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Hi this is Alex from and today we are shooting with the

Sony's new

a7 Mark II full-frame digital camera

the new version of the camera is a little bit heavier

and its a little bit bulkier

they've also improved the grip, I can actually hold it much better now

it actually feels sturdy in my hand

And its really easy to press the shutter button so it actually feels like a real


the shutter noise

has been lowered a bit

lets see... lets try and see if you can hear this

its burst mode is also boosted up to 5 frames per second now

let me get it to burst for you

This is JPEG and RAW

just keeps on going on

Sony has also implemented an additional custom button

we now have total of four custom buttons but

you can also customize the other

buttons on the

on the interface as well

this camera can now record in XAVC S full

HD format but there is still no

4k no internal 4k

there's also an option for the S-Log 2

video profile that gives you that

flat look that you can edit in post-processing later on

one of the things that's missing from the camera is actually the touch screen

I'm not sure how hard it is to implement

but it seems like all the cameras have it now and Sony was

in the front, leading the pack with touchscreens

and this camera for some reason doesn't have it but it still has the

the same tilt as the previous

mark one has

so you can still shoot from below

or shoot

from up high

it seems that a lot of people are now jumping

from DSLRs to mirrorless camera and it looks like Sony is now targeting those people

specifically this camera has

weather sealed body fully aluminium

it's a little bulkier, a little heavier

it shoots 5 frames per second

there is no lag when you press the shutter

and overall its a really nice travel camera

I personally wouldn't switch just yet because I still like

the optical viewfinder

just a fraction better but it's getting there

It's really really close

the quality is excellent

the speed is decent

auto-focus is pretty good and overall it's a really good camera

it's auto-focus is noticeably faster now and it does start

that tiny fraction faster than mark 1

the stabilization is clearly noticeable in this camera

here you can see some shots taken with 1/10 of a second

with and without stabilization on

the best thing about this camera and mark 1 one as well

is that you can use a range of other lenses

like your Leica, your Nikon, your Canon, with an adapter

to shoot with this full frame sensor

on this tiny little body and this is

perfect for travel

you can use it in studio obviously

but for me personally this is a light body

can be used for travel and overall daily

small daily photo shoots where you dont want to carry around

large D SLR bodies

the panorama feature

can be pretty handy as well, especially for travel

it's pretty chilly today so I have to wear these gloves

but the grip is good enough that I can use the gloves without any problems

I have access to all the buttons

I can scroll without any problems as well

so whenever

I have to get the settings just right

even using gloves this camera is just fine

this was a very cold and windy day

and its battery died

within a little over forty minutes

and since we didn't have a charger

because mark II still doesn't come with a separate charger

you have to charge the body through a USB cable

we had to stop this shoot

so make sure you buy additional batteries if you wanna extensively use

this camera

or buy a separate charger for the battery

and here's some of the images taken with a this camera these are straight out of the


unedited shots

I dont have so use Sony lenses if I dont want to

I can use my full Canon lineup

using the Metabones adapter

so all I have to do is

attach this Metabone adapter, its Mark IV

which has slightly improved interior

so just attached the adaptert and then you could

put any of your EF or EF-S lenses

there are also adapters for Nikon lenses, your Leica lenses

basically any vintage or current lenses

you might have in you bag

there you go, I can now shoot with my canon L lens

Without any hitch

Although the focus is much, much slower

but you can always shift to manual focus

and just go with that

Thank you for watching this quick video review

here are some of the most noticeable specs for this camera

if you want to read up on my written review please follow the link in the


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