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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #111 How to compliment your partner in English (esl)

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welcome to speak English now podcast

with your host Georgiana the podcast

that will help you to speak English

fluently with no grammar and no

textbooks hi dear students

I'm Georgiana founder of speak English my mission is to help you to

speak English fluently speaking English

is way easier when you use the right

material and techniques

although we don't celebrate Valentine's

Day this time of the year I think as

Christmas approaches many of us spend

more time with our partners so today I

want to introduce some funny but useful

compliments that will make your

significant other feel special there are

many kinds of compliments good bad

original ordinary or funny ones if you

still don't know what they are don't

worry because I'll explain it to you

next we will practice fluency with a

mini story on a very special competition

related to today's topic remember that

you can get the text of the episode at

speak English as I said

today I'm going to talk about

compliments but first let's define what

they are a compliment is basically a

brief comment on an attribute or quality

of a person there are many types and

perhaps it's more common to say a

compliment to a woman although I think

nowadays there are more and more women

who compliment men I have to say some

compliments are tasteless that is to say

they are rude and instead create the

opposite sense of what is intended my

intention in this episode is to analyze

some compliments I find to be especially

witty or funny well let's see the first

one I don't have a favorite color it's

pretty much whatever you're wearing this

is beautiful and you can use it to

congratulate a woman you're already

dating let her know that you have

noticed the color of her dress many

women love it when our partners pay

attention to what we're wearing okay

let's listen to another one I can't take

my eyes off of you unless you notice me


I'll quickly look away and act like it

never happened sometimes at the

beginning of a relationship you start

doing silly things you've never done

before although it made sound silly it

will be super cool if you would

compliment someone like that number

three I'd be so happy to spend every

minute of every day with you but some

days I have to do things the reality is

that as much as we would like to spend

all our time with our loved one it's

practically impossible at least it's not

feasible in the long term since someone

has to pay the bills

number four if you knew how much I think

about you I would be very embarrassed if

there is one person in your life who is

always on your mind don't be afraid to

let them know with this honest

compliment number five it's not easy to

be me which is why I need you I know

this one's a bit silly but I think it's

genuine and sweet whoever you tell this

to no matter if it's a man or a woman

will appreciate your honesty or at least

make them smile number six I think the

hardest part about being your friend is

pretending as though I like my other

friends as much as I like you how

awesome is this one you can tell this

compliment to a woman as well as a man

especially when you've been friends for

a while and you want to take the

relationship a step further be careful

not to let other friends hear you say


number seven and how do you tell him or

her that they are super attractive or

hot well like this you might be the

primary reason for global warming you

certainly don't want to scare them away

by being too direct so why not be a

little poetic this compliment is very

original and amusing number eight if

there's a one thing I like about you

it's that I like more than one thing

about you especially when you start

dating someone you tend to think they're

absolutely perfect I'm sure you can even

make a list of all the things you like

about him or her

so this compliment is for you if you're

completely head over heels with someone

by the way the expression head over

heels means that you fell in love deeply

and completely especially all of a

sudden number nine talking to you is the

best part of my day aside from when I'm

sleeping and when I'm eating ha I think

this one is funny original and lovely at

the same time of course at some point of

the day we're going to have to eat and

sleep as much as we love to talk to our

partner we will have no choice but to do

these two things otherwise we will

simply die of love and now let's listen

to number 10 you know what's awesome

chocolate cake and you're faced with

this compliment

you're sure to make anyone laugh and yet

it's a playful way of saying how much

you like that person because who doesn't

like chocolate cake well I'm not into

chocolate cake I'm more of a carrot cake

person but that's another story

all right I know you love these kinds of

lessons so don't worry because I will

soon dedicate another episode on

compliments I'm curious to know one


are there many compliments in your

country or is it something more typical

of the past you can leave a comment on

the page of this episode you can find

more episodes related to this topic on

my website

speak English now let's

practice your fluency with a mini story

I use these kinds of story in my English

courses since they are incredibly

powerful that's how it works I say a

phrase with information next I ask some

questions about that information after

each question there is a pause it's your

turn to answer after each pause I give

the correct answer that's how I build

the story all right here we go

David participated in complimentary

competitions and he always want them

did David win dance competitions

no he didn't win dance competitions

he won compliment competitions

what were the competitions about

compliments the competitions were

complimentary did he lose them or did he

win them

he warned them he always won them Emma

also participated in complementary

competitions and beat all her opponents

who also participated in complementary


Emma Emma also participated in such

competitions did Emma win the


yes Emma beat all her opponents who did

Emma beat

all her opponents she beat them all did

Emma beat eggs

no no not eggs she beat her opponents

she want them just like David one day

David and Emma

faced each other in an amazing battle of


did David face Emma

yes he faced her they faced each other

in a battle of compliments who did Emma


David she confronted David what was the

battle about what did it consist of

compliments the battle was one of


the tension was so high that the public

didn't dare breathe did the public dare

to sigh

not desai to breathe the audience didn't

even breathe because of the tension why

didn't the audience dare to breathe

because the tension was very high it was

so high that no one dared to breathe who

didn't dare breathe David

no not David the audience the audience

didn't dare breathe at the same time

Emma and David gave each other all sorts

of powerful compliments

did they compliment one after the other

or at the same time

at the same time they both said

compliments at the same time immediately

the two fell madly in love with each


who fell in love

both of them David and Emma the two fell

in love with each other how long did it

take before they fell in love

no time pass because they immediately

fell in love did they fall in love or

did they just like each other

they fell in love falling in love it's

much more than just liking each other

that same day they got married and now

they live happily with eight children

did they get married on the same day or

did they wait eight years

they got married on the same day they

didn't wait they were so in love that

they got married that same day how do

they live now are they sad or happy

they live happily in other words they

live happily with AIDS children how many

children do they have

eight they have eight children perfect

this is the end of this short story did

you like it I love to add a little humor

to these stories because they are easier

to remember and why not you can enjoy

listening English more on my website you

can find courses with hours of mini

stories and points of view lessons to

take your English to the next level this

is my website speak English

in the last few years several thousand

English students have chosen to learn

English with my method so I recommend

you to do the same this is the end of

this episode by the way you don't need

to send me compliments but if you want

you can send me a message saying what do

you think about the podcast or my

English courses just write a message and

send it to info at speak English well that's it for today

take care bye bye

did you enjoy today's episode get the

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