking directly and phoning

well talking directly seems more

exciting since you can see facial

expressions and eye contact while

talking on the phone you can only listen

to the voice

do you like learning languages yes I do

I love traveling and talking to the

local people in their mother tongue what

is your mother language I speak English

what second language are you learning

I'm learning Spanish I fell in love with

Spanish when I traveled to Spain last

year is that language popular in your

country yes people in my country come

from every corner of the world and

Spanish is the second popular language

spoken here according to the statistic

how often do you use that language quite

a lot

I see Spanish people every day in the

restaurant bank or supermarket how long

have you been learning that language

I've been learning it for five years I'm

in advanced class now why do you choose

to learn that language I'm interested in

Spanish culture and I'd like to use

language as a tool to discover Spanish

cultural values who is your teacher an

old Spanish teacher she can also speak

English fluently why do people learn a

second language

there are many purposes some learn to do

business some learn to travel some just

learned for fun

who is the creative person that you

admire well I really admire mr. Tom who

is an extremely creative math teacher

why do you admire him for me math is

quite boring because I have to work with

long numbers I used to hate Matt so much

before I had lessons with mr. Tom he has

thousands of ways to teach that boring

subject which inspires me a lot how did

he become so creative I'm not quite sure

but I think that's his inborn talent do

people you know admire him too of course

all my classmates just love and respect

him for his creative teaching what is he

like he has a good sense of humor he

always tells jokes and we just can't

help laughing do you think creativity

can be learned and practiced yes I

definitely do creativity like any other

qualities can be trained how is

creativity important in study or work it

generates energy and makes things more

inspiring without creativity work and

study are just dull and tiring

who is a famous celebrity that you

admire well I'm a big fan of Miley Ray

Cyrus an American singer-songwriter and


why do you admire her well she's at my

age but what she's achieved is

acknowledged worldwide what is special

about her I just fall in love with her

beautiful voice I can't stop listening

to her songs again and again my favorite

songs of hers are Jolin and wrecking

ball issue well known worldwide yes she


she's a teen idol do you see her on TV

or in reality most of the time I see her

on TV do your friends love her - yes

they do

we usually enjoy her songs movies

together do you want to be like her yes

being a well-known singer is my dream

what health problem did you have I had

measles when I was 18 how did you have

that health problem I thought I'd catch

measles from someone when they cough or

sneeze was that serious

not really but it was unpleasant I

recovered after ten days staying at home

what were some symptoms of that health

problem I had a cold and fever with a

cough a runny nose the small grayish

white spots appeared on my body - did

you take any medical treatment

no I didn't the situation wasn't serious

enough to be sent to the hospital then

how could you recover from it well let

me see

I drank a lot of water avoided the

direct sunlight and I had to stay off

school for 10 days what difficulties did

you face because of that problem I

couldn't go out for a few days which was

boring I'm not allowed to play outside

and I felt so bad about it what do

people do to prevent that health problem

by having measles vaccine is that health

problem common in your country not

really due to the effectiveness of


are you a tech and gadget lover yes I am

I love shopping for new gadgets what is

an important technological advancement

you know that's the emergence of online

payment systems like credit cards or

PayPal thanks to the development of the

Internet I think what do you use it for

I use these services to do shopping

online now I can book flight tickets in

advance without the need to go to the

agency how long have you been using it

I've been using these services for

around three years does it make your

life easier

sure it's fast simple and convenient how

did it change your life well I can enjoy

my life more I can do a plenty of things

online like shopping transferring money

booking tickets and so on how often do

you use it at least once a week what are

other technological advancements you

know there are many electricity

smartphone the internet robot and so on

what is a famous landmark in your


well I can't hide my pride to talk about

the Statue of Liberty when was it built

I read on newspapers that it was

constructed in 1886

where is it it's located on Liberty

Island in New York Harbor what does it

look like that's a woman known as the

Roman goddess bearing a torch and a

broken chain lies at her feet what was

it made of the main material was copper

who was the architect mr. Gustave Eiffel

who also designed the Tower of Eiffel

what is special about it

actually it was gifted to my country the

USA from the people of France does it

symbolize something the statue is a

symbol of freedom we all love it and are

so proud to share with international

friends about it does it attract many

tourists to come yep it attracts 4

million visitors each year according to

the statistic

do you love handcraft items yeah my

accessories are all handmade

what handcraft item do you like well

I've got many items but I really fall in

love with my bamboo handbag where did

you buy it I bought it in a trip to the

countryside people make hand crafts from

bamboo there why do you like it because

it's unique I travel quite a lot but can

hardly find a similar one what is it

made of

it's made of 100% bamboo what does it

look like being made of traditional

material it looks trendy though my

handcraft bag has a4 paper size which is

large enough to carry a bunch of stuff

make up things a wallet and tissues how

is it made luckily I had a chance to see

how it is made people spent the whole

day knitting hundreds of small bamboo

fibers together to make one bag is it

easy to make nope I'm not really

skillful and patient so handcraft seems

super hard for me what is special about

it the material itself is what makes it

special it's eco-friendly as well does

it remind you of something

yep it reminds me of the peaceful and

quiet atmosphere at the countryside

where I visited

is plastic surgery popular in your

country not really people in my country

are not so interested in plastic surgery

what do you think about people having

plastic surgery it's hard to say as long

as they find happiness in what they're

doing it's fine with me why do you think

people do it they want to gain a better

look I believe that's understandable is

plastic surgery bad it's bad for health

in the long run does it do harm to your

health sure there are several unhealthy

substances in the medical treatments

which may be harmful to your body do you

think changing your look is a good thing

yes I can't deny that changing for a

better appearance is what people should

do but don't abuse plastic surgery or

you will face serious health problems

later on do you think the development of

plastic surgery is a positive or

negative trend it's more a positive

trend I guess thanks to plastic surgery

people who think they don't look good

can now make themselves more attractive

do you care more about your outlook or

inner soul as for me the inner soul does

matter more although outside appearance

is important too what is the part of

your face that you wish to change

although I have some imperfect parts I

have no wish to change anything I love

the natural appearance my parents gave


what success did you achieve I don't

know if it matters to someone or not but

passing the entrance exam to university

was a huge success for me when did you

get that success I got it six years ago

it's been two years since I left

University was there anyone who

supported you my family supported me a


my mom prepared good meals for me while

my dad helped me with hard math problems

was it hard to get that success it was

hard for me since I wasn't good at

academic subjects at all what were some

difficulties in achieving success the

period before the exam was quite

stressful I was so obsessed with it that

I had a serious headache how did you get

it I stuck to books day and night

I just stopped reading and writing when

I felt on you thoroughly about the

matters how did you feel when you were

successful I was over the moon then I

was looking forward to campus life how

did your life change after that success

I had a chance to learn my favorite

major at my desired University and then

got a high-paying job in an active

working environment what is your key to

success I don't particularly have any

key to success just work hard and try

your best

everything good will come to you


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