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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: reMarkable vs Apple Pencil writing test

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hey Macworld fans Adam here with life yeah and as much as I like to take notes

in my daily life there's nobody in the office who who is like life Johnson when

it comes to note-taking whether it's in actual pen or pencil form or on the iPad

pro with the Apple pencil yeah and I came across a product recently that

claims to feel just like paper okay and we're gonna check it out right now

versus the iPad pro here with the Apple pencil so this product is called the

remarkable so this was a crowdfunded project and this tablet it is a ten

point three inch tablet right there if you want to take it out life check it

out it is a ink display runs a custom

version of Linux and it comes with its own they call it a marker just because

it's the remarkable tablet the one key feature that is very important in this

is the display so they're calling it the canvas display and it was engineered

over four years to have the tactile feel of paper before we do any drawing I want

you to compare the the two writing utensils Apple pencil versus the

remarkable marker it's hard to say whether or not I prefer a light you know

writing instrument or it depends on the actual object and right now I can tell

that the marker the remarkable marker actually feels a little lighter than the

Apple pencil this is the second generation and I like kind of like the

length of the Apple pencil the second one this is not as long as the first

generation one so this one's a little bit shorter a lot of people say they

like their long pans I actually kind of like them short it's not about the way I

write but it does it feels very similar you know there's a part of me that I

want you to say they were taking some obvious cues from design of course of

course but on the tip here I often say when I write from Mac world that the

Apple pencil you know it feels like riding with a sharpie now I can do some

really fine lines but if you look at the actual tip here you know

there's some length in it whereas this one on the de marker you can see that it

is a little bit more precise and that's what I'm always going for I think I said

in one of my Apple pencil what things we would like to see articles that I would

like to see a little bit more precise tip where it feels more like writing

with a real pencil or a real pen so I'm kind of happy to see this that's like a

step in the right direction I'll also mention that there's no setup required

on the marker and there is no battery nice so it is very much a standalone

thing and you can change out the tips you even have one hidden here in in the

actual Oh extra tip just in case you lose one all

right so let's uh let's go into just one of these quick sheets that I have I've

been doing my own messing with it and I'll show you the pen options here or a

fountain pen a felt-tip marker or a what do they call that with a micron yeah it

also has a pencil feature and a brush but I've actually just liked the basic

ballpoint pen you can change the circle size as well and also like the the

shading but yeah so once you do some real quick writing samples on this like

that so they advertise very very minimal lag especially because it's ink display

powered with an ARM processor so now I want you to see here and this is one

thing I'd like to you know compare I'm writing really small here and to me

that's like a big you know thing to look for is how small you can write because

to me that shows how precise the actual instrument is and I'm doing this really

well here and that's a good sign and I'm already impressed by this and well this

has this does have tilt and pressure sensitivity I can see it that's also

depending on the pen that you actually choose it also claims 2048 levels of

pressure sensitivity this this is impressive I have to admit you know one

of the things I'm always worried about is how it's well this you know I'm

trying to wasting paper and put it that way but that's a big part of it I mean

honestly that's the big thing for me too like I said I I have a

pick notebook that I used to jot down notes every day and the promise of this

is to be hey you're your one and only notebook would you say that they're

marketing of feels just like paper yes just like paper is a is there's a big

claim I don't know if it feels like that but you know this because that's

essentially what you're doing this feels like you're writing on glass and so

listen to this yeah so if I if it were in the quiet office and I try to write

with the iPad yeah I can it's almost as annoying as me clacking on my butterfly

keyboard because if I get a Siri tapping on the screen so that's one reason I go

back to paper but this is this is this is nice this I'm already impressed by

this now this is important you know this is what we're looking at here is almost

like you know a Kindle and stuff it's it's kind of like that yeah II ink and

that this is what I've been warning because even though this is a wonderful

the iPad is a wonderful device I'm very impressed with what they've actually

done with it the fact is you are getting bombarded with that light all the time

and I'm using true tone on here right now that's the one that's supposed to be

easier on your eyes and still it's distracting when you're trying to write

something and it's you know it really really does get to you part of the

reason why you know writing on papers so you know you get away from that

especially you know as a journalist we spend all of our time staring at a

screen and stuff this so you know this allows you to get away from this and

I've wanted this ever since I saw a Kindle honestly it's something like this

and I am already impressed by how well it works so let's you know I'm gonna try

this pencil one right here but yeah the pencil on the Apple pencil

it actually looks like you're working with like a dull pencil and I've always

been really impressed by that look at that beautiful it's interesting because

they have they have two different options this is the sharp pencil and

then this one is the dull pencil option so it's weird that it's not contained in

both if that's nice no the surface you know when you're

right on it it doesn't feel as much like real paper but the experience is much

closer to writing on real paper then I would say that the Apple

pencil is and that that I think is the important because I'm able to write

really small here you know the big question I have though is its price for

for a you know a niche device like this how much would you be willing to pay

that's a good question considering okay you have to keep in mind that I do this

a lot and I would be looking at it preferably that's the things preferably

I'd like to pay about $400 for okay well you're in luck because the MSRP is

actually 600 okay but it's been on sales for at least a couple months that I know

of for 500 okay the markers themselves if you want to get to or replace them

they're $59 they actually do have a nicer marker available to that's

actually made of aluminum and heavy and that one is about $100 so just I mean I

just have to ask so this act you know every time this comes with it comes with

it okay good yes because you have to buy this separately you you also can buy a

separate folio that has a nice holder for the marker I forgot to bring it in

here but they have leather and felt options you know they make it a nice

experience for you to to bring around so yeah I've been impressed so far with my

time in it but I wanted to see you know what what what the writing expert thinks

of the feel of it so I could definitely see myself really getting into this and

the more I've been using it remember I said I wasn't sure if I like the actual

weight of it it's it's wonderful it's it's it is comfortable I could see

myself writing a whole draft with this and yeah that's the important thing to

keep in mind too is I don't just write stuff for notes and everything I will

write my whole 1000 words right sure well which is why I wanted you to have

you on this video for sure so did look for the full review coming soon and Lafe

thanks for doing your quick impressions for this video so for more macro videos

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