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Hi there and welcome. This is Lesson 3 of Jennifer's Phrasal Verb Challenge.

Can I ask you how much thought you put into getting dressed this morning?

Do you often take a lot of time picking out what to wear or

do you usually throw on the first thing you find in your closet?

Most of the time, I'm at home or around town, so I don't have to look too nice.

But I at least like to pick out clothes that match.

Sometimes I don't know what the weather will be like, so I may put on a t-shirt in the

morning, and then I'll have to throw in a sweater later in the day because it got colder.

"To pick out" is to choose, to make a selection.

"Pick out" takes an object. The object can separate the phrasal verb, so I can pick out an outfit.

I can pick an outfit out.

"To throw on" is to get dressed very quickly and with little attention or care.

"Throw on" is also transitive and separable, so we can throw on a sweater...throw a sweater on.

For practice, here are two questions.

When you go shopping, do you take a lot of time to make your selections or do you pick things out quickly?

If it started raining right now, what could you throw on?

If you post your answers. I'll offer my feedback as time allows

Please take the time to read other people's comments. You'll gain more practice that way.

That's all for now. As always, thanks for watching and happy studies!

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