Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Clicker/스톱모션 제작 과정 & 작은 팁! (Stop Motion WALKTHROUGH)

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WALKTHROUGH - What happens when you're away

1.Purchasing Materials i went to Dong-Myo for Cost reduction & Purchase some vintage one.

I wanted to get a cassette with a classic design, so I went toJo-Eun store’. I really recommend for those who collect analog things!

Clicker: yes, I think that's the best! Owner: I'll give you 20,000 won, How old are you now? Clickers friend: How old do you think we are? Owner: Twenty three or four?

It was a great day to hear this. ♡ "Keep it up" owner

I bought CDs and LPs for the direction, and cassette tapes for the use a main partIt was a cheap, but bought a lot, my savings empty again.

Dong-Myo -> Go to the Studio!

2.Planning IDEA An idea sketch that you always do before filming. As you organize your thoughts, it's easier to get things done in order.(Clickers official......:))

This time, the movement of the character is a lot, so I studied hard of movement.

This is my first time expressing a person's movement, I don't know what the result will be..... I respect those who majors

3. Preparing to shoot I think this video shows my taste. I was really happy that it was done the way I wanted it to be.

After setting up your laptop, camera and lighting, take a test shot and finish preparing for the shoot.

4. Taking a picture This is a scene where you pick up a knife and pick up a toast at the same time.

When both hands come out, you should press the shutter with your feet.(good tip!)

Keep your laptop close and monitor it, so you can take it comfortably.

This is the scene of biting a bite of toast.

When an object enters an expression where it is cut, cut it in advance like this, and then continue filming.

This is a scene where cassette tapes are released of their own accord.

My hands shouldn't come out, so I moved a little, moved a little, and took pictures.

This is the scene where the first artist is created.

I made a human shape out of a wire, and I put a piece of tape on top of it.

You can find out more about 'how to make wire Puppet' on the YouTube search box :)

It's a rain scene. Even with the slightest wind, all the pieces were blown away, and I worked with as much patience as I could.

I took a different array of tapes.

This is a scene of a walking man and an approaching street lamp. The movement of people is too difficult.... ;(

The scene switches to the bottom. I worked while moving the tripod little by little (There would be an easier way......)

It's about creating shapes before the third artist comes along.

I wound a cassette tape film around a shaped wire to create a shape.

5. Editing (Pr, Ae) This is the process of editing after shooting. i use a Premier (Pr) and After Effects (Ae) usually.

This is the process of erasing the wire by masking. It took a long time..

Rainy scenes were filmed separately from rainy scenes and people walking.

The reason is that when the rain is black, it looks like leg hair.. So i fixed it!

6. Sound effectRecording / Blue Yeti There were many comments about soundeffect.

I usually buy them from professional websites and record some of the hard-to-find sounds myself!

I'm not used to the recording, so I don't think I'm doing it well. I'll get used to it, right? :)

I will always be able to make good sounds for you <3

Sound effectEdit Each sound has to be edited as it moves frame by frame in order to be timed,

so i listen repeatedly and find a more appropriate sound for the effect.

Onion: Hello? I'm bald. My master cut off three pieces of my hair. (Onion in the video of Tteokbokki cooking)

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